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countingthestars12 chapter 37 . 12/1/2017
YAYYY! I know you updated this story just over three months ago, but I finally got around to reading these final chapters. Congratulations on finishing this story - as someone who has been following this fic from the beginning, I want to emphasize that you should be proud of all the hard work you've put into developing these characters and the trajectory of their stories, and for keeping this updated over the years. As someone who has tons of unfinished story ideas, I can say it's an incredible accomplishment that you completed it! This was such a lovely, satisfying, and beautiful ending to pay tribute to these amazing characters. At times poignant, at times lighthearted and humorous, the way you wrote these characters honored canon, but at the same time gave them nuance and depth and did a great job imagining their growth from young adults into mature young women and men. I loved Ella and Nate's whirlwind romance, Caitlyn and Jason's slow blossoming from friendship to something more, and Mitchie and Shane's meet-cute and maturation as a couple - plus all the supporting characters in between (your realistically forgiving but firm treatment of Tess and Van, Brown and Connie's presence as MVP paternal figures, and Dana and Andy's general adorable-ness). With all of this, you made me really root for these characters and I couldn't wait to read what happened next... which points to your skill as a writer and storyteller! Anyway, I could go on and on, but thank you so much again for sharing this story and for giving this gift to us readers. Happy writing!
Cedrella W chapter 37 . 9/15/2017
This is the end? How can it be! I mean I haven't been reading since the very beginnig, but almost. What will I read now that you have finished this? But really, I'm so proud of you for getting this one to the finish line. This has been a delight to read, though I doubt how easy this has been to write. So yeah, so very proud of you. 3 And your writing has indeed improved, which also makes me happy. As well as the characters, you too have grown as a writer with this story, something I think you should be proud of. Not that you were a poor writer at the beginnig, but something has changed for the better, so don't you dare to stop writing!

What an ending did we get! I liked the twist you took with Ella and Van's meeting. It serves him right, that Ella wasn't all sunshine and happines when meeting him after so long - she had the right to not to accept him into her life. He has been absent from her life for years, so it's a good thing that you portrayed their meeting and what happened after like I believe it usually is, taking a lot of time and effort to try and rebuild that relationship.

But Ella has Nate and all the others backing her up, and being there for her. The boys' consern is a wonderful trait, and I love reading about those brotherly traits (on Jason and Shane, since Nate is the boyfriend and that would just be weird). You wrapped things up very well, and I especially loved Jason and Caitlyn's funny and very much them encounter. So damn cute.

The epilogue, did you really wrote that because I shyly asked for that? Seriously? Gosh, I had to read both your auther's note, and the actual epilogue like five times before I believed my eyes. And you did not disapoint, may I tell you that! Loved, absolutely loved Brown and Ella's talk while waiting the wedding to began. I mean Mitchie and Connie were obvious to support her and give Ella all the love she deserves, but I'm happy that Brown has included her to his family as well. He is so adorable and fatherly with Ella, and he understands her need to not let Van into her life just yet.

It begun with a wedding dress, and it ended with a wedding dress. So brilliant, and I smiled like a madman the whole time. Thankfully Dana's dress didn't tore up too badly, and Ella was able to fix it. Though what couldn't she fix? :D Andy and Dana were so cute, almost as adorable as Caity and Jason. They are just as perfect for each other as the rest of the couples. The ending was perfect, the people were perfect and I'm so sad now that there won't be any new chapters for me to wait. But yeah, I'll miss this, yet I hope you will still write some Camp Rock fics for us to read. And if not, do write something else that we can read! Love you lots. (:
Ellyse chapter 37 . 8/30/2017
It's hard to imagine that this fic started six years ago on an AIM group chat. Logan, I'm so incredibly proud of you and your work on this story. YOU muscled through every break and block to turn out an amazing story. It's like the end of an era and it's a fitting end. #ShopGirl
hpfandoms chapter 32 . 8/14/2017
chapter 32 ? what a long break!
snowwygirl4 chapter 36 . 8/7/2017
This is just such a great story. I spend the past few days rereading and catching up with it and I just always fall in love with this story. I love how you wrote each of the characters and the couples are so cute! It's all so great and I can't wait for the rest even though I'll be sad that it'll be over soon!
countingthestars12 chapter 36 . 8/5/2017
Ahhhh I fell out of reading fanfiction for a few months, then came back to see that you added several chapters and are only a couple chapters away from the end of the story! This made my heart so happy :) I loved all of the developments with the couples - particularly Mitchie telling Shane the truth about Devonne and how it actually made them closer / helped her gain the courage to step away from Tess and try to make it as her own songwriter/singer; Ella and Nate saying "I love you"; and Ella and Brown's astute observations about Caitlyn and her decision to continue on the management/PR track. As Mitchie said at the end of this chapter, it's so exciting to read how they are all growing up as well as finding love and getting closer to their dreams. SO excited to read the last couple chapters - thanks as always for keeping this story updated!
Dancing4every1 chapter 36 . 6/21/2017
lovely update, a very easy chapter to read. nice and relaxing without too much unwanted drama! i love that they have basically told Tess to grow up and if she still wants to be their friend after she's done that then she just has to ask.
Dancing4every1 chapter 35 . 6/16/2017
yay! well done! great story! love these lastest chapter uploads, and can't wait for the next one.
Cedrella W chapter 34 . 6/13/2017
I meant to write to you eralier, but life got in the way. But anyways..! Three new chapters - I was giggling and almost jumping thanks to the excitement, when I noticed the notifications on my email. And after I read the three new ones, I re-read the whole fic, and man do I love this.

