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MacKenzie Creations chapter 36 . 2/8
I just got caught up on this fic. Great job! Can't wait for more.
Nemaya chapter 36 . 1/13
Love (obviously), Strength, Passion, Jealousy, Speed, Fear, Courage, Energy (I think), Generosity (bottom right? Perhaps?). There is one bottle that is always obscured, so that could be anything.
konarciq chapter 36 . 1/8
I've just spent some 24 hours (minus some sleep and a very necessary visit to the supermarket down the street) reading this entire saga, and I must say I'm impressed!

I confess I was rather hesitant at first to even give the story a chance - such lengthy canon rewrites in order to add more romance are usually not my cup of tea. But it didn't take you more than a few chapters to convince me that this was not some empty-headed fluff story. In fact, the realistic psychological development in this is tremendous - and that's just the kind of thing I tend to look for in NWZ stories. This one certainly fits the bill!

All the major canon characters are drawn very lifelike. We see them mainly from Diego and Victoria's point of view, but that does not detract from everyone's characterization. Even Felipe, about whom you seem to be a bit worried, is perfectly in character the few times he really has a part in it all. (To be honest, as close as he is to Diego, I would expect (and love) to see him included more often. And you really are doing a more than decent job on him, so why not?) The only one coming across somewhat one-dimensional is De Soto, but I must say I had never noticed the repetitiveness of his "rush to judgement" mistake. That is indeed an intriguing point...

The relationship between Diego and Don Alejandro is particularly well-drawn. We see how they are at odds sometimes simply because of their character and view of life - not just because Diego is putting on the act of a "spineless good-for-nothing" artist. And at other points, they are close despite all the differences. I loved, too, how you fleshed out his mother's family, making it obvious that Diego takes as much (or more) after his mother's side as after his father's - a perfectly normal situation, even if it seems Don Alejandro overlooks that sometimes because of the distance. But a highlight in that relationship (or well, not really a highlight for *them*, but in your writing...) was the aftermath of that silly bet of Don Alejandro's. Whoa - that was superb characterization!

One of the most interesting aspects of the story is the way you (most of the time) alter the original canon based solely on the change of the now acknowledged love between Diego and Victoria. Sometimes this causes a lot of changes, sometimes it's very subtle, but it's always done in a very believable way. My compliments!
My favourite chapters (well, as far as I remember after reading all this in pretty much one go) were the ones retelling the story of Wicked, Wicked Zorro. Already a favourite ep of mine (but you cover quite a few of those), the added tensions there were just nailbiting reading. And of course the ending there was totally unexpected, but certainly fitting! :-D I would have liked though to see how Diego told Felipe as well - we get a little of it in hindsight, but still...

In all these well over 200,000 words, there was only one part where I was beginning to get bored a bit, and that were the lengthy chapters about all the wedding preparations (and very little else). It was all a bit overly detailed for my taste (and yes, I didn't care much for those parties, as you suggested in the following chapter... ;-) To be honest, I would have been totally satisfied if it had all been dealt with in a chapter or two. Not that I disliked all the family members that were descending on them, mind you - it was *very* interesting to see all those different characters, who in one way or another all show similar traits that we know from Diego and Don Alejandro. Cecilio is a particular favourite of mine - as is Ernesto. I hope we'll see them both again!

