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Nemaya chapter 38 . 5/24
I have finally had the time to get myself updated with this story. It's been standing open in a tab to read for over a full month, if you can believe me. I don't think you really need to have those writer's nerves, as I absolutely love what you did with this episode. Just like you, I abhorred the one in the series.
It was funny to read the different speculations on Zorro, and to have Sepulveda being so close to the truth I imagine Diego having to repress a flinch.
Dapet chapter 38 . 4/21
I know I have reviewed the different chapters of this story at one time or another, but this time I read from the beginning again It took me all of 4 days to complete the reading and I must tell you Tamee, I love every part of it. This was the first long Zorro story I read all those years ago and I fell in love with it. TheDiego/Zorro and Victoria relationship is described very true to life, from her knowing and their careful kisses in the beginning to heating it up in subsequent chapters very carefully and with much cunning until the marriage and beginning of their life together. The addition of Ernesto and Estevan was a colorful and humorous addition to the story. I loved both those characters. Both sides of Diegos family added,so much substance to those chapters. It was truly enjoyable for me to discover their different personalities. I know you are going through a hard time right now, but,I hope the writers nerves you are feeling soon leave and will let you continue writing the next chapters to this story. When it is done, it will truly be a saga!
konarciq chapter 38 . 4/17
Well, rest assured, the tale of these latest two chapters was definitely not "awful" and certainly pretty entertaining. Although I must confess I did get more enjoyment (read: laughs) out of your other take on this episode. I seem to be in the minority here, but I can't help it: I find the original episode hilarious, even if I agree with you (after you pointed it out) that the ep seemed to have been written for Luis Ramon instead of De Soto, and would have been more believable with Ramon indeed.

But okay, that's a different story. :-) Btw, reading that comment above, are you contemplating writing a story where a woman is chasing De Soto around with a knife? LOL I would love to read that!
BM originally chapter 38 . 4/16
this was perfect! way better than the original!

This was a tv series that didn't take itself too seriously, which was a great part of its charm. I don't suppose a 30 minute program really has much time to be too serious, anyway. So a little campyness now and then really fits in very well with the tone of the series, giving it an authentic feel :) Though your plot-line really is much better than theirs, and doesn't leave one nauseated at the end lol

You have a wonderful feel for the characters and in bringing them to life-they have personality, expression, and are very realistic, so it becomes easy to root for the good guys, feel sympathy for the down-and-outers, and hiss at the bad guys. It's really well done, and I quite enjoy your writing! I obviously don't read fanfiction for quality, usually-its amateur writing, after all and many stories are quite obviously written by amateurs (and some which are supposed to be written by adults that had the grammatical cohesiveness of a 3rd grade writing assignment). However, there are a few rare gems in the fanfiction world who have really talent that comes shining through-diamonds in the rough, if you'll pardon the cliche, and those writers I dearly love, because when a story is well planned, well executed, and just plan well written, it brings the characters that I fell in love with from the start to life, and makes the new adventure so very, very enjoyable-so much so, that I tend to read those stories over and over again. And you, my dear, are one of those rare gems!
Lady of Imladris chapter 38 . 4/15
Just finished reading the latest two chapters, and they were very good. I was wondering what you would do with the potions as Victoria has no reason to be interested in them anymore, and I think this was a very imaginative take on it.
It is also a vastly improved take on using potions, since what Victoria did with the love potion was a despicable thing to do, but using a truth potion is the sort of thing De Soto would do without blinking.
La Cuidadora chapter 38 . 4/14
I thought this tale was very enjoayble. Part 2 was just as entertaining, or more so than Part 1. Your nod to the 60s Batman series was fun. I laughed out loud at parts of this, and don't recall the last time I did that. Sometimes a bit of silliness is just what's needed, and there was plenty of that in both canon 60s Batman and NWZ.

I thought it was great that Diego not only was left with the mess to clean up, but realized that as Zorro he may have been almost as guilty as Estevan at times of his plans leaving a mess for someone else to clean up.

I'm glad Zorro didn't make an appearance. I suspect that Estevan might have recognized him, and that would have added more complications.

