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Sookdeo chapter 33 . 1/10/2015
His heart is like that because he has his NOBODY inside him! Well it's better than overwhelming darkness.

And yes. You should definitely rest up. You don't know what you're gonna be up against. these are the after effects of how Kairi "fixed" him. This could be terribly awful now. Everyone has darkness in them. And it's going to be a struggle for Sora not to take it out. But tell me, where is Riku in all of this? Did he wake up yet? Ahh?
Oh was it a dream, a vision, or her remembering something in a different way?

Riku was with them for a month physically. I wonder if that causes the turn of events with Riku seeking out the king of that land.

Uh rude much? I never knew doctors could be callous especially to a coma patient that just woke up.

The boys seem like shells of themselves trying to adjust from that world while Kairi is their beacon of light. Although she IS the princess of light so it would make sense that she hasn't been affected the same way as them.

Ok so are these 'flashbacks' in italics flashbacks are something different?

I really hope this doesn't all come down on Kairi's father. I mean there's only so much you can do with heartless running rampant. I wonder if the mayor knows anything about it though.

Well the cats outta the bag. And this reiterates the plot of the story along with what Kairi was feeling at the beginning of the story. I like the way you tied it together. Oh no. Is this going to be their undoing? You keep rubbing that spot and you're gonna put everyone in a world of hurt.

You want more drama?! Are you mad child?! As if watching your two best friends almost die and being lost in a strange dark land for months wasn't enough for you. Glutton for punishment
I knew there was a reason you wanted to get her alone at the island. See what I said? Glutton for punishment and you got it.
Ok Kairi, this BDSM thing is going a little too far. You just had your soul mate smack you and now you're laughing like a giddy school girl...I think Riku and Sora are the normal ones.

It's the ending?! Well it was coming for s long time. I really liked the structure of this chapter. It was between flashbacks and the present. It reminds me of how some movies are and it made for a nice mental picture :3
It was different how you left the ending. I mean Sora could at any time later snap and lose it but the conversation between him and Kairi shows that they've found, and will soon find more of, a balance in their relationship and their darkness. It have a prelude of sorts for the readers to feed off of.

Um a prologue wouldn't hurt but I like the ending where it is.

I'll be looking forward to your next story :3
XionTheBlackRose chapter 33 . 1/5/2015
So the story is finally over! What a achievement! The story as a whole is great, so much emotion and conflict! It's good to see Sora, Riku, and Kairi recovering, but it seems things are still hard on them. Darkness lingers forever in the hearts of everyone, a mysterious journey everyone goes through. Nice words. So, Sora's eyes are still plauged with darkness, a scar of the past. And Riku, that poor soul. He's so different from the beginning of the atory, and so is Kairi, but I think she changed for the better. Overall, the story was a great read, so many conflicting feelings, it was great, how many times, can I say that? I love this story, and I'm sad to see it done, but also relieved. Another gewat job well done!

Xion, out!
Lucenthia chapter 33 . 1/2/2015
Wow, congratulations on completing this. It was pretty good, and I liked it a lot. This chapter was a great wrap up because we were able to see what happened right afterwards, and also got several hints into what would happen next. We can see the direction Sora, Kairi and Riku will go in.
They're a lot better off for all they went through, and the way they're much more comfortable about each other is a great resolution to the story. I also like how Kairi's goal to be more equal in the relationship was realized.
This story had great character establishment and development, and also had a lot of depth. I thought it was a great romance because it's really healthy, fulfilling, and it seems very strong on both sides.

I'm looking forward to anything you write. Keep it up!
TTY7 chapter 6 . 12/31/2014
(Slaps myself on the forehead) Kairi! Sora's supposed to be the dumb one, not you. Oh boy, of all the impulsive, stupid...good grief!

Good work on this, but I'm raging at the lack of patience Kairi is exhibiting right now. I don't blame her, but goodness, I think the lack of sleep caused a lapse in her character. She's definitely going to regret it later, and don't get me started on Sora. He should have been communicating about whatever problem he was dealing with as Kairi was most certainly not going to let it go. Teenagers and they're craziness. What are you going to do? XD You've presented a good tale so far. I'll definitely be following up...but darn it Kairi! Think before you act child!
TTY7 chapter 5 . 12/31/2014
Hmmm, interesting. Just what is going on with Sora? I imagine it has something to do with the darkness, but obviously it must be more serious if he's not willing to talk to anyone about it. He's seriously overprotective, but I can understand it if something truly dangerous is going on with him. Guess, I'll have to wait and see. Hopefully Kairi can beat some sense into him though.
TTY7 chapter 4 . 12/31/2014
Uh oh. I sense that there is trouble in paradise. Sora is most definitely hiding something, probably that Anti-form he sometimes turned into in KH2.

