Reviews for Love Has No Rhyme and No Reason
Lady of Imladris chapter 34 . 10/23
I must admit I haven't looked at any Zorro fiction for the last few months, but I just got caught up and I enjoyed the latest five chapters. They're finally married!
ChristinaW66 chapter 34 . 9/13
This chapter was wonderful! I enjoyed it very much. The ending was very nice, especially with Diego quoting poetry to his beloved. I always get excited when I see a new chapter posted.
ChristinaW66 chapter 33 . 9/13
I liked that each group was talking about the other sex at the same time. I'm sure Victoria and Diego would have just as soon bypassed their celebrations. I'm looking forward to their marriage.
mmkbrook chapter 34 . 9/8
What more can I say, They are married!
LovelyStardust29 chapter 34 . 9/5
And at last we have the wedding! I'm glad to see any anxieties or nightmares Diego and Victoria each had came to nothing, and that the wedding day came without any negative surprises. Well done, and a sweet and lovely ending with their wedding night.
LovelyStardust29 chapter 33 . 9/5
Once again, you and Ghetto Outlaw make a dynamic team. I could not stop giggling throughout this chapter at all of the shenanigans going on at each of the parties. I particularly loved Teo at the stag party, with both the arm wrestling scene and his passing out on his first card toss into the hat scene, and I was laughing out loud at the sarcasm it brought out in Diego ("Oh, yes. The floor broke his fall."). Too funny.

Loved the gifts from the ladies to Victoria, and was also laughing, but cringing right along with Diego and Victoria with all the analogies the family members about men and women were throwing out. Loved how they each spoke up for men and women being individuals that don't fit into a mold. Perfectly captured the open minded couple that they are. Now on to the next chapter.
LovelyStardust29 chapter 32 . 9/5
Wonderful chapter. I'm loving the increased restlessness with both Diego and Victoria as they count down the days before the wedding. The scene out in the moonlit garden was lovely, and I loved their wedding gifts to each other. Very fitting for both of their characters.

Also, loved what you did with the Rafael and Margarita characters. I couldn't stand her in "The Best Man" episode, particularly her delusional thinking about Zorro. Part of me felt sorry for Rafael, but I was also baffled by him forgiving her blatant fickleness, and putting the blame for it on Zorro instead of his airhead of a fiancée. Either way, I'm glad you didn't just transform them into yet another happy couple. They were very well written, and very realistic. Well done. Off to read the stag and hen party chapters. With this crew, they're bound to be interesting. :)
LovelyStardust29 chapter 31 . 9/5
Great chapter. So glad De Soto will be absent for the wedding. Also, very glad that Diego made him face some more consequences for the way he drained Mendoza's funds. I agree - he got off too easily in the actual episode. Off to read the next chapter.
CrazyJan57 chapter 34 . 9/5
Wow, great chapters as usual. I just read the last 4 in one go and couldn't stop to review them individually. I love all the family, even Margarita with her childishness / silliness, I don't think she would have changed all that much in the years we first saw her. And I definitely loved the buck's and hen's parties - very funny with the so called 'advice' on the other sex, the drinking games and those gifts for Victoria. Perhaps Victoria could try out that gift of the 5 scarfs in the Love Potion Number 9, instead of using the potions. LOL.
KatieZfan chapter 34 . 9/4
What a lovely job you've (both) done on this chapter! And the whole story (so far; glad there's more to come!) I've loved getting to know the different family characters, both from the episodes and the 'made up' ones. I also love the way you write the story - it reads like a real story (this from someone -me- who can hardly write a reveal) and I am enjoying it immensely! I love the way you brought Diego and Victoria together for the wedding night. One of the best 'endings' I've ever read, truly beautifully done!
KatieZfan chapter 33 . 9/4
This was a wonderful chapter, LaC! The women's and men's parties were very interesting and I enjoyed the by-play between the family members! Loved Mendoza's remark about "like being at a banquet!" TOO good! Can't wait for the wedding!
Dapet chapter 34 . 9/4
I must really say, this is a great story. You have written it well and I'm looking forward to its completion also, but then again I don't have to write it. I most certainly enjoy all your stories and your style of writing
KatieZfan chapter 32 . 9/4
I loved Diego's way of flattering the Alcalde into a speech before the man left for San Diego! Great job on that one! And Rafael and Margarita were spot on - yes they could have matured and probably will in the next few years but people do go through stages and I think you caught them perfectly! Very sweet about the exchange of gifts between the bride and groom to be. The days seem to drag for them but they really are flying with so many guests. Looking forward to the next chapters!
KatieZfan chapter 31 . 9/4
What a wonderful chapter! I love the progression toward the wedding while you deal with Mendoza's misfortune of the burned down house (and himself almost, too). Good job on Diego's stepping in to help with the clean up (and volunteering others) and forcing DeSoto to give Mendoza 1000 pesos back! I disliked it too when DeSoto got away with it all in the episode! And I think the planter idea was inspired! (Loved when you introduced it and now you continue to make it 'useful'! :D)
arty60 chapter 33 . 9/4
I thought that this chapter was so funny and very much in keeping with who Diego and Victoria are. Uncle Cecilio and Magdalena are two of my favorite characters.
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