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A raging Ghost chapter 21 . 11/2
Alright, so I don't know how or why I decided to take a look at this crossover section. I did however and found this gem, this cacophony of drama, terror, tragedy and goodness. I was quite pleased with how you handled this. Honestly Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game and with the way you handled this fic, it blew my expectations out of the water. See I really wasn't sure how Naruto could cross over well with this fandom, he just seems at points too powerful for the world, but being possessed by Majora. Kudos man, have a cookie you deserve it.
demonfox2140 chapter 21 . 9/15
Did everything Link do while he was in Termania did somethings change or did they still happen like Kafei should be a bit older and married still to Anju. Romani should have aged a little. The Zoras either have a another band group or they are the same one from the last carnival of time? The Goron brat that was a toddler should have aged too right? Does Link's song of healing have the power to detach Majora's Mask's influence on Naruto? Link was like 12 or 14 in Majora's Mask wasn't he? Link was like 12 I think before he went to lift the Master Sword from the pedestal of time? If Naruto and Majora destroy Termania does that mean all of Hyrule will be next? Will Naruto be able to learn some new tricks or techniques from the Garos in Ikkaunee Canyon? I am guessing there will be a future fight with fierce deity Link and Majora Naruto?
Sora with an S chapter 21 . 9/14
You are very clearly setting up Link vs Naruto.
As much as I think that fight could be AWESOME, it will also be REALLY FREAKING HARD to write without some curb-stomping one way or another...

(Unless some ninja-ghosts are able to help out somehow...)
Guest chapter 21 . 9/14
I can't wait to see what happens next.
Tensa-Zangetsu102 chapter 21 . 9/14
So, everyone from Konoha is killed?
Bored321 chapter 21 . 9/14
Despite Link actually talking, I didn't find it that strange. Careful and even pacing throughout this chapter, kinda felt lacking in actual content. Set-up's all well and good, but nothing really happened besides introducing characters and other such things.
LordHero chapter 21 . 9/14
Very nice, glad to see this is still on-going.
Wonder how long it'll take for Naruto to go "destroyer of worlds" on Termina.
Will Naruto have his own adventures before them moon drop happens?
Doesn't seem like Link will ever get to enjoy the festival does it?
So Zelda is a blond, headstrong, confident princess with a good heart, wonder if that'll trigger memories or something in Naruto?
Kauris Azurai chapter 21 . 9/14
I don't know how you did it, but you breathed whole new life into this story when I thought it couldn't go on. Bravo.
The Lost Fox chapter 21 . 9/13
Is Ino going to return at any point? Or any of the other Naruto people or are they gone for good?
Floating Child chapter 21 . 9/13
Frickin' sweet! I'm glad to see that Link will be making a return and hopefully be able to give the now SuperPowered Majora an actual challenge! I can't wait to see Naruto's reaction when he finds out that no one actually made it out alive...Thank you so much for posting another chapter, please keep it up.
First Guy chapter 21 . 9/13
Hmm.. i feel weird and is interested after reading this chapter.

At least, it is not as confusing as the last chapter. Please continue, we all want to know what exactly the role of one Naruto Uzumaki in this new land, as a stranger.
eternal nothingness chapter 21 . 9/13
hm well this is a very nice chapter

can't wait to see what happens next

oh zelda you may want to change your mind while you still have the chance.
Wise.sarachi chapter 21 . 9/13
I have my ways...!?
xxxrae97xxx chapter 21 . 9/13
I really like this fic, but... ugh It also wears on me listening to link talk. If I could lay a suggestion, keep talking to a minimal? leave things to gestures and grunts when possible?

I dunno, great job so far man!
confoodles chapter 21 . 9/13
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please update like right now I'm so hyped help
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