Reviews for Daddy, Not Bats
thewriterstory chapter 1 . 11/17
It'll be funny to read abt the League guys hanging out with Bruce in civillian costume and making jabs at him (pushing him around)
Callian31 chapter 3 . 10/29
Luthor was just beaten by a ten year-old and a Playboy. ... ... Hahahahahahaha;!
grandshadowseal chapter 47 . 10/28
i'm pretty sure it's Dick's favorite one eyed fanboy!
grandshadowseal chapter 38 . 10/11
my little sister likes to sing black veil brides and motionless in white songs and i think the song Nice to meet me by Zack Hemsey fits Jason really well!
grandshadowseal chapter 35 . 10/11
your school sounds alot better than the school i went to as a kid...
grandshadowseal chapter 33 . 10/6
nyahaha! i saw one it looked great! XD
grandshadowseal chapter 24 . 10/6
yes Luthor will make everything better by sending in his newest creation Bat-Cat and now everyones dead!
grandshadowseal chapter 23 . 10/6
haha! loved Jason's Wal-Mart story! and me and my sibs never got 'the talk' from our parents ether, our dad took one look at the booklet the school gave us and said nope! haha! of course we all ready knew that babys came from our mum's stomach thanks to our little sister being born when i was about 5 so we never asked... school was enough! o_O
grandshadowseal chapter 22 . 10/5
this is what i thought Jason was thinking after Tim got him with the juce box; "...He ...he just... he just squirted... me in the face... he just squirted me in the face, he just squirted me in the face! HE JUST SQUIRTED ME IN THE FACE! HELL NO! HE IS SO GOING DOWN!"
PinkBat7941 chapter 110 . 10/1
Tim :3 :3
PinkBat7941 chapter 71 . 9/30
:') :')
PinkBat7941 chapter 36 . 9/30
PinkBat7941 chapter 32 . 9/30
Tim :3 :3 :') you're safe!
Pixie07 chapter 110 . 9/29
Ah i want more of this i really do, i loved all the stories, (more than other) and can't wait to rad more from this universe of yours. I stayed up until 3am for the past week because i couldn't wait to read more, and your stories were a great companions at work.

In other note, i would be still able of suggesting idea, cause i have a few.

Also, since Dick is a TT now and in the cartoon series of TT He and Star have a thing, how that would fall on your universe?

Have a nice day
Xenitha chapter 110 . 9/20
Nice story, Glimare! And nice to know that you're still alive! and writing too! Of course, I'm one to talk. I have the endless-fanfic still going...and yes, that RL just gets in the way.
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