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Guest chapter 20 . 7/21/2014
You have some real talent at writing. I started Nightfall 1 at 2 a.m and stayed up all night reading it on my iPod. It was a real "page turner". Really excited to start on Nightfall 2.
lola3934 chapter 20 . 5/24/2014
Some time passed since I was reading this story, but I was busy. Well, generally story is awesome, unless never yet, I didn't read so good story, some time ago I could say like about other authors, but so long like I won't find better author from you, I can say, that you are the best. So yes I didn't review all chapters, so now I do summary, chapter 3 was quite cool this chat and generally it all, chapter 4 was shocked, Shifu preserved to terrible, like can be so insensitive, later chapter 5 still it was shocked but it over in sad and angry, though one fact was funny, namely like Tigress destroyed training room, further chapter 6 on beginning Kaftar seemed to me, that he is good guy, but this his tricks since same beginning I didn't like, well, chapter 7 behavior Tigress's little surprising to me, like Tigress could deprive Shifu Jade Palace, even if he did what he did, next chapter 8 Po met Kaftar, quite nice chapter except this, that no one stated, that Kaftar it ill guy, well next chapter 9 quite good though on first throw of eye see, that Kaftar manipulated Tigress and too bad for Shifu, he landed on the street and is without home, yeah chapter 10 Tai Lung came back, first think o my gosh, not this, but in chapter 11 even I liked this version Tai Lung's and explained his entire story and came out on it, that he is good, and in chapter 12 proved, that he can do great plans, another chapter 13 again Kaftar angered me his another manipulation it was something awful friends Tigress's want to deprive her authority, but happily in this time Oogway was talking with Shifu and convinced him would changed his opinion in the case, relationship's Po and Tigress. Chapter 14 Shifu and Tai Lung came back to the valley and Tigress despite, that she isn't want believe, and in finally to beginning some action against Kaftar, chapter 15 was shocking, Tigress was caught in the trap, generally chapter 16 and 17 it was good fight, chapter 18 was beautiful, all finally ended good, except this, that Kaftar is alive. Chapter 19 little I can't believe, that Tigress took words Katafar to heart. And chapter 20 Po met his true father, and the Tigress met her mother. Generally great story and certainly I'll look at sequel.
PS. If you know a some good beta reader, it contact, his or her, with me or say me, who it is.
lola3934 chapter 2 . 5/13/2014
Well, good action, Po and Tigress sleep on their date, so it can was expect, that Shifu to could be bad, so good idea, with this way in which they got around this. On the training, during sparing PO vs Tigress and Viper, I think, that Po could defeat Viper, but if comes of Tigress, it I think, that she just gave to win Po. Well, great chapter, good work.
lola3934 chapter 1 . 5/13/2014
I never yet didn't read your story and I think, that it was mistake. At last time I don't see nothing new and interesting, so I decided look for on something. I have to say, that first chapter is really great, you showed a beautiful date. And I think, that it great way on some version on KFP 3.
Cookie M 2012 chapter 3 . 4/16/2014
This is awesome so far! I'll trying reading more soon :)
Fox Mcloud SNR chapter 1 . 2/12/2014
This was pretty good, however I do have some problems with it. Tigress goes out of character sometimes and while it's not often it's pretty jarring, e.g. "You kidding? This is awesome", I just can't picture her saying this. You often tend to repeat a point over and over again during a sentence or paragraph e.g. when they are talking about training you said 'Hardcore' about four times. Again it's not bad, just jarring and it took me out of it.

I really enjoyed this chapter besides the stuff I pointed out, I'll carry on to see what happens next
MusicalNinja15 chapter 20 . 1/20/2014
Whoa... that was a very surprising ending! I thought Tigress' father would be alive somehow! Wow! I can't believe the story is over... :( But thankfully you have like 5 more KFNs!

This final chapter was very cute. I loved all the festivities, Po meeting his dad, Tigress meeting her mom, and the ending with her father. Wonderful job. I could tell that you really enjoyed making this chapter. It had your TiPo magic in it. This was really good, I'm very glad I was able to read it and finish it. It took me a while huh?

Well, wonderful story! I look forward to reading KFN2!

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 19 . 1/20/2014
Awww... very sweet chapter. I felt really bad for Tigress... poor girl. That evil Kaftar brought bad memories back to her mind... :( But the encouraging words of her friends and family brought happiness back to her heart. This was a great wrap-up chapter, I wonder what you have planned for the last chapter... I also laughed at the crowd. They really like to pressure Po and Tigress to kiss! :)

Onto the last chapter!

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 18 . 1/20/2014
What?! The Kaftar is alive? Noooooooo... Well, I thought it was too good to be true...

This was a sweet and thoughtful chapter. I especially enjoyed the part with Tai Lung (I'm also glad that Po said the stuff about the master in his own category. I'm sure Tai Lung was tired of explaining that...) and Shifu. I felt that it was like the Prodigal Son story in the Bible. It was very nice.

