Reviews for Love Has No Rhyme and No Reason
La Cuidadora chapter 28 . 3/19
Great to see another chapter!
Your issues with this episode were similar to mine. I never did understand either Felipe's interest in the military or how Alejandro and Diego could act like nothing was wrong at the end of the episode. Your take is great. And the solution for Felipe to take a trip a lovely way to both give him a break and an opportunity to regain his hearing. Brilliant!
I like how Victoria was able to gently yet firmly take Diego's side when speaking to Alejandro. His talk with Cecilio with Diego overhearing was just what was needed.
Diego and Victoria's discussions were most helpful in explaining both of their thought processes and frustrations. Diego's reluctance to confess Zorro's secret to Alejandro is understandable, especially with that infamous bet recently. And you also clarified Victoria's disagreement and frustration with Diego about revealing Zorro's secret to Alejandro. They both are acting like adults, agreeing to disagree without losing their tempers, which I find realistic and refreshing.
Looking forward to your next chapter. This is one of my favorite stories and love the direction you're giving it.
LovelyStardust29 chapter 28 . 3/18
I was delighted to see the next chapter to this story. I was glad that Don Alejandro's coward comment from this episode was addressed further, as I hated just seeing it swept under the rug and forgotten on the show. I enjoyed the insights Diego overheard between his father and Cecilio, but especially enjoyed the exchange between Diego and Victoria about it. We've both commented before on Diego's weak reasonings for keeping silent about his identity, and I'm glad you have Victoria calling him out on that here, but I also appreciated Diego's comment that he didn't want to tell his father following an argument and have it viewed by his father as an attempt to prove himself as a De La Vega. Both did have good points in the discussion, and I thought it was handled very well.

I also loved the changes that you brought about for Felipe, and loved the honesty and care in his discussion with Diego in the cave. I agree that Felipe had put just as much of himself into Zorro and protecting the pueblo, and I'm excited to see what comes of him being able to stretch his wings a bit. So glad to hear of more coming, and look forward to reading what happens next. :)
Dapet chapter 28 . 3/17
I was so pleasantly surprised to see you add another chapter to this story. This has been quite an undertaking for you, but I must admit I love this whole story. You've written it well and I do look forward to the chapters coming up
arty60 chapter 28 . 3/17
Glad to see another update. I am enjoying this story and looking forward to the next installments as always. Thanks so much for a wonderful story!
Dapet chapter 27 . 1/19
I've just read this wonderful work of yours again. I hope you haven't given up on it; to finish it would be spectacular and would be the benchmark for all other authors of Zorro fanfic
smithcrafter chapter 27 . 11/30/2014
I don't review every chapter I read of any story, but I have really enjoyed your approach to this.I started something similar with Hogan's Heroes, (but with each episode posted as a separate story) but real life interfered and I've never gotten past the second episode. It can be a real challenge not to skip a difficult episode! Keep it going; you're doing great.
Dapet chapter 27 . 11/13/2014
As I have said before, this is my all time favorite story. I love the characters and how they are portrayed and just the general feel of the whole story. Please continue writing this on going adventure. I look forward to the next segments.
Therrae chapter 27 . 10/9/2014
"I’m not your father. I see what’s in front of me."

Argh! Best. Line. Ever.
Therrae chapter 26 . 10/9/2014
Arrested for brawling! Lovely! So funny and clever! I can only imagine it would be exhausting to have these people for houseguests for months!

De Soto's response was also marvelous. I'm sort of starting to warm up to him...
Therrae chapter 25 . 10/8/2014
They are just so sweet together! This was really nice.
Therrae chapter 20 . 10/5/2014
Yes! So weird and awkward necking with Zorro now that she is attached to Diego! Marvelous!

And the ending is very sweet. They are trying very hard to be grownups, to be reasonable. But Diego is so in love...
Therrae chapter 19 . 10/3/2014
Very nice. Complex and creepy. Gosh, I hope things work out...
Therrae chapter 18 . 9/27/2014
A wonderful exploration of cause and effect...action and consequence. Alejandro's temper is not a pretty thing. And I wish they had made more vivid and consistent use of the character in the original. This is much better than the ep.
Therrae chapter 16 . 9/26/2014
I love the bit where Diego draws nooses in the landscape. Poor Diego. Good point about Mendoza putting up with more crap then even Diego.
Guest chapter 15 . 9/21/2014
It was good to see them cooperate so well. And the ending was more palatable thinking about Victoria and Diego briefly making out at the end.
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