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DietMJ chapter 43 . 7/16
Wow-has it really been five years?! I started a new job 5 1/2 years ago and it was extremely tough in the beginning. I always looked forward to reading your stories during my lunch break during that time. I thought you handled the story well between you and getto outlaw. It's so interesting how you improved upon the episodes and gave them more depth. The last four episodes are my absolute favorites. I can't wait to see what you do with them. I know it must be hard without your hubby so I hope things like writing is one stress relief for you.
Lady of Imladris chapter 43 . 7/15
Oh, and I become extremely uncomfortable with reading even extremely vaguely written rape, so I totally understand your discomfort with writing it.
Lady of Imladris chapter 43 . 7/15
I was so eager to get to this chapter I forgot to mention how happy I was to see these updates.

Diego, Victoria, and Alejandro all seem in character for me, given they know the truth about Zorro. Showing that Victoria, despite being focused on Diego's well-being, is very reasonably still angry is a good part that, as you said, they didn't really have time for in the show. I think it is in character that she is not as upset about someone attacking them being killed as Diego, as demonstrated in the episode "Siege".

The kidnapping seems a better idea when facing not a lone peasant man but a rich cabellero. Narcisco seems rather cleverer then in the show, but that may be a reaction to facing a cabellero, who generally would probably be harder to intimidate.

Belated happy anniversary of this fic!
Lady of Imladris chapter 42 . 7/15
Just found your latest chapters. Poor Diego! His reaction is both realistic and in-character. And Victoria's thoughts on her assault are both so realistic to what a woman in her position would have to deal with and so depressing. She's done a magnificent job handling it.

And now I'm off to the next part.
mjf2468 chapter 40 . 7/15
Victoria's speech to Diego to soothe his guilt really touched me. I really liked this, especially how, again, you woven the changes into canon seamlessly. Great job as always. I am so loving the two now know Ling the secret and being able to help out. The best part of this story, IMHO. (for example, even as a child, I always wanted Lois to know Superman's secret in order to help Clark.). Oh BTW it was me with the previous review, posting again to the Ultimate Justice chapter.
Guest chapter 41 . 7/15
I read this again and am so impressed with how you figured how to get Zorro into town. And it flowed right in canon.
mjf2468 chapter 43 . 7/15
Several items tugged at my heartstrings re: our couple: him not having to paint/sketch her from memory anymore, and that his heart was inside waiting for him. And it made sad thinking that your husband was probably writing that part from experience, but oh how proud I am and thankful for his service! It brought tears to my eyes. I am just amazed at your work here. And of course, I believe the average output for this story is one chapter in less than two months, and long chapters besides, I believe. that's amazing, for the consistency. (Mine is generally two or three months on average the longer the story goes on.) And you certainly are one of the few who has carried the goal re: seeing changes throughout a series completely through. In my Arrow fangroup, so many have tried and none ever go beyond the first season. So I applaud you heartily for that, as well as the fabulous work in general. Simply no words (even though I guess I did try, ha) how much this has meant to me, and to most of us. It has taken a long time, but it's understandable. (And who cares, right?) Not to mention the quality of this makes the writer in me jealous. (But I'm working on it). And the only flaw I saw was 'tail' for 'tale'. But oh I loved the scene of all three working on keeping the secret. Well done!
Guest chapter 43 . 7/13
I liked Diego and Alejandro's discussion. I liked how you dealt with Diego's feelings about the whole situation- it felt very real! I also really liked Alejandro's talk with Victoria. I always enjoy the interactions you write between Zorro and the other characters that know his secret when other people are around- it's an interesting dynamic! I enjoyed the much needed talk between Diego and Victoria and I like how you settled everything between them. I'm excited to see how the story will end, but I'll also be sad when it's over!
La Cuidadora chapter 43 . 7/12
Another well-crafted chapter. I enjoyed Alejandro's fatherly advice to both Diego and Victoria, and his standing up to De Soto. I liked your characterization of De Soto's actions better than the episode. No wonder he could never find Zorro since he was also oblivious to a bearded man's unshaven identity. I enjoyed his frustration at not getting any part of two rewards, and it was delightful that Alejandro pointed out that it was his own actions that led to the rewards going elsewhere.
I also enjoyed your characterization of Narcisco. Apparently in his research he didn't realize it's not a good idea to try to hide from Zorro on the de la Vega lands. And it ended with Diego and Victoria back in each other's arms. Nice ending!
KatieZfan chapter 43 . 7/12
You did your usual wonderful job on the ending, and I wish they had done the episode more in line with your version. Although, I understand that wouldn't have worked at the time, everyone being at a different place in the TV show.
Alejandro's explanation about regret and guilt, and fighting for home and family was very well put. And Alejandro's talk with Victoria was also encouraging to her. I liked the way you developed Narcisco's character and Zorro's knowlege of the cave helping get the upper hand.
As to the ending, Diego sounds like he's being a bit thick headed (although he has been sick, I grant you) about why his wife would want to put moves on him. Sigh. Hopefully he'll get better soon. Certainly sounds like Victoria had some 'good medicine' in mind. :D
Dapet chapter 43 . 7/12
You tied this episode up very well and I was glad Diego and Victoria got back to enjoying each other again
ladytornado1880 chapter 43 . 7/12
loved Zorro's reaction on Narcisco nice excuses to cover the real reason of his anger. An angry Zorro/Diego is a nice thing to read especially when it is as good written as your storys
arty60 chapter 43 . 7/12
Thanks for updating! Enjoying this from beginning to end! Diego and Victoria are recovering from their ordeal and continue to work through their feelings. I really like how they are as a married couple. Especially like Don Alejandro"s remarks and responses to the alcalde. I always look forward to these chapters and anticipate the end. In a way, I almost hate to see the story end. Thanks for lots os good readingI
Dapet chapter 42 . 7/11
Tamee, this chapter was as brutal as was needed, but then the thoughts and feelings of Diego and Victoria take over. They make you think and understand their POV and I love that. Again, I know I will read this whole story many times over and I know I will always enjoy it immensely
KatieZfan chapter 42 . 7/11
Well done on this leg of the story! I liked the change with Diego fighting Lamarca/Baquero even though the outcome was hard for him to deal with. Death is always hard for him, and that's part of what makes him the man he is. I really liked the way Victoria helped him handle the whole situation and I love seeing their growing interaction as husband and wife as they support and help each other. Kudos to you and Ghetto Outlaw for the fight scene (can I borrow him sometime? My fight scenes are non existant; I like angst even less than you do! LOL) I think you did superbly with this one! Oh, and I liked DeSoto's 'trying to act authoritatively' and trying to get the money too. The man never quits. Well done again.
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