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Zeddyzedzed chapter 1 . 1/19/2013
Haha I like it so far great job. BTW go Diego go (show)
jkfg989 chapter 3 . 1/7/2013
Your'e really good at writing! Keep it up like that! Just some writing mistakes here and there but it doesn't matter so much! I'm looking forward to reading the next chapters!
john chapter 13 . 12/28/2012
great story i really liked it you should do more
Guest chapter 1 . 12/17/2012
xXJuuLXx chapter 14 . 12/18/2012
what is your next story begin soon pleasse?!
pinkie pie 101 chapter 2 . 12/15/2012
granny is a hoot XD "Why do I gotta go, it was just getting good!"
"What is this 20 questions, mind ya own business child."

"Yeah no dang men hear to ruin our fun ladies."Granny pops up on Peaches.
"Yee haw gitty up!"Granny shouts
Diego X Shira chapter 14 . 12/12/2012 far ive reviewed this story two times and i highly like ur work! But i totally HATE your idea of "separating the herd!" Ugh! Thats what ma,es ice age special-add new characters AND keeping the old AND sticking together! However, i must say that i dont like ur sequel very be ill just pretend that since i LOVE THIS FANFIC SOOOOOOOO MUCH ill just act like theres no sequel and this fabuluous fanfic ends here! lolz:) bye
P.s. sorry no hard feeling...k? Lolz this is one of my top 5 ice age fanfics! Just dont want to seperate the herd! Bye:)
Shirafan chapter 14 . 12/11/2012
Your story is awesome! Here's an other great plot to get some ideas
for the next chapter! Keep going. I already apologize my bad grammar ;)

It had been some time since Manny, Diego, Sid, and the rest of their frinds had settled in their new home (that Scrat had accidenlty created). Along with defeating captain Gutt and his evil pirates.
Anyway it was night time now, and Peaches was out hangig with her friends. Manny still worrying a bit about his daughter
"They grow up so fast," the mammoth thought
Sid was helping his Granny
"How could you lose them?" Sid asked searching for his grandmas teeth
"Less talking more searching," Granny said
"She lost them almost as fast as Diego loses his coral necklaces," Sid though
And speaking of Diego, he was with his new mate, Shira.
"Isn't it beautiful?" the white saber said to her orange feline mate.
The two cats were on top of that statue of liberty that was a hyrax (those little rodents that Sid can talk to) looking up at the clear night sky
"It's alright," Diego said "But not as beautiful as you,"
"Awww," Shira said. Just then the light from the moon shown on the girl saber. Her little shell ear ring tickling from it
To Diego she looked like some kind of cat angel
"Wow," Diego said seeing how hot he looked just then
"Whoa," Shira said suddenly "Uh...Diego..."
"What?" Diego said
Shira pointed downward
Diego looked down. Only to see that mini-Diego had "powered up"
"Oh my..!" Diego said trying to hide his little buddy
Shira giggled at the embarrassed feline
"I knew you like me," she said
Diego tried talking his way out of his embarrassing moment. Yet just then Shira pounced on him
"Why keep it just to yourself?" she asked
"Say what?" Diego said
Shira began to walk around him all slow and sexy like.
"Let's see what your buddy can really do," she said, getting into position to "get down"
"Here kitty kitty," she said
Diego was hypnotized b her sexy self. And just then...
Scart walked through the cold night dessert. At least now he could make tears and not have them evaporate in the heat.
He was sad that once again, his greatest love, acorns, had been taken from him. Along with all of Scratlantis. Thanks to his own obsession with them.
He walked on, shivering, and thirsty.
Then fell on the ground from exaction
Yet just then he heard someone squeaking.
He looked up.
Then he screamed.

