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Doccubus chapter 12 . 8/15/2012
Aww great! That was a beautiful Willow/Faith moment can't wait for the next update
Ltlconf chapter 11 . 8/15/2012

Yeup. You called it; Buffy needs to be the one to tell the girls they did good. And that something was gained as well; intelligence. They now know Caleb ain't some normal flunky, but has real power. He's the First's right arm on Earth, so you take him down you really put a hurtin' on the First (far as they know). Kinda like taking out the other side's big general and all.
So not a total waste and they held their own. However, getting Diana's body back would boost morale and show Buffy and Co. will go the extra mile for their people. Reason why the military and SpecOps folks go so far to do it today. Huge honkin' morale and team spirit booster
Doccubus chapter 10 . 8/8/2012
Awesome update I'm really enjoying your story and I'm so full of questions like what happened to Dani and when will I see some more Faith Willow love but I will patiently await your next chapters
Ltlconf chapter 10 . 8/8/2012
Ah, poor Willow. Always did have nasty self-esteem issues. Which of course fed the other issues, but never seemed to realize this. Of course it didn't help that, until Sn7, she rarely suffered real punishment, or even chewed out, for the things she pulled (often got forgiven).
If only Giles had put his foot firmly down after the resurrection fiasco...
At least now she gets the cost and I hope Faith can help her with the self-esteem. They both need help with that.

I seem to remember (and I may be wrong, only on Sn5 on the re-watching thing) that Xander was pretty cold to Faith in sn7. Xander was only slightly less bloodthirsty than Willow in Sns3 and 4 in fact, still being pretty pissed over being thrown out of Faith's room. I remember that resentment still being there, but as I say, I could be wrong. It has been a year or two.
I DO remember Dawn warming up to Faith after the Battle of the Vinyard. To the point of charging, unarmed, a shotgun wielding (Hellmouth possessed) cop who'd made it clear he'd shoot her and the Potentials if they'd try anything. Then tried to back Faith against her own pissed-off sister!
But then, like Buffy, Dawn does run hot/cold like that. So very in-character. Interesting to see how you run that transition.
Also interested to see how things play out with the Potentials. Except for Amanda, who indeed seemed to worship Buffy (but then she's a Sunnydale native and Buffy's the local legend), most of the Potentials came to identify and admire Faith more than Buffy (whom they respected, but didn't like very much). Rona, as you point out, DESPISED Buffy (not Kenn, many fanfic writers get that backwards). It was Rona who instigated the mutiny and then sung "Ding-dong, the witch is dead" when Buffy was stripped of leadership (no, she was not kicked out: Buffy CHOSE to leave. Faith even asked her to stay and Buffy refused). Rona's a piece of work.
Funny how in so many Sn8 fics she's Buffy's right hand!

Good work on Anya. Poor Anya, so knowledgable on so much (even though she takes forever to get there) and so often ignored 'til too almost (or past) too late. Hell of alot of bad crap woulda been avoided from Sn4 on if they'd simply asked the 1200 year old demon that had seen it all!
Seriously. I loved the character FAR more than Spike. But then I liked Cordelia as well...

The Cracker!
Ltlconf chapter 9 . 8/8/2012
It was a vinyard building where they stored the wine, not a chapel and I know someone's gonna point that out.
But as it was all in Neo-Spanish California Colonial style so you couldn't tell the difference from the glances they gave ya in the episodes, so why not a church-or-church-like building? Not like anything's set in stone.

Example: Sunnydale was a coastal town surrounded on three sides by mountains for six seasons. Even had an interstate (shown in Sn7 no less), a good-sized river and lakes to boot. How didjya know? Well the overhead shots of the town every season, and the docks, beaches, the dam and everything else they showed.
All kinda made it obvious.
Then in the finale, the whole town (minus the docks, beaches, river, interstate, and dam) got relocated to the flat middle of the Mojave desert. Also a tad too small a hole for a small city that held over 35,000 folks!
Why this change? Empty, flat desert's easier to CGI a believable hole into. Simple as that.

So you want a church or church-like building the character's assume a church? A church it is then, and run with it. Your fic, your locations!

And as for the chapter's substance. A good insight into Faith's uncertainty. She planned well in LA, but you're right on in that she didn't have time to second-guess herself. She does now and can sit back and realize how rusty she is. On top of that she's never really had to carefully plan anything before. She'd been a Slayer for only six months or so before Sunnydale. When in Sunnydale Buffy or the Mayor were the leaders, then years in prison. Faith's never had to truly lead before now, or stopped to think about it. LA shows she's got the chops, as did her 'out-loud' musings in the planning session (and compromise, when appropriate, is a sign of leadership) but Faith would naturally have well-placed doubts.
Also liked your little convo 'tween Buffy and Faith. Buffy always did seek deeper motivations in others's actions. Funny when you consider how impulsive Buffy often is! Frankly, Buffy and Faith both have a tendency to 'just do it' and not think deeply as to why. Sometimes works, other times a recipe for disaster. Fortunately Faith's time in prison will have taught her to reign that in at times (as she showed in the planning session). Other times, as when coming back to Sunnydale, it was a quick gut-level decision based on what's driving Faith now (making things right).
Sure, I think there's more to it (as I'm sure you'll show), but not consciencely.