So now Don Alejandro knows (and yes, I understand Diego's hesitation in telling him - it might still turn out alright, but considering his father's general behaviour and temper, he certainly did have point!), Felipe is off in Mexico somewhere, and Dr. Wayne's potions are going to show up next? That could be fun! I'll be looking forward to how this continues, and for now, I'll just say 'thank you!' for sharing this amazing saga with us. Well done, and keep it up!
CrazyPilot chapter 2 . 1/7
Great second chapter. Can't wait to see how it changes things with Victoria knowing Diego is Zorro. Loved the part about the alcalde not having done anything "noticeably evil".
m chapter 2 . 1/6
The suspense of what awaits Diego at the prison that is holding father The path he has to take. The dangers that could follow him.,before and after the prison visit,or escape. I am ready now to out the real story of Diego and Victoria's next chapter
M chapter 1 . 1/6
Your story was so good. I enjoyed e very bit of it. Can not wait to read more . This is romance, love, drama . Thanks,waiting.
LovelyStardust29 chapter 36 . 1/6
Glad to see that Don Alejandro finally knows, and I liked how his realization flowed from his "temporary madness." It does feel strange to have something come out of characters as you write them that you don't expect, but I think his reaction is very realistic for the character. Anger would have been understandable as well, but I could see Alejandro as being angry with himself for being as blind to the truth as he was. Good discussion between him and Diego, and I also enjoyed his talk with Victoria - I don't know that it completely soothed his pride, but I do think it helped Alejandro to have someone else that understood how he felt. I'm also eager to see what happens with the three of them working together to permanently oust De Soto. I'll be eagerly awaiting your next installment. :)
CrazyPilot chapter 1 . 1/6
Loved this chapter. Used to watch this show and hated the way One Special Night ended. Thanks for doing this story the right way. Looking forward to more reading.
La Cuidadora chapter 36 . 1/5
This chapter gives completion to the episode "Like Father, Like Son." The "let's pretend nothing happened" always seemed too silly and impossible, even for this show. It's so perfect to have Alejandro learn the secret by extending their interaction after the rescue. Brilliant!
I'm glad that Diego was able to give Alejandro the gift that he was the first and only person Diego told. And Alejandro's depression is honest, and I think better than anger. He's a proud man, and to have his son able to hide Zorro so completely would throw him for a loop. I could see him being so upset that he would begin to question his decisions, and risk having his depression worsen. Victoria as the only person who knows exactly how he feels talk to him and give him a plausible reason for "missing" the Diego-Zorro connection is just what he needed. She's showing a caring nurturing side that is delightful to see, and understanding his need to dress before discussing tactics and including him in that discussion shows how much she understands and loves him.
It's wonderful to see the three of them working together to defeat De Soto with stealth, and I'm looking forward to seeing that unfold. Having them recognize De Soto's motives as different than Ramone's and that they'll have to approach him differently to get him out of the pueblo permanently makes a lot of sense.
I love how you're giving these characters much dimension and depth. Looking forward to seeing what you do with Love Potion Number 9, whenever you get it written.
arty60 chapter 36 . 1/5
I wasn't expecting Alejandro to find out but I am glad he did! Thanks for updating so quickly. I have enjoyed each and every chapter of this saga! Love Diego and Victoria's marriage and all the other characters you have created. A wonderful read!
DietMJ chapter 36 . 1/5
I think the Facebook group tried to come up with the 10 potions, but I'm not sure we ever got all 10. What- You're not going to have De Soto fall in love with anyone? ha ha. It will be interesting to see how to handle that episode! I like how they all realized that De Soto didn't want to stay and need to be thinking of way to get him back to Madrid. Nice discussion of "the Zorro" problem, and I can't wait to see you solution, or follow your path as you reach said conclusion.
mjf2468 chapter 36 . 1/5
Boy oh boy was this good, and unexpected. I now realize I wasn't expecting Alejandro to find out about Zorro, and I wonder why. Really makes sense he did within the framework of this episode. Your resolution makes so much more sense than the show's. Of course, though, the show couldn’t have Alejandro really remember because then he'd know Diego was Zorro, and how determined they were to keep that secret. Sigh. So very glad you decided to continue this wonderful project, and correcting the "errors" of the show. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story with us!
Dapet chapter 36 . 1/5
Welcome back to writing this saga. As I've told you before, it is one of my favorites. I love what you do with the original episodes and am glad you are writing again
DietMJ chapter 35 . 1/4
So happy to see a new chapter. I absolutely loved it! I thought you did and excellent job describing Diego and Victoria's relationship- just enough to let us know.. "idiot ball" great description, and I like your plot devise much better. Your details are great and a nice added touch- the pan handle pointing to the message in the pantry. And tomorrow there's going to be another chapter!
arty60 chapter 35 . 1/4
Enjoyed this chapter very much. Desoto is such a rat! I hope he gets what is coming to him!
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