Reviews for From the City of Crazy Hockey Fans, with Love
Alys Blanchefleur chapter 1 . 1/26/2013
Name: Calypso Isis Sevylle

Age: 15

Personality: I am very hyperactive, optimistic, confident, driven, passionate, and full of energy. I’m also a serious ditz, awkward around people, never really pay attention, and always have to be doing something. Or five things. Depending on how hyper I am. I have no filter between my brain and my mouth, so I literally say what I think. That gets me into trouble a lot, as you can imagine. I’m also in a perpetual state of confusion (I never pay attention), am rather high-strung, and have the tendency to tire people out. But I always, always, always do my best. Every single time.

Appearance: Hair: My hair is a dark, dark brown, almost black, and it’s pretty effing long. It’s flat as a board, with no volume, and I hate using anything like curling irons or styling products on it, so I usually tie it back. I love every type of braid; French, Swiss, English, Dutch, waterfall, single side, crowning, fish tails, you name it.
Eyes: My eyes are normal-sized, but wide, and chestnut brown. But I usually wear coloured contacts of any crazy colour; blood red, fiery orange, bright yellow, lime green, neon blue, ultramarine violet, or crazy patterns. Just whatever.
Body: I’m pretty short at five foot one inch, and rail thin (I like to think I’m “petite”). I’m also pretty pale.
Face: My face is heart-shaped, with a wide forehead and a pointed chin, high cheekbones, and does get pimply when I’m stressed, usually on the forehead. My lips are small but full, and a pinkish colour. My eyebrows are dark and softly rounded. My nose is slightly turned up, but besides that not very prominent or worth remarking upon. As for make-up, I love love LOVE super bright eye make-up. Nothing black for me; all neon colours. With this, my lips are usually neutral, and I rarely wear blush. For formal occasions, I usually lean towards more neutral eye make-up, with fire-hydrant red lipstick.
Style: My style, easily described, as eclectic. I like to wear bright colours, and odd combinations. I’m inspired by various styles, both Asian and Western; mostly kawaii, but also; 80’s Retro styles, techno Goth, electro, indie, scene, fairy kei, Lolita, bubblegum punk, and rockabilly.

Best Subjects in School: Math, World History, Creative Writing, French, and Japanese.

Talent(s): My talent is my voice. No, I cannot sing for shit; I am a voice actor, exclusively for anime. My most famous role is from the shonen anime Only Human, as the love interest, Kiko, and her evil other personality, Shiro. I won the very first Emmy awarded to an anime series for Outstanding Voice Over Performance for that role. I was also Shigeki Mitsuyo of Koko Sainan, Takimoto Cho of Princess Assassin, Kada Tama of ,Lord Tutor!, Oshiro Sata of The Knight Zone, Enomoto Rika of Trinity Games, Motoori Asako of Plan Z, Watabe Mura of Starry Night, and Hyatu Madoka of Brain Iota. I am also an accomplished author, having won both the Silver Birch award for my book Flames of Illusion, and a National Literary Award for my Servant in the Windows trilogy. I also wrote the books The Secret Spark, Angel of Nothing, and Force of Man. Finally, I am the proud author and cartoonist of the famous webcomic, The Daze Away, and the head writer of the anime critic blog, Tsundere Central. In my free time, I cycle, do archery, ski, and, of course, read manga and watch anime.

Your Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Social Standing, both Class-wise (upper class, lower class, middle class, etc.) and With Your Peers:
Class: Upper Class
Peers: … I don’t really know many people my age. I’m not in school anymore (I already graduated), and I work with adults twenty-four-seven… so IDK. I probably wouldn’t fit in, though.

Your Outfit Right Now: A green T-shirt that reads “Black Suits, White Suits, and Jacuzzi Splot” (It’s a Baccano! reference…) paired with bright red short shorts, rainbow suspenders (I love suspenders), black suede bootie pumps with spikes, (I love heels, too) black and white striped tights, polka-dotted fingerless gloves (I love gloves, as well), a black fedora with an orange ribbon, my favourite silver dragon earring that curls around my ear, kawaii cookie earring in my other ear, and my kawaii Alice in Wonderland necklace (A/N to see necklace: /product/jewelry/down-the-rabbit-hole-necklace/)

Background: I was born to an only mother, over in Montreal, so I grew up bilingual. My mom had to work really hard to get by, until about nine years ago, when her book, Christ Was a Businessman (or So It Seems) took off. By the time I was seven, we were living the high life. Soon enough, too, as that is when my anime addiction came in, with Fullmetal Alchemist. By the time I turned ten, I had an anime and manga collection of over one hundred volumes, and could speak and read Japanese fluently. And, when I was twelve, I was scouted by my agent, Michael, and a talent agency. It was really something I saw as a new experience; something to pass the time. Hell, I had already skipped three grades; there wasn’t much else to do. But, I was scouted, and given my first part as Shigeki Mitsuyo in the little-known show Koko Sainan. But then, a year later, came my break-out role as Mizukuro Kiko/Shiro in the show Only Human, or, in Japanese, Ningen Dake.