Getting De Soto to believe he'd fallen in horse droppings was just as the old credit card ad used to say, "Priceless." Thanks for the ride, and I look forward to your take on the remaining episodes.
mjf2468 chapter 38 . 4/14
As I was reading this, I noticed it being a little different from your other chapters. I'm glad you told us about your hubby and for explaining the parts you put in. I unfortunately was tired as I read this, so I would've probably caught them, but they did nag my unconscious. Especially the crowd scene and the Isley allusion. Very well done indeed. I am VERY glad you stuck with it and finished it. It's always nice to write something a little different, isn’t it? I also love both Batman series you mentioned.
LovelyStardust29 chapter 38 . 4/13
Good conclusion to your "bit of madness" story. More roguish than charming of him to leave the aftermath in Diego's lap, but it seems that Diego's quite used to it. Not surprising that De Soto's truth potion with the people backfired in his face, but you wrote it very well, and I was glad to see he got a good crack to the head for his efforts. Well done. :)

Also, if you're feeling inspired for a brief diversion into that plot bunny for "An Affair to Remember," I'd love to see what you have up your sleeve with that. I've always adored "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," so I'm sure it would be a fabulous read as well. Take care, my friend, and I hope that Ghetto Outlaw is doing well. Many thanks to him for his service, and know our thoughts are with you as you await his return.
Guest chapter 38 . 4/13
I totally enjoyed it. Your writing makes so much more sense than the series ever did and is much more satisfying. Please keep it up!
DietMJ chapter 38 . 4/13
I could actually see the actors portraying your story in my head. Nice job. I loved it when all the people were discussing the possibility of Zorro's identity and got nervous when Sepulveda said it could be a Don like Don Diego, ha ha. This story was a nice use of the portions. De Soto will never learn. The horse poo was a nice touch. Thanks to the embarrassment of the people, it all worked out.
BM originally chapter 37 . 4/12
oh, don't be discouraged-you're doing beautifully! And I'm looking forward to seeing how you deal with the last 4 eps of season 4 :) I just finished watching the entire series last month and got to the final ep and was just as ticked now, 24 years later, as I was when it originally aired! and then my sister wanted my DVDs to watch the series, and she called me up last week to rant about the same exact issue!

While I did like the switch to Henry Darrow as Alejandro (and he's the version I picture in every fan fic I read, though I don't know which version you have in mind when you write him), I really felt that there was a marked degradation in story quality all throughout season 3 and the beginning of season 4 - and Love Potion No. 9 was one of the lowsy ones. I totally agree with you that the story line was just deplorable, especially the idea that the powers of persuasion would be enough to make DeSoto and Victoria fall in love! Your idea as presented here is MUCH better! :) Hey, I'm willing to suspend belief, even further than most are, for the sake of a story line, but the canon story is too much even for me!

Estevan is a rogue all right, though I'm afraid your dislike of such character tropes does come through-I usually don't mind that trope if they are loveable enough, but Estevan leaves a bad taste in a person's mouth :)

Still, that says something when a writer can give depth to a character to spawn such feelings, so kudos for that! In any case, I very much look forward to the rest of the story! Please keep up the good work! I'm thrilled to find that this fandom has current stories being written!
Dapet chapter 37 . 4/12
Looking forward to the rest of the story. Estevan is a prankster, but Diego still has enough kid in him to go along with his friend. I hope it doesn't backfire
LovelyStardust29 chapter 37 . 4/12
I was so excited to see this new chapter pop up in my e-mail earlier today, and was impatient for my work day to end so I could come home and read it without interruption!

What a lovely bit of fun to end my day! I loved this new spin on "Love Potion #9," as the original episode makes me cringe as well (and I agree in your assessment about Victoria and De Soto - just eww!). I continue to love your interplay between Diego and Victoria as a happily married couple, and am interested to see what you have in store for the troublemaker Estevan. I can enjoy a charming rogue character depending on how he's written, and will admit to a weakness for a smart ass with a good heart underneath. I'll be curious to see if Estevan fits into that designation as your chapter unfolds further, but I do find it interesting to see the side that he draws out in Diego - and I'm very interested to see what Estevan has in store for De Soto. :)

No need to be discouraged, my friend - a fun and well written chapter! Keep it coming! Eagerly awaiting your next installment. :)
arty60 chapter 37 . 4/12
Glad to see another chapter from you. Glad to see someone from Diego's past.
La Cuidadora chapter 37 . 4/12
Glad to see this story is back! Zorro and Zorrillo! Too funny. Estevan does his namesake proud. Interesting to see someone else with Diego's interest in chemistry from his university days. Having Estevan know Henry Wayne was inspired. Will be interesting to see how the alcalde's party turns out, and what other potion or experiment Estevan has planned. Looking forward to part 2.
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