I really like how you write Kairi. She's just the right mix of girly and feisty. Good job.
TTY7 chapter 3 . 12/31/2014
This is a pretty cool story. I definitely like it so far. Good work. :)
xxIAmTheSkyxx chapter 33 . 12/30/2014
Whoo, we are at the END! Boo-yah! :D
My thoughts on this overall story...well, since this is the final entry to this story, I want to try and be as honest as I can possibly be at this hour. I won't be pulling any punches this round, so brace yourself.
This was definitely a long time coming, my friend. I may not have agreed with every decision you've made with this story, but it was undeniably a crazy roller-coaster ride. And what with this being a romance story, and my rather...staunch stance on romance, was really difficult for me to go into every new chapter unbiased, I'll admit. I always expected something crude or cliche, especially with those intimate scenes. Call me immature, but I still have a difficult time getting through sex/make-out scenes. But you've subverted my expectations quite a few times, and all in all I am glad I made the decision to actually follow this story to the end. Honestly, I think one of the only things that got me to this point was that I really, REALLY wanted to see these three have a break. I thought that...maybe, if I manage to get through this to the end, I'll feel better because their ordeals will all be over (for the time being, at least), and my heart won't ache as much and my head wouldn't spin quite so fast anymore. And one of the other only things was...well, I kind of felt obligated. ; I feel kinda bad saying this, but...I'll admit right now; I wasn't really emotionally vested in the story as a whole. I read each update because I knew you'd want some kind of response or critique, and since you already do that for me (quite often and very well, I feel it necessary to add), I felt like I had to pay you back somehow...and therefore I decided to follow this. Don't get me wrong; you had lots of chapters that pulled me into the story, like a couple between each update, but mostly I was just wanting this story to be over. It was painful to read on several levels, to be sure. So while I definitely can't call this story a favorite of mine from you (that title belongs to either MWC or CMaR), I did enjoy this, in a detached sort of way. :) I know that this story wasn't giving you an easy time by any stretch of the imagination, so I'm happy for you that you finally managed to finish in a satisfactory way.
Okay, onto the actual chapter. It's...actually kind of difficult for me to pinpoint the emotions I went through while going through each scene. As you already know, I did enjoy this chapter,'s hard to put into words. I guess I mostly felt...kind of jipped, actually. That's probably more me than you, since I was expecting some things, and...those things I read was different from the things that I expected and certain things that I felt should've happened did not happen. In that sense, I was mildly disappointed. But again, that was my personal taste getting in the way.
Objectively, though, the way you went about tying up the loose ends makes perfect sense. It's pretty much a given that what these three went through wouldn't just disappear back into the shadows from whence they came after just several months. That's clearly shown through the interactions that they have with the other characters, and the distance that some of these guys have with everybody else, especially with their own families. They're still on edge thanks to what happened to them, even if it seems to have dissipated for the most part. These problems linger long after the fact, and it makes perfect sense. I just kinda wish...I don't know...I kind of wish that the aftermaths were different. Like I said, it's hard to put into words that make sense...but that's how I feel.
And now for the ending...the part I was looking forward to the most. I feel like now I can comfortably say that it was about as much as I expected...but it felt kind of random to me. I know this moment was foreshadowed, with Selphie egging Kairi on about it and Kairi's conversation with Sora after that, but it was...I don't know, weird. I was weird. From a character-based standpoint, it's a really solid scene. I'll say that, at least. It just wasn't something felt entirely comfortable reading. I can't really say I understood the intentions behind this scene, either...which makes me feel really bad. But it's the truth.
...Y'know, this chapter and this story as a whole was weird for me. I wish I had more to talk about, but...I don't. ...Well, more like I'm not really in the mood to address anything else right now. I liked this chapter a lot,, I just don't know. ; This was mostly my reviewing on a more personal level, now that this story is over, feels kind of odd ending it this way, but I need to, because I can't figure out how to really get out of this.
In summary, this was a really solid story, and I am glad to have read it through to the end, even in spite of some raciness and overwhelmingly cruel mind screws. If you have any questions about things that I didn't address that you want to know my thoughts on, go ahead and let me know. I'll do by best to give you a satisfactory answer. :) I wish you much luck with all your future endeavors from here on out (and I will be breathing a sigh of relief in the meantime since my brain will get a break from your loopy craziness :P), and congratulations on finally completing your longest story on here!
xxIAmTheSkyxx chapter 32 . 9/23/2014
Alright, about time I took care of this! LET'S REVIEW!
Haha, okay; I'll be honest with you. I don't know if this was what you were going for when you wrote this, but this entire chapter made me crack up hysterically. I mean, nothing against you, but everything in this chapter was just so overly dramatic and serious to the point of ridiculousness, and...I just couldn't help it. XD Don't get me wrong; I still like it. Ridiculous, sure, but that doesn't mean I think it's bad.
