Reviews for Season Six: Revenge
hmswarspite chapter 72 . 1/22
Fantastic story! More please. So much drama kept me reading non stop. No sleep for me!
Captain Pellew chapter 72 . 7/22/2017
Hello MissShawnaAlice
I've read your story on holiday. I was really really nice! thanks a lot! Have you also wrote a folluw up?
Keep up the writing!
richmond262000-rcg chapter 36 . 6/22/2017
Am enjoying your continuation of this series. Keep it up and write plenty more
Jacy chapter 72 . 10/30/2016
Please make season 7 I beg you. Enjoyed this one so much
ProcrastinationIsMyCrime chapter 72 . 8/10/2016
Nice twists in the story. So much family in the navy though.

Loved how you had mentions of Swain throughout the story. Miss the guy.

A lot of time in port though.
TartanNannie chapter 72 . 3/17/2016
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I hope you're going to carry on with Season 7. Got to find out what happens to Kelly Martin...
Guest chapter 72 . 3/17/2016
You can't leave it there! As much as Mike Flynn's a muppet, he deserves a happy result. Looking forward to the next instalments. Thoroughly enjoyed this!
June Mackie chapter 30 . 3/16/2016
Found this while researching to see if there was ever a Season 6 of Sea Patrol. Started reading from beginning yesterday and can't put down. A real treat and but am a little perplexed at the way Kate's life has gone. Let's hope there'll be a happy outcome all round.
Adam chapter 72 . 1/12/2016
Hi, I think that your story was really great... I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a season 7 anywhere... If you could, please email me at ... Thank you
sophie chapter 6 . 1/3/2016
great to read but it would be fab in a video
sophie chapter 2 . 1/3/2016
I think the hole think is good but it would be better in a video eg on tv
Guest chapter 6 . 11/16/2015
Hundius chapter 72 . 10/26/2014
I finished reading the story and it's a nice piece of work.
Especially how you merged the different story lines of several characters.
The pace was high with lots of unexpected events.
You kept the plot quiet until the end, good.
One minor thing, you haven't a number of characters act according to their rank. Example LtCdr Taylor to Lt Martin. He shall never say ma'am to her, but he's say Kelly or lieutenant.
Now I'm going to read the beginning of Sesaon 7 and I'll look forward to the rest of that story.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/22/2014
So when will sea patrol 6 start
Hundius chapter 56 . 10/13/2014
Hi, It's the first time that I'm giving a reply on your story.
It's quite a challange to write the story of three ships with several persons who links with each other; Moreover you tumble from one action into another with unexpected personal drama's.
Congratulations. I'm here now, chapter 56 and I'm looking forward to read further.
One thing seems to me rather odd. Lt-Cdr Alex Taylor replaces temporally Pete, also to keep an eye on Mike and Kelly. That's ok, but he present himself as Petty-Officer while he's a Lt-Cdr. He's able to command that boat and he's Kelly's superior. That's something I don't understand.

I also noticed that you were writing Season 7, but that's not finished yet. Have you a forecast?

Thanks & bye.
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