There she was, Scratte.
The girl squirrel held up a tiny hollow rock, she used as a cup and drank the water in said rock cup.
Scart looked up surprised. Both to see his old girlfriend, and water
Scrat asked the squirrel girl how she came to be here
Scartte explained that she saw him when he fell to the core sadly Rudy and Bucks fighting knocked her down after her (it was a long fall, and she used her flying squirrel skin to hit the core so hard and make it spin.)
Well long story short, she somehow managed to find the other half of that acorn Scrat found with the map, which had a copy of said map on it. She traveled to where Scratlantis was (amazingly not getting caught in any trouble Scrat had) yet now was North America.
Scartte pointed to a small oasis, which had a few acorns that didn't get flushed by Scrat
Scrat's face lit up at the sight of the acorns and he tried to make a mad dash for them
Only to get hit over the head by Scratte's rock cup. The cup broke
Scratte then dragged K.O'd Scart by his tail.
The sun rose on a new day, and the two sabers with it
"Wow," Shira said remembering what they did last night
"How was I?" Diego asked
"Words would fail to describe it," Shira asked
Just then the white sabers stomach growled.
"Guess all are fun worked up an appetite," She said
"Let's go fetch some fish," Diego said (the other animals, horn deers, birds, etc. where very happy they lived near a beach now. They didn't have to worry about Diego eating them.
With that Diego and Shira went to fish, both unaware of the new life now growing in the white saber
Scrat awoke, only to see he was tied to a rock. Watching Scratte eating acorns
Scart screamed in suffering this inhuman torture
Scartte said it was revenge for breaking her heart and trying to take her acorn. She fed him the top of the acorn, the non tasty part
A week later Diego and Shira were with Manny, Sid, and the others
"You ready bro?" Crash asked Eddie. The twin opossums about to do something dangerous and dumb
"I'm not sure," Eddie said
"You sure you want me to do these guys?" Peaches asked
"Oh ya," Crash said
What Crash and Eddie had decided to do was tie their tails together, wrap them around Peaches trunk, then have the mammoth spin then around and launch them into the sky
This went well, until the opossums landed in a tree.
"I'll get them," Manny said going to save the two
"Sid," Granny said holding some fruit "Chew this fruit for me,"
"I can't believe we didn't find your teeth," Sid said staring to chew
"That's disgusting," Diego commented
"It makes me want to..." Shira didn’t get to finish as just then, she hurled all over Sid
"Ew," everyone said
"Oh my," Shira said "Sid I'm so..." she hurled on him
"Are you okay?" Diego asked
"I think I may have eaten some bad f..."
This time Sid grabbed his Granny and used her as a shield. Lucky Shira kept it down this time
"But I had some, and I don't feel sick," Diego said
"Hmmm," Ellie said "This looks very familiar,"
"How so?" Sid asked putting his granny down. Sadly Shira unloaded the second his grandma held was gone
"It reminds me of when I told many when I was having Peaches," Ellie said
"Good thing she's not puking on me like you d..." more puke hit Sid
"Shira," Diego said shocked as he remembered their little "fun time"
The girl saber also began remember that night
Diego looked down at her mates tummy, and put his paw on it
"Do you think?" Diego began
"Oh congratulations," Sid said hugging the expecting felines
Shira barfed on Sid more
Just then Manny came back with Crash and Eddie, only to see lots of puke, and happy smiles
"What happened in the five minutes I was gone?" Manny asked confused
Scratte was off using the restroom
Leaving Scrat alone, thankfully, with his diet of Acorn tops. He lost weight and was now able to slip out of the vines that held him. And he nodded her nuts
Yet not before she came back and saw what he was doing
Scart ran off with her acorns, Scratte in hot pursuit

Another week or so went by, and now everyone could clearly see Shira was pregnant.
Her belly already starting to buldge a little.
"I knew it," Ellie said once she saw the white saber was starting to show. The mammoth now spent more time with the pregnant feline. Telling her about the best ways to help her pregnancy to go smoothly, and telling her about what was going to happen to her over the next few weeks.
Of course there was more going on with Shira then her gut swelling a bit. Shira was getting really hungry, it was a real hassle for Diego to fill her belly, not to mention how many extra little tummies she had in her now.
"Ugh," Diego said coming back after a fishing trip
"Oh hi Diego," Peaches said "Have you seen Crash and Eddie? I've been looking all over for them,"
Just then Shira came over.
"I smell fish!" the hungry saber said. Her stomach growling loudly
"Um, honey," Diego said noticing something different about is mate "What are those?"
"What?" Shira said
"Those two pink thing daggling out of your mouth,"
"Help us!" Eddie said
"This is awesome!" Crash said
"Oh my!" Peaches cried
Diego grabbed the opossums tails and pulled them out of her mouth
"Ew," Peaches said
"I'm sorry," Shira said "I'm just so hungry now and..."
Diego showed her the fish
"Fish!" Shira said inhailing basically
"Wow..." Peaches said in awe
"I know," Diego said
Scrat and Scratte had been chasing and fighting over acorns all this time.
They were both now near the water of the later named Pacific Ocean. They were having a tug of war with acorn
They seemed evenly matched, until a certain badger came out of the water.
"I'm alive!" Gupta said