Your Typical Weekend: Mornings spent writing. Noon spent having lunch while discussing with either my agent, Michael, or my editor, Carla. Afternoon spent recording at the studio. Evenings spent watching anime for reviews or reading lines solo. Every spare second I’m either writing, drawing, or rehearsing. And my weekends are way more chill then my weekdays.

The Contents of Your Purse: My purse, first of all, is actually a canvas knapsack, printed with all of the Hetalia characters (I’ve checked; all one hundred). Inside, I have my huge sketchbook, my writer’s notebook which reads “Get Your Shit Together!”, the manga I’m currently reading, my one-line-a-day journal, my kawaii sticky notes (I kinda need them, and have a bad habit of leaving them everywhere…), my kawaii milk carton pencil case with my million multicolored pens and mechanical pencils, as well as my mouldable erasers and my special art pencils and pens. There’s also the regular purse things; my wallet, my card carrier, my iPhone, my mini eyeshadow palette, violet eyeliner, case for my coloured contacts (they’re currently orange to match my hat), three flavours of gum (mint, key lime, and orange creamsicle), two things of Tic Tacs (mint and orange), four different flavours of lip balm (red velvet cupcake, cookie dough, peanut butter and jelly, and pizza), lemon poppy seed hand lotion, tampons, dental floss, refillable water bottle, my inhaler (I have asthma), hand sanitizer (no scent), extra headphones, and tons of lip gloss.

Five Words to Describe Your Life: Hectic; Cheerful; Tiring; Goofy; Unbelievable

Five Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Hyper; Klutzy; Smart (in a weird way); Hardworking; Crazy

Favourite Cosmetics and Body Line: I love Urban Decay and MAC for my make-up, as well as Bath and Body Works, and HipHopCandy.

Are You Hot or Cool?: Hot as hell, baby ;)

A Rebel or an Angel?: I like to think I’m a rebel, but I’m a goody-two-shoes.

Any Obsessions?: ANIME!... and Harry Potter, too.

Favourite TV Shows, Books, Movies, Artists, etc.:
TV Shows: Big Bang Theory. That’s it.
Books: the Harry Potter books, the Leviathan series, Fairest, Zombies vs. Unicorns, Scott Pilgrim series,
Movies: Shaun of the Dead, Zoolander, 16 Candles, Monty Python and the Holy Grail,
Artists: Coldplay, Girl’s Generation, F(X), Ke$ha, Foster the People, Black Eyed Peas, ADELE, Daft Punk, Down With Webster, Owl City, Paramore, Mariana’s Trench, The Ting Tings,
Food: sushi, ginger ale, wonton soup, perogies,
Anime: Hetalia, Baccano!, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Cowboy Bebop, Madoka Magica, Azumanga Daioh, Welcome to the NHK, Code Geass, GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka,
Manga: Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pandora Hearts, -Man, Deadman Wonderland, Ouran High School Host Club,

Your Definition of the Perfect Art School: A school with a wide variety of good courses and fun people.

Any Special Conditions?: Asthma; maybe a bit of ADHD or OCD

What Makes You Special?: I’m not afraid to speak my mind and do what I love!


How You React To…

Being Complimented: I get all humble and shy, but I feel all fluttery inside.

Being Insulted: Try to shrug it off, but it usually hurts.

Being Criticized: Take it like a pro, though I can get offended.

Being Corrected: Ditto.

Nice People: I like them well enough, unless they’re boring.

Mean People: I avoid them. Period.

Helpful yet Annoying People: Considering I am one, I can’t really say anything…

Being Outside your Comfort Zone: Try to learn as much as I can from the experience, though I do freak out a bit and get really hyper out of nerves.

Conflict: Try to solve it. If not, avoid it.


About Your Classes…

Majoring In: Voice Acting(if not there, then just Acting)/Fictional Writing

Any Minor Classes: Drawing

Extracurricular Activities (1): Book club. I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been reading

Academic Classes: Mathematics, World History, Social Studies, English, French. Back up: Spanish. Please don’t put me in a Science class. I hate science.


