Reviews for Trial By Fire
Morghen chapter 1 . 1/1/2013
Aw, I feel so bad for James and his family troubles. It would be terrible to have your family desert you over who you love, I think, but at least he has Justin to help him. It was interesting to see how some of James’ cousins didn’t mind, whilst others did. Hopefully they’ll all come around…

Oo, I like the idea of Ollivander knowing about Muggle things. He seems as though he would be well-rounded educationally, so it would make sense, to me, that he’d have some knowledge about Muggles.

“Kind of like how no other person had even called to me but Justin”
awwwwwwwww, that was soooo kyoot! :’)

“"Hmm…Troy and Curt got a place over the summer”
So they ended up together? Not Troy and Curt’s sister?

Aw, I’m sooo happeh that Lily didn’t shun James! Merlin, the tension I felt when I read that part and I also felt so bad for James because it must’ve been awkward and such for him. But it was nice to see Lily wasn’t mean and did wave :’)

Oh, I didn’t expect Victoire to be having a hard time with Neville :O And I also thought they were married…oohh. Hmm, I liked how she admitted to being a bit jealous of James’ marriage and how Neville just so casually mentioned marriage. I could see why that would bother her. I’m interested to see what happens with their relationship!

TEDDY! Awww, I can’t wait for them to catch up! Gah, despite loving Jamestin and Alteddy, I still have some Jamdy feels ;P AND JIM-JAM XD *dies* I liked how James thought about how he could’ve been good with Teddy, but knows now that he was obviously meant for Justin. I liked also how Teddy was willing to listen to the whole story and compared it to his own parents. Gah, I love Teddy! The only good thing about Remus/Tonks is Teddy! :P Hehe, and the sundaes ;P

Ooo, things are getting interesting! I, for one, can’t wait to meet Justin’s parents! ;D

Ah, I loved the scene with Hannah. She may not be very nice to him and stuff, but it’s understandable, I think. It was nice to see her coming around a bit, though, and at least talking to him without being a complete bitch. I’m interested to see whether she ever completely accepts him!

OMM, JEALOUS JUSTIN! IT’S LITERALLY THE KYOOTEST THING EVA! :O I love how it all pieced together like that! I was wondering about it earlier, but wasn’t sure, but when Justin put his arm around James’ waist, I knew! I liked how they talked about it, though. Communication is important in a relationship and he and Justin definitely have that. I understand Justin’s jealousy, though, especially since James talks so highly of Teddy and what not. I never thought about the Patronus and the teddy bear, but it’s a good point! :)

The introduction…all I can say is, POOR JAMES! asdfghhjkl :O

Merlin, how Justin just kinda popped out and said he was married! I didn’t expect that! But I like how his mother was obviously surprised, but not disgusted or anything. His father…well, I’m not sure about him. AND AWKWARD JAMES XD How he just left to get some food XD asdfghjkl

Hannah played a cruel trick, though! I was actually surprised…I thought she was helping poor James, but apparently not. I like the comparisons James drew between his in-laws and his parents. I hope, for their sake, Justin’s dad isn’t as much like Harry as he suspects :O

AWW, the part when they conjured up the Christmas tree and socks! I really liked it and Justin’s mom is really sweet! I mean, it must’ve come as quite the shock for her, but she seems to really be accepting James. I was worried he was going to have to deal with more rejection, which is the last thing he needs after his own family!

Asdfghjl, I LOVED WHEN JUSTIN’S PARENTS BOUGHT JAMES SOMETHING! Gahh, I got all “asdfghkj” for him and it was very kyoot and blerhhh, I can’t even make a real sentence. :) :)

“"Should I be dressed for this?"
LMFAO! XD OMM! I loved the present, though! It was perfect! XD

AWwww, HIS MOM IS SO NICE! I was surprised she came to visit him ,but aawww. She handled the age gap nicely, though he is an adult now so it doesn’t matter as much. I liked how she seems to want to get to know him better, though. It’s nice.

AND A BIRTHDAY PARTY! I’m excited to see how that goes :O

Ahhh XD THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED AGAIN! I love how stubborn Justin’s mom is! XD That was nice of her, though. I can understand why she’d want them to get married again so the family can be there. I mean, he’s her only child so this is the only chance she has to see her child get married and what not. I’m interested to see how it goes!