So, I was super happy that Ella finally got to meet Shane. It's super important, because he is interested in Mitchie, so of course she needs to know if he is good enough for her. And Shane was the best version of himself, and I adored him! But poor Ella, for not knowing that Mitchie is the Devonne Shane has been writing to, and thinking that her bff is now in trouble, because someone else is pretending to be Devonne, and and...!

But yeah, the Grey brothers are amazing, and Shane and Jason were both so big brother-ly to Ella, explaining to her, that Nate was just being Nate. I love how well you have written the brothers' bond, and how well they know each other. And Jason rescuing them from the paps, yay!

Oh, I hope that in the last few chapters you have some interaction between Ella and Brown! I don't know if I've told you this before, but I loved how he recognized Ella to be Lesley's daughter. They really should bond over the fact, that Brown knew her mom. Even if for a short time, but that would be so adorable, and good for Ella.

Axel is a dick, and I dislike him very much, for coming at Jason like that. But I'm extremely proud of Jason, for keeping his cool and trying to ignore the dude. As if Caitlyn would really leave Brown and the boys for Axel. Nope.

It's a good thing that Nate and Ella got things sorted out, and Mitchie and Shane too! I mean, the latter didn't really have things to sort out like our Natella here (dumb Nate and his bad wording), but anyway. I'm just waiting with a horror that when Shane finds out, that Mitchie is Devonne, that it won't be pretty. I don't want to read about that! D: But they are all so precious, and I'm happy that Shane and Mitchie got their talk and they are on the same page about their relationship.

I wish that someone would later on, when Tess finds out about Shane and Mitchie, make Tess realize that Shane isn't the bad guy she has began to believe he is. I mean yes, she is still hurt and very broken (not only because of Shane and the break up), but she should start to listening to other people, like really listen, and try and get over the end of their relationship. Which, sure, wasn't pretty, but not totally Shane's fault.

Jason and Caitlyn are as cute as ever, and I love how Jason supports Caity no matter what. Also, I love how quickly Ella noticed that Caitlyn's passions lies in somewhere else than producing. Love the girls! I'm curious to know why Caitlyn thinks, that she has to stay Brown's assistant. Like nope, you can become the Brown and be the big boss. Because Caity would be amazing at that, and also, when Brown retires, he could have his Camp. (; And Caitlyn has to move to Jason's asap, because he has this huge kitchen that just screams Caity's name! :D

I do hope that you have written something about Dana and Andy. I know that they aren't the focus of the fic, but I'm curious about them. I need to read about them just a bit. Like how Andy saved Dana from Ella's shop, or at least have the gang attend to their wedding! I mean, did Natella not began because of Dana and Andy's wedding? Don't think so! So pretty please, do you have their wedding coming in the later chapters?

I don't know if this was any help for you or anything, but I just had to tell you what I thought about these things, okay. :D And I mean, there isn't really anything else for me to do, since the grammar is good, the story runs with a flow, and the characters are interesing. Keep up the amazing work, and let me tell you - when this one has its last chapter, I might shed a tear or two.
Ellyse chapter 32 . 5/24/2017
It feels like the end of an era. I remember seeing this story come to life right in front of me and I'm just as in love with it now. Beautiful work
Jayla Fire Gal chapter 31 . 11/22/2016
This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Can't wait for more!
snowwygirl4 chapter 31 . 6/27/2016
This was so good! I love this story. Hoping for more cutesy moments between all the couples. I love seeing how intense Mitchie was in this one with being there for Ella.
Devilindisguise chapter 30 . 5/4/2016
Pls update soon. Your story is really good
Ellyse chapter 30 . 1/28/2016
NOW HOLD ON YOU DO NOT GET TO FISH MY FEELS OUT OF THE BARREL FROM THIS STORY. *falls to the floor* oh my sweet summer children.
countingthestars12 chapter 30 . 1/29/2016
YAY you wrote a new chapter! I'm so excited! I really like that this chapter focused on the Ella situation and on Ella and Nate's continued adorable-ness. I loved Ella meeting Uncle Brown, and Caitlyn's effortlessly pro handling of the situation (this does make me wonder whether she will return to being Brown's assistant - since she's clearly so good at it and loves it - and how she'll balance that out with her producing dreams). Caitlyn's conversation with Shane on the phone was HILARIOUS - I really like the dynamic of their friendship and how it's slightly different (more sarcastic, comic and "you're an idiot but I love you" than her friendship with Nate, I think). I really liked how you described the paparazzi outside of the cafe and shop - the fast-paced way you wrote the dialogue really captured the frenetic-ness of the situation. Lastly, I loved Caitlyn kissing Jason and then realizing that other people were around, and Nate's teasing - so cute! Overall, great chapter as always and I'm so excited to read more! Thank you so much for continuing this story!
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