Coke or Pepsi… Pepsi

Heels or Chucks?: Heels

Soccer or Ballet?: … I don’t do either… so… ballet.

Pop or Punk?: Pop

European Getaway or Camping?: European Getaway

Hunger Games or Twilight?: Hunger Games (bitch please)

Blue or Pink?: Blue

One Direction or The Wanted?: The Wanted

Throw the Party or Be Invited?: Be Invited

Get In Trouble for Something You Didn't Do or Have Your Best Friend Blamed for Something You Did?: Get in trouble for something I didn’t do. At least I wouldn’t feel guilty.


Your Ideal…

Guy: Someone chill and laid-back, with a good sense of humour. And loves anime.

Roommate: S
Guest chapter 1 . 12/11/2012
Periwinkle Topaz Renee' Gustious
Goes by Perri or Topaz Renee is her middle name
Red hair with topaz coloured streaks purple blue eyes
Spunky doesent care what other people care about her
Alpha talents skiing archery math chemistry
Inventions a medicine that's cured cancer and an alternative green fuel.
Hobbies pranking
carlsgallagher chapter 1 . 9/5/2012
Name: Juno Maeve Bryant
Age: 15 1/2
Personality: Poppy, smart and geeky, loves to laugh, can be very serious.
Appearance: Tan skin black curly hair that falls to my shoulders. Long eye lashes and perfect eyebrows. Little freckles only 5 in the shape of a dice on my right cheek. 6'2 and 167 pounds. Lots of muscle. Pretty smile and button nose, pierced ears. Brown eyes and contacts
Best Subjects: Math, Reading, Writing, English, P.E.
Talents: Writing, Soccer, Reading.
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Status: Upper class, Pretty popular but not mean.
Outfit: The Bravery Tee, Jean shorts, Black converses, black suspenders, Usa Jewelry-earrings necklace.
Background: 13 year old sister named Anna. She's a gymnast and 2 time national champion 1 time world champion in juniors. 20 year old sister named McKenna she's studying marine biology at Miami University. Dad is 47 and is a famous doctor for Johns Hopkins. Mom is 45 and is Supreme Court Judge.
Weekend: Soccer and homework.
Purse: Red white and blue clutch with keys gym identification card, gum, Lip gloss, note pad, iphone touch, Pic of boyfriend 17 year old swimmer Aidan Smithe.
Describe myself: Happy, Jumpy, Athletic, Tough, Smart
Friends Describe: Loving, Nice, Athletic, Funny, Smart
Body Products: Philosophy
Hot or Cool: Cool
Rebel or Angel: Rebel
Obsessions: Soccer, Harry Potter, Hunger Games/Gale.
Tv Games Books Movies Artists: Glee, Nancy Drew/ Books and games and movie. Harry Potter The hunger Games/ both books and movies. Artists Adam Lambert Jordan Sparks.
Perfect: Open. That's it really.
Conditions: ADHD
I'm Special: I am sporty but I have a back up plan I'm fun but very reliable.
Compliments: Say thanks smile.
Insults: Brush it off and say something sarcastic.
Criticized: Sometimes I respect they're opinion sometimes I don't
Corrected: Say thanks unless they're being mean.
Nice People: I like them and want them to look up to me in a good way not in fear.
Mean People: I am not mean back I try to make them see reason too.
Helpful Yet Annoying: Why are they annoying?
Outside Comfort: I'm ready to roll.
Conflict: Im usually the peacemaker.
Majoring in: Soccer
Minor: Writing, yoga, exercising.
Extracurriculars: Soccer USA National team we won worlds and I'm going to the Olympics.
Classes:English, Math, Biology, P.E., Spanish, Chemistry (I want all six)
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Heels or Chucks: Chucks
Soccer or Ballet: Soccer
Pop or Punk: Pop.
Getaway or Camping: Getaway
HG or Twilight: Hunger Games :)
Blues or Pink: Blue
OD or the Wanted: The Wanted
Throw or Go: Throw
Get in trouble or Friend get in trouble: Get in trouble
Guy: Like my boy friend tall Tan Curly hair
Roommate: Someone kind dedicated and in bed by 10
Random Dad is African American mom is Irish. I speak German Irish French Chinese Japanese and a little Spanish. I am a bit lactose intolerent. My b-day is July 10. I hate Twilight.

Random: Dad is African American and Momnis Irish.