"What? A witch can't be your best man."
"This is Hannah we're talking about, James."
LMFAO! Ahh, I could see Hannah wanting to be his best man XD

I like the Molly/Michael mention! I remember the freeverse series that you wrote about her relationships! :)

Ah, that makes more sense about Victoire’s mood, then. I feel bad for her, but do remember you mentioning something about that now. :L

Aww, Carlos/Mallory! And Dermot! I LOVE THEM!

Hehe, I can imagine Elizabeth threatening poor Ollivander! XD

Awwwrr, I’m so happy that most of the family showed up for James, but HIS PARENTS REALLY NEED TO BE HERE! There is still time! But asdfghjkll :L

OMM, PUMPKIN TART! * dies* kyoot pet names like that always make me all asnngujngiostuhhnnbiosnbnguh :’)

OMM, the vows! They’re sooooo adorable! And how Percy and Elizabeth are crying, but George is just dying of laughter XD I would’ve liked to see his wedding! I bet it would’ve been crazy XP Oh, and how someone slipped in at the last minute – I have a feeling I know who it is, but I’ve been always terrible at guessing :P

YES I WAS RIGHT! I thought it would be his parents, though I didn’t know if Al was going to show up but I’m so glad he did! Gahh, this is all too kyoot! XD The pronouncing husband and husband line was adorable and I loved the whole wedding scene. I mean, the hand-fasting one was very nice, too, but it was kyoot to see them have an actual traditional wedding even if they aren’t religious or anything.

“"Why not? Dad should get an award, you know—'Dick of the Year,' two years in a row."”

Aww, I really loved the scene where James reconciled with his parents. It was perfect because they didn’t just forgive and forget, but understood what went wrong and wanted to move forward from that. I liked how James finally spoke up to his father, telling him how he felt and Harry understood where he was coming from – and that Harry was the one who wanted to go to the wedding. I hadn’t expected that, but it was lovely twist and I could really picture him doing so once it was explained. Now I’m interested to see how it goes with Albus :O

I was so sad about Al, but then Meg and Dia started playing and I was happeh again! XD But really, Merlin, Al is being such a prick. I mean, I don’t see the big deal that James fancies guys or why that would change the way Al saw him, but I guess some people are just like that. I feel bad for James, though, because he really didn’t do anything wrong, except, as Calytrix pointed out, left on that Christmas day, though I can’t blame him for doing that. But I hope they do reconcile sometime..perhaps in J7. :D

Gah, mew, this is such a great fic! It did not even feel as though I read 27k or however many words it is. It just flowed so smoothly and kept a firm hold on my attention. I had to literally drag myself away from the computer last night when I went out because I did NOT want to leave it at all. I’ve fallen in love with this pairing so much, too, which since I used to be dead-set on Jamdy, is something to say, I guess. They are just so perfect for each other and understanding and balance each other out so well, and I know I’ve rambled plenty about them in the other fics I’ve read and reviewed, but I will never get over how perfectly perfect they are together.

I hope this review doesn’t get cut short, though most of it is just my rambling thoughts. :P It’s four pages long in a document… :O

jojor99 chapter 1 . 7/15/2012
Wow! Nice one. I'm really glad that James and most of his family were able to reconcile (even with you not liking Harry!). I really liked Elizabeth and how she befriended James almost so she could get the wedding. Thanks for the bits of LilTed too - luv them! I could see that Justin was going to be a little jealous of Teddy - that was very funny (and where do you buy Teddy coloured glasses - wants some!) and even funnier was Teddy having a brief reverse jealousy attack. I can't wait to see what happens next for the pair - hopefully Al will pull his head out of his arse sooner rather than later. Though I hope James and Justin get some more time together because they really don't get to see each other a lot (during the school year anyway)- must be hard on them.

