Reviews for Marvel ReImagined: Daredevil
JD Finck chapter 1 . 12/28/2012
Pretty good start. You have some good chops; I especially like your sentence structure, very good flow, one sentence pulling the reader to the next. You did a fine job describing the scenes, conjuring smells and textures as well as just describing how things look- very nicely done. A few things to think about:
1. Action. It is a great opening, but where is it going? What is the threat? Obviously, the villain is going to be the Owl- though only a comics fan would know that- but what is at stake? You should already be hinting at that.
2. When Lieber first meets Foggy, I was confused. Was Lieber trying to say he was surprised that Nelson was Jewish? You need to be a little clearer in this scene. I was also confused by the comic book scene. Was this a flashback to childhood, or did Foggy actually have the comic there in the office? Why? What does it symbolize? (It would be kind of odd for a lawyer to just have ONE obscure comic book displayed on his office wall, unless there was a story behind it.) You don't explaine why Foggy is setting the comic book in front of Matt, so the whole scene is confusing.
3. The jump to the 'third' section ("Sometimes there's nothing you can do," Foggy said...) is confusing, like there was a chunk of the story almost seemed as if you skipped to the end of the Owsley court case?
Anyway, the story shows real promise. You write well, keep it up.
Tagalong chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
I really like this. I would really like to see them go bowling if you're planning another chapter. Pleeease write more! I'll be your best friend. ;)