You also show in waiting for the action to start that Faith hasn't learned to utilize her prison-gained patience at all times. The call of battle was almost too much for her. It wasn't easy for me either. Waiting for up to 10 hours in a deer blind was one thing. Waiting in ambush with 40 other guys not knowing when, how, and how many would show up to be ambushed was a whole other experience that took getting used to!

Love the layers!

The Cracker!

Again you've got the layers.
Mist13 chapter 8 . 8/5/2012
Hey, looks like I've just found a new W/F fic to follow :D

W/F end of S7 is one of my favourite fanfic themes, as I think that they really missed a great opportunity on the show (not necessarily W/F pairing, that's just a shipper's fantasy, but they can really relate now, and it would have been a most interesting development). It's really such a shame how Faith (and Willow, imo) was underused in S7.

Anyway. So far, you're not disappointing me :) Actually, considering the very small number of W/F fanfic, I'd say you're making me *very* happy :D

First, let me say that I really love your dialogues. The voice are perfect, especially Willow's. The scene where all the Scoobies react to Angel losing his soul was priceless.
I just have one complaint, if I may... Willow-babble is great and you do it very well, but I don't think it's necessary to always kind of stress it, like "The Willow-babble was in full force", etc. We readers recognize it, and most of the time, it should be enough. It's not much, and maybe it's just me, but I feel like every time I read a fic about Willow, the author is really emphatic about that and it's starting to grate on my nerves.

I love the changes you've made so far, it's not too much (I like it when things are as canon as possible) but it fleshes out the whole Faith thing. The meditation made a lot of sense to me. It shows well how Faith has matured. And mature!Faith is just awesome.

Faith backstory looks good too, it's both original and interesting that she'd have a sister.

So, can't wait to read more, see what you do with the main plot, what happens with other details (such as, how exactly is the situation between Will and Kennedy in your version ? :P) and of course, some good old Willow/Faith :)
Ryoko05 chapter 8 . 8/1/2012
Hmm is Faith becoming more and more attractive to you Willow hahahahaha.
Ryoko05 chapter 7 . 8/1/2012
Yes! Faith has matured but you didn't do the classic 'now that Faith is more mature she is automatically better than Buffy and will prove it to her right away' I love this calmer Faith.
ps: I haven't forgotten about that freaky dream she had at the beginning :)
Guest chapter 8 . 8/1/2012
Yep, THIS was the Faith we saw in LA: A planner, but also decisive. I personally think the Orpheus thing came from a lingering feeling of inadequacy (Faith came back and was kicking butt 'til the Orpheus hit... I guess an oops on the fight blocking there) but it was a still a great rope-a-dope idea.
Hope she's got the whole "gotta die to find redemption" thing outa her system though.

Wonder what fire power she's talkin' 'bout. Shotguns'd work: easy to use, only need a few, and they'll take a limb clean off at close range so even Caleb'd be staggered and that'd by time to run... or chop him to sushi.
Or maybe a few molotov cocktails... or both! If Xander has any of those soldier memories left (he did say in Sn4 they were fading, but not how fast) he outa whip 'em out now. However Giles has likely done his share of skeet shooting and a few of the girls have to come from rural backgrounds where guns, particularly shotguns and rifles, are part of everyday life (and yeah, younger you learn, fewer accidents down the road. So they're old enough to know by far).
However as a construction foreman Xander has organizational and leadership skills as well as a wide degree of knowledge easily adapted to destructive mayhem. Some homemade pipe bombs anyone? Gotta be one construction site in town with explosives, this IS Sunnydale after all! And oh, how would Buffy and Faith feel about a couple of sledge hammers? Hell, a good 'ol 6ft solid iron tamping bar would be nasty as all get out! Hell, you can make an effective flamethrower from crap you get from a Home Depot! Oh, and mortars, rocket launchers, and hand grenades...
Xander should be able to organize and lead a pretty effective "shopping" expedition to kit them out right nicely!
Frankly, I always wondered why the Scoobs never booby-trapped the HELL outa their house in Sn7, or simply moved to a more secure (ya know, like maybe BRICK!), larger house (maybe Dracula's place?). Xander coulda turned the Summers home into a Viet Cong's dream location with a day's work. Give him a perimeter wall and a brick/ concrete-block home and he'd have a field day!