Great job, mew!
lowi chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
Okay, let me see if I can remember everything I wanted to say in this review...because it's a LOT. XD
First of all: THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THE DEDICATION, I did not expect that and it made me so incredibly happy even before I started reading. And when I had finished, and remembered it was partly for me, then I was even happier! ;)
I read this last night when I got home from work, but when I had finished (because, yes, it took a while!) the time was about one, half past one even, in the morning and I was so worked up about the story that I knew it wouldn't be worth reviewing or it would filled with nothing but incoherent squealing. X)
But still; this story do deserve a LOT of squealing, because it was so AMAZING. I swear, it had EVERYTHING and a little more. :')
Some highlights for me was jealous!Justin (because omg it was so cute and so hot!) and Jamdy friendship being rediscovered (because ADORABLE and I like it when there's platonic relationships in slash stories because that is something I find fairly unusual) and MollyMichael (because YES) and the rings (again, the cutest Justin) and Justin's family! They were so well written, and as you said, there were some similarities to Harry and Ginny, but still they were so well written and so much more than just your average OC-parent to a minor character, you know?
And the wedding - I LOVED James' concerns about him lot being the bride, it made me laugh. :D
Also, the reconnection between Ginny, Lily, Harry and James? It made me so glad! Of course, the fact that Albus yet has to come to his sense is breaking my heart a little, because I can't stand unhappy endings (mostly) - but I trust you, mew! XD
Of course I can't wait for the next one - and the title made me soooo curious, you don't even know what different things my mind came up with! Again, that could be blamed on the fact that it was so late when I finished reading, but I do have some different suggestions for what the plot could be... ;)
But as always you have made a fantastic work, I am absolutely stunned, and I can't thank you enough for this. FANTASTIC work, mew!
Searlupe chapter 1 . 7/12/2012
Once again, love me some Jamestin, and this story really helped turn my week for the better. I prefer when these guys get their happy time, but I like how you make them work for it, so they come out better for it in the end. And I kind of hope Ollivander keeps calling James Mr. Potter, just because I have a feeling that one day it will c
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 7/12/2012

Sorry about that. Just had to get that out of my system, because this was absolutely amazing, and I positively adored it. I LOVE LOVE LOVED THIS.

Anyway, I love the whole premise of the fic. I love how you contrast everybody's reactions to Jamestin, how Victoire just accepts it because of how similar her own situation is, and how Teddy is fine with it and he convinces Lily, how Justin's parents accept James because they want their son to be happy, the eventual acceptance of Harry and Ginny, and Al's anger about the whole situation. Everybody reacted in different ways, and I really liked it.

I loved the mentions of other couples in here, as well. I love VictoireNeville, of course, and I love the other pairings that you mentioned as well. I really like how you do that in your stories; you often throw in other M&MWPs, especially in a longer story like this one, and I think it was a really nice touch. I'm also very curious to see how VictoireNeville plays into the other Jamestins, as I can see that they're definitely important.

Justin's jealousy over Teddy was so cute! I can definitely picture him reacting this way, and I also love how he thought James/Teddy was going on because I do love that pairing as well. I love the friendship/brother moments between James and Teddy, and yes, I got the sundaes reference ;)

Speaking of which...there were so many little funny lines and innuendos in this story. I can't quote them all here, because I'm not scrolling through nearly 100 pages again, lol, but I know you know what I mean, and I loved all of those little moments that made me laugh. Really nice job injecting humor into the fic!

I love how it ended, also. Yes, it's iffy and open-ended and you really need to write the next one, but I know that was the intention behind it, and I really think, after all that went on in this, that it's a perfect finish. I love how you made some things better - like how Harry, Ginny, and Lily accepted Jamestin - but also made other things bad like how Al is still against the couple.

Your characterizations are awesome. You take characters that we know next-to-nothing about - James, Justin, Hannah, Lily, Teddy - and give them all unique personalities, and it's very un-cliche. I really like your James, especially, because he's very different from mine but yours is so creative; so many people write James just as a Quidditch fanatic prank-playing Marauder copy, but yours has a lot more depth and layers.

Lily/Teddy was awesome. I love how she was sort of curious and interested about the whole thing, and how Teddy helped convince her, and the scene at the end with them was so sweet. I have a feeling that they'll end up together in this universe, which is awesome because I'm totally rooting for them.

Your OCs were awesome as well. I love Justin's parents, and how posh they are and how Elizabeth sort of introduces James to the Muggle world, especially to things that he hasn't seen before, and the comment about Vera Wang sounding lewd was absolutely hilarious. I also like the bit of Calytrix that we saw, because she's been mentioned a lot in your fics but I don't know too much about her, and I really like her in here. I also love Mallory and Dermot from Hyannis, and how that ties back to the other Jamestin fic as well.

Hurry up and write J7, okay? ;P Haha, I adored this, it was what I'd been waiting for and you've done a phenomenal job with this. Thanks for the dedication, too, and this was seriously your best Jamestin yet. Wonderful job!