Okay, first thing I want to talk about - Ventus. Believe it or not, he's actually my least favorite part of this chapter for me. I know we've already seen this guy in this story before, but this...just doesn't feel OR sound like him. He's too...what do you call it...serious and adult-like for his character. I mean, I know it's been years since he's first entered Sora's heart, but I didn't realize how that endearing naivety that came with the original character that I loved so much about to be practically nonexistent here. I guess the situation called for it, plus plot reasons...but still. I can't think of any other excuse as to why he's behaving this way in this chapter (especially since this takes place in the canon universe) and...I don't know; his seriousness kind of disappointed me. Didn't affect the plot or anything in any's more a personal thing. I know I could probably have gotten the wrong vibe from his character and role in this story, but that's how I felt as I was reading this.
Moving on...okay, I'll say this right now - I probably already said this earlier, or maybe I'm thinking of something else...but Kairi was AWESOME this chapter. Seriously. She didn't take crap from no one, kicked ass and took names, spat in faces and ground foot after foot into the ground. I don't think I've ever loved Kairi this much before in any story...ever. X3 Hahaha...I really have nothing more I can say about her...she was just awesome. She is a trooper. I commend you both. *salutes*
Alrighty, next on our list is Vanitas. Okay, I'll admit; he was the biggest source of laughs in this chapter, both times I read it. I feel really bad about that, and I did feel kinda sorry for him for what he was trying to do (or what Sora wanted to do...or both of them...yeah, I don't know anymore), but the way everybody else is just like "That guy's a jerk; don't listen to him" was just so pitiful that I just had to pity. He was acting like he got dragged into this situation, even though that wasn't exactly the case. I understand that desperate times call for desperate measures (and boy, did these kids go through desperate times), but seriously. It's almost like the boys took a couple step backwards in character growth just so Kairi could get the opportunity to call them out on how stupidly they were acting in regards to this whole "get rid of darkness" thing and generally be very awesome. Kairi's a really well-developed character in her own right, but still - that's the feeling I got. It's almost as if she and Namine were the only competent characters in this chapter when it came to dealing with the situation at hand. I could go a step further and assume that this was some kind of subliminal message that you probably weren't even aware of while writing this, but...I won't.
...Okay, it's already too late for that, but I at least won't voice that subliminal message.
Speaking of Namine! She didn't do a WHOLE lot, but I still respect her contribution to the goings-on. She was the anchor and the voice of reason in this chapter, and she was probably the only reason this situation ended up getting somewhat on the road to resolution. (That little quarrel between Kairi and the boys here killed me. XD) She's the middle road in this moment of choice for Kairi, and I like that - Namine always felt like she should be some kind of grounding influence on the people around her to me, and I feel like you did that really well in this chapter. So kudos to you. *claps* :)
It's also really interesting to me how you had those three choices at the end of the chapter available to her as a means to help Sora get better (in a relative sense), and each method made sense for the choice. I agree with Kairi; Ventus and Vanitas should've switched roles. XD That's just me (and her), though. While I did feel that implementing this into the story as at least a kick-start to Sora's recovery was an interesting move, it kinda came out of left-field with a one-off feeling to it. I was surprised when this happened, and it made me do a double take and go, "Wait a second; how is this relevant to the situation here?" I might've just been over-thinking things...or not...who knows.
I still got a couple questions, though. Has nothing to do with the plot or anything, but...I shouldn't expect Aqua or Terra to show up again, right? And where's Riku in all this, anyway? There's still that bomb that blew up a little ways back, and that worries me! Hopefully we'll be able to see for ourselves exactly what happened.
As for grammar and such...maybe because I was rushing through rereading this in order to refresh my memory, but I didn't notice anything glaring except for when Vanitas was doing his little "required" ditty on the shield. "Ye" has only one "e". And I THINK that "thee's" he used should be "thy" instead, but...I could be wrong. I'm not the best-versed in Old English; forgive me. ;
All in all, this was a decent chapter, and it was nice to finally have so many of these lingering questions answered. I am gonna wait eagerly and patiently for the end, and I can't wait to see how all this will conclude and go back to its romantic roots! (We've hardly had any romantic moments for a romance story, but eh.)
Good job on this! You'll see me here next time, next chapter! *salutes again*
Sookdeo chapter 32 . 9/23/2014
I like how he just nonchalantly says that he's going to borrow her. Like he's borrowing a friend's computer or car. At least he told her. Unlike Vanitas who just took over Sora's body.
And he can't fight either? Ventus be real. Of you're going to take control of someone's body at least defend it properly.

