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ChristinaW66 chapter 29 . 5/25
I was so excited to see another chapter posted from one of my favorite stories I have been following for awhile. I liked that you did explore the sexual double standard. I am looking forward to the wedding and wedding night chapter.
ChristinaW66 chapter 28 . 5/25
I was so excited to see you posted another chapter!

There are so many things I really like in this chapter. I like that Victoria is a good buffer between Diego and his father, especially when the moment is tense. She already has Alejandro treating her like a daughter. She is also respecting Diego's wish not to reveal his secret to his father, even though she doesn't agree with his decision.

I really enjoyed Diego and Felipe's talk. I thought it was so sweet that Diego communicated with his finger that he was more concerned about "F", as they were used to making a "Z".
I also enjoyed the friendly and familiar conversation between Alejandro and Cecilio. You can feel the affection and friendship between them. I think the idea of Felipe spending time with him and Magdalena is a great idea on so many levels.

Im looking forward to your next chapter.
Vanidot chapter 29 . 5/25
I have to say, The chicken thing was brilliantly unexpected. I'm still laughing about it. Great fun! kudos to Ghetto Outlaw and if's the same GO responsible for the 'Zorro' you tube videos, thank him for me :-) I especially love the Princess Bride theme song one.
I love your keeping Victoria and Diego chaste throughout their engagement. I've written a few stories where that isn't the case, I prefer reading ones where they wait until the wedding night. A double standard I know, and I hate myself for it sometimes, but it depends on the characters for whom I'm writing. Mac and Stella waited until their honeymoon, at least. My original stories all have heroes and heroines who both wait until their wedding night for '(m)ove (l)aking'. :-) I can't wait to read the rest!
Vanidot chapter 28 . 5/25
I can't remember the name at the moment, but there was a type of blanket soldiers made, a patchwork quilt of sorts. So, it isn't that unlikely that men sewed, even a rich one; especially, Diego who doesn't seem to mind getting his hands dirty. After all, it seemed that men were the first tailors. This being one of my favorite episodes, I'm very happy with the way you treated it. I'm happy with the way you treated Felipe as well. I think I would have liked more of their discussion about his past and memories, but still I did like how you wrote this chapter. Very well done and I can't wait to read the rest. TTFN Vani Joy Dot
Vanidot chapter 27 . 5/25
I think you handled this episode very well. In fact, I'm glad his aunt and uncle figured out his secret. Me thinks they're not the only extended family who knows, or at least has their suspicions. I've loving this story and I can't wait to read on. I can't wait to find out where you take things next and I am greatly anticipating the wedding episode. girlish squeal! :-)
Vanidot chapter 21 . 5/25
Do I sense future Toranado foals for Fortuna? :-)
Vanidot chapter 18 . 5/24
Ernesto is great fun and I can't wait to see where his relationship with Diego goes from here. I also can't wait to hear more about their university days. I'm enjoying this story so much!
Vanidot chapter 17 . 5/24
One minor little bone of contention, as a writer I know it's hard to keep track of them myself, but, in the last chapter, before Diego went to visit Victoria at the tavern, he'd woken up to find his father was already out on errands. It seems to me to be the same day and in this chapter, you said Diego left before his father was awake. (early on in the chapter) Just thought you might want to know about the inconsistency. Ignore me if I'm being too picky. :-)
Vanidot chapter 15 . 5/24
From one anti-angst writer to another, it's not a weakness :-) Excellent as always, not to mention fun!
Vanidot chapter 11 . 5/24
As for reviews, I think 144, this one makes 145 and I'm sure this won't be my last review, speak for themselves. Even my story with the most reviews comes in under 100. All in all not bad. I love this. I think it's brilliant. You have approached these stories differently than most people do which is practically word for word of the episode. I may do a word for word scene I particularly like, but I've tried to never just offer a rewrite of an entire episode/movie/book. Instead, I try to bring something original to the story and you have accomplished that and more. If I'd thought to write this particular chapter, and if I had been in Victoria's shoes, I think I would have plopped down in Diego's lap and found ways of keeping him from brooding. Then again, that's just me. I don't like brooding and angsty stuff either. My characters tend to pace, which is how I deal with nervous energy or when I need to be pondiferous (like the new word I just made up :-) You've given just enough emotion without going overboard. So far I'm in love with this story and you're right, this is the way the series should have gone. Also, I love your take on Victoria, very well done. I like that' she's more the doer instead of the scenery backdrop, a mere prop to give the hero someone to kiss after he's done vanquishing the villain of the week. Looking through the chapters I have yet to read, I can't wait to see how you've done 'The Word'. Finding the DVD's at my local library, I've been binge watching Zorro. Duncan Regehr will always be my favorite Zorro, no offence to Hopkins or Banderas or any of their predecessors. I even found a copy of 'Earth Star Voyager' on You Tube, if you haven't seen it yet you really must. Having seen the original airing, I think I was torn between having a crush on Regehr's character and that of Brian McNamara. :-)I think my estimation of Regehr has increased while I've McNamara has lost some of his appeal over the years. Thank you so much for this story and I am looking forward to what awaits me from this chapter forward. TTFN VaniJoyDot
Vanidot chapter 3 . 5/24
It's wonderful so far and I can't wait to read the read. I shouldn't have waited until 2 am to start reading. I will be back... :-)
Coucherdesoleil chapter 29 . 5/5
I really love this fic, and it certainly makes my day whenever there is a new part posted!

I agree with you about having a chaste hero, personally. It makes him more naive with regards to women perhaps, but also more mature in a more fundamental emotional way.
La Cuidadora chapter 29 . 5/1
What a great chapter! The scene in the alcalde's office is hysterical, and shows Mendoza in a way he's not often seen. Love that he solved that problem without input from anyone else.

I'm also a fan of your Magdalena and Cecilio. And your In Between stories are delightful, adding background and insights into the characters. I'm enjoying what you're doing with this story, and look forward to each chapter. As for characters standing around, I learned a long time ago in real life that "They also serve who stand and wait" so why not in fiction too?
ilovedobermans chapter 22 . 4/29
I like at least SOME parts of long stories to be plotless. It is refreshing to just see a regular life/relationship. After all a great part of life is just that- unexciting, sometimes boring, with flashes of certain types of excitement (wether it's a picnic, movie, family visiting, getting a new car, or fretting, a child with a sprained ankle, will the puppy EVER get potty trained, the car brakes need replacing, to the small happinesses, cuddling with your loved one(s) in front of a fireplace, reading a great fanfiction story, a letter from a friend. Those are life in between highs and lows. So THANK YOU SO MUCH! Gosh I hope this made sense!
ilovedobermans chapter 15 . 4/28
I adore the low angst between Diego and Victoria. They are now engaged, and I would assume, especially since this is a love match, that they would be in accord with each other. Too much angst fortells a miserable marriage. I believe it's right they stand together, lik a "real couple" should. My opinion only. It's what I see and learned from my parents. They have been married 51 years now. They have a great track record.
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