Reviews for The REBORN SOLDIER
Guest chapter 1 . 11/16
A Kakashi-like Ron? That doesn't sound very believable.
T51b Moridin chapter 6 . 11/10
Hm. He's starting to hurt people with his words who are closest to him due to his sheer fear of himself.
T51b Moridin chapter 5 . 11/10
oh? Their pulling the commander bit too? Or is it possible they are also reborns? I mean we got so many turks so who knows. I don't expect Cloud or Vincent or anyone like that to be coming back here. They were last I checked technically immortal due to the experiments done on them. Shelke was the same way if I recall same with Nanaki. Everyone else kinda had limited life spans.
T51b Moridin chapter 4 . 11/10
Oh my god that was fucking awesome. Draco is Sephiroth's other lieutenant Genesis Rhapsodos. Hermione and Ginny obviously are also ones. Who in da fk is Luna then? So lost sometimes haah.
T51b Moridin chapter 3 . 11/10
Interesting how souls recognize each other even in their new worlds. But then what caused Ron to start awakening as Angeal? Fred as Reno? George as Tseng or Rude maybe? Who will Hermione be or will she simply be a newer soul. And where is the super friends of Cloud and Tifa! Dun dun dun.
T51b Moridin chapter 2 . 11/10
He really should provide proof of all those failing seriously.
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 11/10
Loveless huh. Genesis Rhapsodos, Sephiroth's lieutanants favorite book. Honor Bound, something that would entice Angeal Hewley. Interesting.
Exalted Demi-Soul chapter 12 . 10/28
Vincent... I wonder if he'll show up within the Ravenclaw students or Gryffindor?
Guest chapter 12 . 10/28
so a sephiroth not acting like sephiroth and avalanche that only cares about killing sephiroth although theres a bloody dark lord running around, wonderful..
ARSLOTHES chapter 12 . 10/26
looking forward to the next chapter
Chronepsis of the Cenobites chapter 12 . 10/26
Damn, this story gets better with every chapter; I can't wait for the next one. Are Harry's group and Colin's group ever going to get on the same page because I don't think Voldemorte is going to be easily defeated with a backfiring wand. In fact I believe that he is going to turn out to be some eldritch abomination of the Lovecraftian Variety.
Jarjaxle chapter 12 . 10/25
Oh boy...Possible Harry vs Dumbledore in future...things are moving fast. and people now think Harry was possessed.

oh, boy. Colin/ Cloud now knows that Harry is Seph. ...I somewhat hope this will not turn in Avalanche vs Harry/Sephiroth's team in Future. No Way Ron/Angeal and Co. will allow him Killed. better that they are allies than enemies. and 3 way War would destroy Wizarding Britannia (Harry's Side vs Voldermort's Side vs Colin's Side)
nahte123456 chapter 12 . 10/24
In all fairness it took four of you to beat Harry, and he wasn't aware of Hermione in the fight (much less anything else about her fighting style) so he's still definitely the top of the mountain, but the gap seems less now.
On another note I love how Sephiroth, Angeal, Genesis, and Zack(or Harry, Ron, Draco, and Neville) are dealing with, and working through there many issues, with each other and there selves. Maybe it's not the conventional way, but there trying and seem to be succeeding.
Meanwhile Cloud and the rest of Avalanche seem to be getting worse, I mean yeah Sephiroth isn't someone that's good to see from there view point, but they seem to be stuck in the same thing they did already, stop Sephiroth/who ever is connected with him from doing bad stuff, it's kind of sad how there just doesn't seem to be any other goal for them right now(or any chance of them beating him much less Draoc and Ron as well)
And finally the Turks seem a little to self assured, I really don't believe they could survive Neville trying to kill them all, I have seen nothing to suggest anyone but Snape would even be a challenge, much less Harry himself, yet they continue to try to boss him around, they need more self preservation.
I love the story and hope it continues more soon.
Acolyte of the Blood Moon chapter 12 . 10/24
Great chapter, especially liked the Sephiroth scenes, but I have to ask, are you intentionally leaving out parts of the dialogue at the end of the fight? The same happened at the end of the last chapter.
nahte123456 chapter 8 . 10/24
I love the little Lion King reference.
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