Reviews for La Bella
ADDAMSFAMILYTREE chapter 1 . 6/4/2016
So even if the Professor's good friend Fabrizio Schiavoni has returned to that town? May his next movie will be a smashing hit. However, maybe the Everett family needs a vacation to the Martin farm over in the town of Calverton with Prof. Everett's 1ST cousin Paul Martin, his wife Ruth, their son Timmy, his dog Lassie, and kindly Uncle Petrie in a crossover?
Helena Mira chapter 1 . 7/13/2012
Bravissima! What a great tale! I have always gotten a kick out of Cesar Romero as the florid and elegant Italian director. The set up is really neat, from the humble domestic scene to the opulence of the trip to Hollywood that transforms both rather mundane characters into an elegant couple for a night. I do like the way that you write these luxorious scenes. I also enjoy the almost "hall of mirrors" effect that you create as the Professor looks at Nanny and Fabrizio, then Nanny looks at Fabrizio and Fellini. Nothing is as it appears to be. But then the balcony scene! Wonderful the way that they escape the rather phony, Hollywood excesses to honestly face each other. The movie plot line very nicely juxtaposes with the reality of their relationship, not to mention the actual relationship between Nanny and Fabrizio. In the end, who is really exploiting who?
The ending comes as an interesting twist. Once they kiss, well, we know what's going to happen next, BUT then the two keys. What a nifty plot solution! Please don't write a sequel! The beauty of this story and what makes it memorable is that we will always wonder, did he or didn't he? So much more fun than knowing the result. Could it be that she is testing him? And if she is, do we really want to know if he passes or fails?
This is your most provocative story yet. I love the greater inclusion of dialogue rather than just character rumination. Yet, you still have maintained enough interior dialogue that we know what is behind the Professor's sulks and Nanny's sweet and pleasing demeanor. Great job! Looking forward to more!