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fan girl 666 chapter 9 . 2/10
awesome chapter I can't wait to read who Tony brings with him
SoulMore chapter 9 . 2/9
Manicies chapter 8 . 1/30
This is a really amazing fic, I just adore the way you write this Loki, and Peter as well!
Voldy's pink teddy chapter 8 . 9/8/2014
Oh, wonderful story. I actually don't have time to leave as detailed a review as this fic deserves, since I'm leaving for work soon, but I like that you realistically depicted how people would react to Loki's crimes. I feel sorry for Loki, since he's obviously insane, but yeah, most people, especially in New York, would want to tear him apart, amnesiac or not, unless he the excuse of brainwashing. And for the record, I like your OCs They're not Mary Sues; they act like actual real people, so don't worry about it.

I can't wait to see if the tests found anything that could indicate or prove that Loki was being mind-controlled.
DemonVampireGoddess chapter 8 . 8/8/2014
Love love love it can't wait for update :)
NyteKit chapter 8 . 4/13/2014
The idea you had for this story is pure genius and your execution right now is perfection. I'm just loving the way all of this is playing out. Amnesiac!Loki is amazingly well written. He really doesn't seem like Loki anymore, but the little hints you're dropping about The Other and Loki still being in some crosshairs are, again, perfect. I love the scene in Tony's car where Loki is actually the one backing away. I'm sure Tony never expected Loki, of all people, to be even slightly afraid of him. I also really love Peter's inclusion in this. Your writing of his mixture of confusion and hero-worship for Tony fits great! And it makes me really interested to see his reaction if/when he learns who Loki really is. I'm also wondering if Tony has any idea that Peter is Spider-Man. (Love the way you hinted t that through Gwen's reactions, too, btw.) I figure Tony at least must know that Spider-Man's a bit young but I wonder how close he might be to putting it together.

I am definitely hooked on this story already and more than interested to see the shape the threat to Earth takes and how Loki will fit into all of this. And, of course, how Tony and Loki find themselves attracted to one another.
fan girl 666 chapter 8 . 4/6/2014
awesome chapter glad that Thor was able to get to Clint before the Avengers had some more bad publicity on their hands
mittarimato chapter 8 . 4/6/2014
Oh, Thor! Been waiting for him... Kind of feel sorry for Clint, but it was funny. :)
And, on that, note: oh my gods, I thought this story was dead! And it was sad, because I loved it when I first read the seven chapters there were. Getting a little impatient about Loki not remembering anything, but it's all good. 3
shadesofmidnightsun chapter 8 . 4/6/2014
Oohh, an update *does the happy dance* Tbh, I didn't think there'd ever be one again, but I'm glad there was. Looking forward to more.

Liger Muffins chapter 7 . 3/25/2014
Hope there is more to come. Great story. C:
SoulMore chapter 7 . 3/18/2014
loki-fan13 chapter 7 . 3/12/2014
Gasp! is barton going to kill loki with his bow and arrow

update sooon
Guest chapter 4 . 3/12/2014
Loki being gripped by the throat and raised half a foot off the ground seem irony when it done by tony stark since that what he did to him in the past.

Sexy moment to look back in! Frostiron
hiddlestoner60 chapter 2 . 3/12/2014
well at less you got loki wearing expensive, simplistic black clothes than his leather with metal outfit (though it will be hotter)
hiddestoner60 chapter 1 . 3/12/2014
review # 60

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