This is why you never have folks who know this stuff white scripts, we'd take all the fun outa it!

The Cracker!
Yeah, we rednecks know some scary stuff...
Ltlconf chapter 7 . 8/1/2012
Dang connection keeps kicking me off!

Think Faith's hard on herself here. Her style kept her alive for years before being a Slayer, so it worked in more than one way. And it also gave Buffy a serious run for her money despite having YEARS on Faith. And now she's doing it again despite being outa the game for years. It's not style (though that's a part of it), its also raw talent. Fact is, Faith's a natural fighter, Buffy's a learned one. Add learin' to the natural instincts and you've got a dangerous combination.
Oh, and to me, instincts are you read your opponent when things are moving too fas tin a fight to consciously think things out... which is often. Why you do drills (or katas as the Japanese call 'em. Martial Arts is Martial Arts), so your body reacts instinctively while your mind is still goin' "what the...".

Oh, and I assume Far East is what you meant, not Near East.
Near East (and I know you know this: for other folks) is what the idiot media calls the Middle East.
Unless Faith has learned Krav Maga (a Western style from Israel) of course, I don't think this'd apply.
On the other hand, Krav Maga WOULD suit Faith's temperament and style nicely: Straight forward, brutal, fast, and no mumbo jumbo. It's all about taking the SOB down fast, hard, and crippling (or at least disabling) him in the process while you survive: That simple. Used is various forms or mixes (with other styles) by many regular militaries and Special Forces today. Pretty is ain't, but damned effective is very much is!
Instructors tell you that if you've used more than five moves, you've done something wrong, or your opponent's that good so it's time to go for the kill...literally. In classes, walking away bleeding is the norm, it teaches pain tolerance!
It's what the Ziva character uses on "NCIS" BTW.
Mix it in with the Tae Kwon Do for those flashy kicks that BtVS fight masters loved, and you got a unique Faith style that suits her personality!

Oh, and I never got meditation neither. The range or ridin' was as close as I ever got.

The Cracker!
Doccubus chapter 8 . 8/1/2012
I'm really enjoying this story please keep it going. I kinda got a feel for Willow's feelings towards Faith, it's obvious she feels something but is scared to admit it. But I have no sense of Faith's feelings, I'm all anxious and curious now lol
Charley chapter 6 . 7/27/2012
I check this story everyday for an update! I love it, I can't wait to see where you're going with this and I liked the idea of Faith's background story. It'll be interesting to see how Dani has a part in all of this.
katja134 chapter 4 . 7/26/2012
Great story with good charcerizations! I'm enjoying it.
Ltlconf chapter 6 . 7/25/2012
This was more than dark, and pretty damn close to some truths out there. Very well done.
Also a interesting insight into the Faith character. Interested to how Dani Hope will fit into things in the future. SOOO many questions and so many ways this tidbit can carry over into the now.

The Cracker!
Ltlconf chapter 5 . 7/25/2012
Nicely done. Xander was actually rather cold to Faith (though to be fair, not overtly hostile) to Faith and I like this version better. Xander grew up alot in Sn7 (as they all did) but when Faith showed up it was all reverse three years of character development!

What also strikes me as a tad hypocritical (that's sarcasm) is that except for Dawn and Xander, everyone in that room has killed or murdered (and Xander set Angel up twice to get nailed). Anya willingly became a demon and killed more people than the plague (and sadistically) and rarely, if ever, showed serious remorse (until Sn7...and even then more due to what it was gonna cost her). Spike was still a danger and never particularly remorseful. And Buffy aided and abetted with Finch, left Ford to be eaten by Dru and Spike, and killed more than several Knights (and lets admit it, they WERE the good guys really: had Buffy failed, and technically she did, all of creation coulda have been toast). Andrew literally stabbed his only friend (and a decent guy) in the back.
And Willow was worse than Faith (two deliberate and sadistic murders), toyed and tortured the Scoobs, and tried to end the world.
Frankly, Faith's one accident and one deliberate makes her a lightweight!
Drug addiction, total emotional breakdown...what's really the difference? And little in this world is black or white.
At least Willow gets that now.

Plus Faith's a slayer, if she'd REALLY wanted Willow, Giles, Xander, Joyce, Wes, Cordy etc dead...they would be. I wonder if Willow also gets that now?
Also kinda interesting how Dawn goes from being hostile to Faith to charging shotgun armed cops and arguing with Buffy on her behalf. Interested to see how that plays out. Alot seemed to happen off screen in those few episodes and I look forward to your take on it all along with the changes you're up to.

Oh and bless you for not doing that stupid "yo" thing. Faith's from Boston, not New York City! Heard Dushku, a native of the Beantown suburbs, was not thrilled with that VERY sudden change (from Angel to BtVS in one episode no less); Bostonians looooathe New York! HEH!

The Cracker!
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