Gupta crawled onto the shore
"I can't believe I didn't drown," he said "Or eaten whale,"
Scratte looked at Gupta, Gupta looked at her
Just then that "You'll never find..." song from the 3rd movie was heard
"Wow," Gupta said
Scratte smiled hearts in her eyes. They were falling in love
Scrat was confused by this, but he didn't care. He had his acorn now. Which h thought he'd store away once again.
Sadly, the second he jammed it into the earth, it began to crack again. Long story short, Scrat made the first island of Hawaii.
Scartte and Gupta were upset now that they two were now stranded on an island with Scrat, and began to chase him around the island. They were still in love, yet now they were about to love hurting Scrat.
A week or so later, back with Diego, Shira and the others.
It was night time and everyone was asleep, well that was until Diego felt something bumping him
"Huh?" Diego said waking up
The bumping continued
"Shira, can you..."
Yet Diego then saw his mate was asleep
"But if it wasn't her..?"
Diego's little mystery was then solved as he now noticed the bumping was coming from Shiras stomach. His unborn cubs were kicking around inside her
A smile found its way on Diego’s face; he put his paw on her tummy
"Hi cubs," Diego said "I'm your daddy, your mom and I can't wait for you to come out so we can see your beautiful little faces."
"Me either," Shira said awake now
"Shira!" Diego said surprised "On I'm so sorry I didn't mean to,"
"You didn't," Shira said pointing to her gut "They did,"
"They very energetic aren't they?" Diego joked
"If only they could wait until morning to be," Shira said
The two sabers went back to feeling their unborn
AmAzInG chapter 14 . 12/11/2012
Just continue with Shira. She's the best character in the story!
jeykey chapter 8 . 12/11/2012
I wouldn't be surprised if this would became the actual plot for Ice Age 5 (of course with some changes).
But it really is that good. This is the best one what I've read and I've read at least a dozen of these "Ice Age 5" plots. I hope you continue this story till the end. WELL DONE!
J.C.Anne chapter 13 . 12/9/2012
It's a bit creepy how your name is Jen just like mine and how Diego and Shira's conversation while he was puttung lotus berry on her went similar to my conversation with my friend. Can you possibly be the future me? Creepy in a good way that made me relate and made me think of an idea for another song to write. Thank you for being an a way. I'll send a link for people that will redirect to your story from Youtube hopefully before 2013 ends since it takes a while to record a song. A song about how fandoms are an escape from reality. i know it sounds stupid in the moment but the whole song will be better. I'll PM you if I post it. Best wishes for your college life although you're probably in college already by the time you read this.
J.C.Anne chapter 7 . 12/9/2012
This chapter thoroughly explained what Shira had been through and what Gutt had done to recieve such loyalty from Shira. Unlike other fanfics, this one shows what Diego and Shira had so much in common and how they make a wonderful couple because of how they can relate and understand each other so well. I also like how the relationship between Diego and Shira doesn't feel too rushed. Great job so far :)
Diego X Shira chapter 14 . 12/7/2012
PPPPPPUUUUUUHHHHHHLLLLLLEEEE EEAAAAAAAZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEE MAKE A SEQUEL! OR TRIQUEL! AND QUADRICAL! AND... WELL U GET THE POINT! the point being i love u and ur stories and i hope u never stop writing ice age fanfics especially diego x shira ones tilll time stops! Thanks! Hurry:)
MIchelle chapter 14 . 11/27/2012
OH MY GOSH this is the best story ive ever read. There are no words to describe how awesome it should really become a writer. Please make a sequal I want to read more about the herd. This is awesome wiht a capital A.
Guest chapter 14 . 11/27/2012
dont do permenant separation , just do a temporarly separation and make the ending like that diego and shira have theyre own cave not far from the herds and sid finds love but it has to be a short paaragraphabout him. please focus more on diego and shira about ups and downs, but most important make a happy ending for evrybody. please
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