Reviews for Daddy, Not Bats
Guest chapter 115 . 2/25
I had an idea about a short story. All the children have experienced being taken but how about this time Bruce gets taken and tortured a little bit. I wonder what the kids reactions would be? Would hey be worried? Looking for their dad everywhere? Just an idea.
Boulder-West chapter 31 . 2/4
I called my parents that once. They called me an ungrateful child and grounded me for a week.
Useful chapter 115 . 1/28
This story is golden. I really enjoyed the arcs and the in-general one-shots you wrote for it. So cute. I like what you seem to be leading up to, in general Teen Titans with Dick (kinda sorta) more of the watcher or on the sidelines. However, I really hope you move towards faking his death and Agent 37 (your Dick Grayson would be an amazing double agent if he could get past guns) and obviously the Court of Owls who were meant to recruit him as an assassin all along. But I also want to see an ark with Timothy or Jason. Like Jason and the Outlaws! Although Roy and Dick get along well enough, I think Jason and Roy are the dream team. I saw hints at it...but I want it. Officially. Good job and keep up the good writing wherever you are!
CloakedDragonWing3721 chapter 115 . 1/23
Awww poor Jim. Love him so much. Pleeeease, I need more Slade-Nightwing-ness.
Rae-Prite chapter 115 . 1/22
This was nice. It's good to read your stuff again
KodiakWolfe13 chapter 115 . 1/16
AWWW, that's so adorable! You know, for it being two older guys and stuff. It would not shock me in the least if Gordon kept something like that up for so many years, even if he'd been let down so many times in the past. And oh Bruce, what a way to sneak up on him, huh? You sly dog. XD

Awesome chapter!

PurpleNightwing chapter 3 . 1/10
What is the name of the fiction you read
Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory chapter 115 . 1/10
this is a sweet chapter. happy new years. UPDATE SOON.
DC-Mythology-Lover chapter 115 . 1/7
Cute chapter... (I know it's late but...) HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Zoe chapter 115 . 1/5
Sorry! Same person that submitted a review that wasn't finished! I'm so sorry! So I think that I was saying... Oh yeah! Ok so I hope that you don't plan on ending this fix anytime soon because its so good! BTW, you are my FAVORITE Fanfiction author by far. I love that you write so much fluff and Batman, YJ, and Teen Titans (I used to hate fluff and TT fics by the way, but you really got me into them ). I know this is crazy, but is there any chance that you might consider writing a fix about Cass as Orphan? (Orphan is one of Cassandra Cain's hero identies- I think she might be mentioned in Injustice). Anyways, Orphan isn't as well known since she was only introduced in December of 2015. So, if you get a chance, maybe you might be able to write a one-shot? I don't know, whatever you feel like. Cass is my favorite DC character, Dick is a close second . Anyways, thanks for reading my ramblings Climate. Keep up the great work!0
Guest chapter 115 . 1/5
I started this for a few months ago... in October or November. I'm so happy that you updated it! I don't normally follow unfinished fics, but this one is so good! I'm a Mormon too, so when I read those couple of jokes that you slipped in there I was dying. Anyways, I hope
Guest chapter 115 . 1/2
Can you please write about Stephanie and Cass' sleepover please? I am dying to read it! :)
Aki chapter 115 . 1/1
Welcome back!
Green chapter 115 . 1/1
I love how B gave him a note it was nice of him to let him know why. Happy new year!
Rookblonkorules chapter 75 . 1/3
XD That was hilarious!
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