The part with Po's real dad seemed to be rushed in there quickly, but I'm sure you mentioned his real dad because of KFN2. So I understand. :)

Good chapter, I wonder how Tigress is coping with everything...

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 17 . 1/20/2014
YAY! The Kaftar is dead! At least... I think so...

Fantastic and intense chapter! You must have put a lot of effort into those fighting scenes... they were well written. I must say that I feel really bad for Tai Lung. Every single time someone questions him about his evil past, he keeps on saying "I'm a master in my own category!" That poor leopard must be tired of saying that over and over again...

I laughed when Po told Tai Lung that he was going to have a victory lunch, I guess Po is going to do that in the next chapter!

And the very ending when they blew the building up, I can just imagine Po saying 'Skadoosh' and then dropping the match. Then if it was a movie, the match would fall in slow motion and then the place bursts into flames! It was just a cool ending to defeating the Kaftar. Awesome job! Gotta read more!

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 16 . 1/11/2014
What!? Oh my gosh, that was intense... I hope Po and the others survive those fireworks! Oh... they were so close to beating him and them that Kaftar had to go full power. Boo! I hope that they can beat him soon. I hope they can... they must have lost all of there energy with that fight... Oh...

Great fight scenes, too! And the part with Tai Lung favorite planet was funny.

I need to see if they can beat the Kaftar!

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 15 . 1/11/2014
Oh my goodness! That is so scary! I can imagine that in a movie where a Kaftar Tigress jumps out at us! That was really really intense...

I liked how the Kaftar tricked the others into going to the Dragon's Grotto, it was a little sample of how the Kaftar could shape shift.

Then the fight was really intense! I really don't know how they will defeat the Kaftar, he said he had no weakness'. I am really intrigued.

The only thing that bothered me was that the Kaftar kept on telling Tigress what a failure she is. In my opinion in any KFP story, I have always thought that Tigress would have more respect for herself and not let anyone call her trash, because of her hardcore style, you know? I always think that is why Tigress has this high formal appearance. But, I understand why she got upset here, I mean, she was just tricked by the Kaftar and now she's getting beaten to death... And since he is so powerful and manipulative, I can understand that he was literally forcing her to believe those things.

But yeah, I am so scared for Tigress, I got to find out what it happening to her! Po has to save her!

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 14 . 1/11/2014
Wow! Tigress is back! Yay! It is good to see our favorite feline in a good mood again.

What an intense chapter, there was a ton of drama. I really think that Po did a good job getting Tigress to the meeting spot. That panda is clever.

And it was really cool when all the others took turns trying to convince Tigress, I think someone downstairs in my house as watching some mystery movie, and there was dramatic music going on while I was reading that section. It was cool!

I am so glad that they managed to get Tigress back to normal... I am excited for the big fight!

Awesome job!

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 13 . 1/11/2014
Yay! Shifu's back! And he has a nicer attitude too! Wow... this was a really great chapter!

I am very curious about the dark spot on Tigress... is it black matter?

The conversation Shifu had with Oogway was just wonderful. It is always nice to see Oogway, and you portrayed him perfectly. I liked that the talk was continuing the first movie a little bit with the illusion of control. Good job!

I'm excited to find out more about this evil Kaftar...

Your fan and friend,
MusicalNinja15 chapter 12 . 1/9/2014
Nice! Everything is falling into place with the plan. I am still curious to see how it is going to work out with trying to get Tigress to realize the trap and for Shifu to come help everyone. That Kaftar sure is evil. Just one question about him. You say at the beginnings of each chapter that he is from by Cabela's Dangerous Hunts. Is that a movie? I've never heard of it or the Kaftar.

This chapter was good. The suspense was very high, and there was a little bit of humor here and there. I liked it. It goes to show that Po is a very good liar. The beginning was sweet when Crane put his wing around Viper to comfort her, and Po was just really funny through-out the whole chapter!

I LOVED Mr. Ping. He was hilarious with trying to bribe Po with food and his childhood song. I loved those parts.

The only thing I would like to just point out, is that Mr. Ping kept on saying 'your ol'dad'. Now, I know that you are from Alabama, and that you must say things like that down there, but I think in Ancient China, they would not say 'ol' dad' or y'all. I think that Mr. Ping should say 'your father' or just plain 'your dad'. You also did say a couple of times that Po hugged his 'goose dad'. Same thing with that, just say 'father' or 'dad'.

Sorry about that, I really didn't mind, but I was just being picky. I think that if you keep those things in mind for the future, your writing will be better and even more accurate. Does it make sense? Hopefully I explained it good enough! I really liked those parts, they were REALLY FUNNY! :D

I am getting more excited for the plan, I'll read more soon, it is getting late over here... Good job as always! Keep it up!

Your fan and friend,
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