Reviews for Daddy, Not Bats
I'mSuper chapter 12 . 7/11
I'm so excited for Damian!
I'mSuper chapter 3 . 7/10
Another amazing chapter! So great and funny too!
I'mSuper chapter 1 . 7/10
This was an amazing story! You have great skill in writing fanfiction and thank you cor taking the time to do that.
Cheetah chapter 113 . 6/29
I love this fic! Could you maybe write something about cass finding out about that "girl problem" seeing as she's now about 12 or 13 in this fic (I have massive sympathy for anyone who had to deal with that while growing up in a house full of guys)
dbrangel chapter 113 . 6/28
Really, I just read all The chapters, and could see the development of your writing. Awesome! Keep going, girl! ;)
Nata Ressler chapter 113 . 6/7
Are you going to eventually add Mar'i Grayson to the picture (Robin and Starfire's daughter)? Or will she just not exist in this world? Great story, by the way, and thank you so much for the timeline. I have always preferred to read things in chronological order, although I understand the freedom of not writing in such a way.

You do good work. I spent the last two days binge reading your story between summer college work.
bmcw chapter 106 . 5/30
Looks like Selina has become a regular in the Wayne manor... do you think it's about time for Bruce to tell Selina about his other identity (even though he's retired)?
bmcw chapter 32 . 5/30
Again in "Hush", Selina rescued Tim from 'Jason'/Clayface. So yeah, Selina's relationship with the Robins (at least Dick and Tim) has always been in good terms.
bmcw chapter 31 . 5/29
as long as I remember, in comics, Selina and Dick get along very well. Even in "Hush", Dick/Nightwing flatly told Bruce that he didn't against Bruce-Selina relationship and even gave advice for Bruce to tell/be honest with Selina about his dual identity.
bmcw chapter 70 . 5/29
I enjoyed reading the sacrifice arc!
bmcw chapter 88 . 5/29
Hilarious! :D :D
bmcw chapter 87 . 5/29
Aww... so cute! Bruce and his children are so adorable!
bmcw chapter 85 . 5/29
The criteria of Bruce's ideal woman you mentioned in this chapter describes Selina Kyle both in your story and in comics. Since her first appearance in comics, Selina has always been portrayed as a strong and independent woman, she is not needy and want attention all the time (she is not spoiled!), she is fun and smart (she's the best thief in the world!), respects other people (she's not pompous), and she's able to stand on her own. She also has a sense of justice, in which she doesn't kill innocent people. She's playful and can make Bruce/Batman smiles. And yes, I'm a fan of Catwoman :)
bmcw chapter 80 . 5/29
wow.. Grandma Kane was typical of a snobby rich person, who see and judge people only from their social status, whether that someone comes from a high class family or not. I can imagine Bruce patiently explaining to Grandma why he had decided not to marry Talia.. Good job Bruce, you were very patient!
bmcw chapter 77 . 5/27
I like that you portray Damian as a cute, innocent toddler, not the one who's snob, matured than his age and has been trained to be an assassin.
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