So Sora really has lost it. He needs serious medication after this. Ow ripping through thorny vines. Darkness in Kairi...uh oh. She shouldn't have said that. Omg *gasp* his heart. Oh no.

I must say that I enjoy what you've done with this story. You really took it and base it your own. The ingenuity in the ideas and speculations were fantastic. They meshed together so well even though we as readers were lost at times.

I'm not gonna lie. If Sora doesn't make it I won't be too disappointed.

They're finally awake! Yay!

We're epic? oh you :3 you're epic. Thank you for putting so much time into this story. It shows immensely

I'm curious to know what Riku is doing. He must've woken up way before the other two
Sookdeo chapter 31 . 9/23/2014
So...they're going home. And Riku has a bomb strapped to him. And somehow this will get rid of all the darkness...*hand on chin* Sounds good to me. Onward!

Blessing? Not caring?and he's paralyzed...damn
But what they said is true. Darkness and light is in all of us. No matter how hard we fight it, it's always there. We just need to find a way for them to balance each other. It's kind of weird to see Riku like this. He's the normal brooding type. Right now he's almost euphoric.

...hmmm. I'm just very pensive about this all. I almost forgot that in the real world they were in a coma. It was the darkness though that brought them and kept them in that world.
Lol i just snorted at Roxas. He's really a sarcastic little sucker. No wonder why him and Riku didn't get along too well in the game.

O.O *jaw drops to floor* oh my gawd. Well what a bitch. Vanitas is using them to gain what he wants. Now Ventus is taking control of Kairi's body. Smh can't they fight their own battles?
Lucenthia chapter 32 . 9/11/2014
I sort of get what happened, but there's still some stuff that needs to be cleared up, mainly, how did Terra, Aqua and Vanitas get into Sora's Heart too?

I really liked how Namine analyzed Sora's psychology. I'd forgotten that Sora had been turned into a Heartless, and in retrospect it would have affected him a lot. So that was great characterization on Sora's part.
Having Kairi admit that she had Darkness in her Heart was also a great development, as it removed the illusion that Kairi was perfect, and it helped him see her for who she really was.

Great chapter, keep it up!
UchihaSakura4 chapter 32 . 9/11/2014
Woah, this chapter was pretty intense! It was a really good one though :) I'm quite looking forward to how this whole "stitching Sora's heart" thing is going to work. Does Kairi really have time to sleep? lol
XionTheBlackRose chapter 32 . 9/10/2014
It was a great chapter full of surprise and feeling. I really feel bad for everyone in this situation. To find out Sora caused everything in this way is a shock, but misguided intensions don't always come out fine. I liked Kairi's choice in the end, and I hope Sora fully becomes himself again. I hope Sora, Riku, and Kairi can put this experience behind them and move on. The pains of the past will always haunt them, but at least they will always have each other for help. I can't wait for more, and to see how this story ends.

P.S. Xion is inside of Sora's heart, too, you know. ;

Xion, out!
KingdomHeartsKeyBladeMaster chapter 32 . 9/9/2014
Hihi! I dont think i review your stories as often as I think i should, especially since you're like one of my favorite authors. Anywhooo, This chapter was probably the most epic chapter ever! It was really interesting how you made the inside of Soras heart to be, at first I thought that they were actually in battle until you went into detail on how their bodies were in the hospital but their souls were in his heart. The thing that i loved the most was how you expressed what kairi felt towards Riku and Sora, and how she felt sort of jealous because she couldn't experience the struggles they went through with the darkness and all of that. Another thing I found interesting was how she had to choose an item, and how each item had a different affect on how Sora would recover. Overall you've done an excellent job explaining everything in detail! I could literally picture everything happening, and there weren't any moments where i was like "wait I'm confused" AWESOME JOB! And i think this is my longest review ever :O
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