Reviews for It was his mistake
Guest chapter 24 . 10/3
Is going to b next chapter
ebbegirl chapter 24 . 9/14
Please say that isn't it?! Is there a part 2 or continuation?
imLOLingallover chapter 24 . 9/13
This is an awesome story! I'm loving it...but u just stopped at the climax...its been more than a year since you updated...please don't tell you have abandoned the story...please update soon...thanku
Nia FG chapter 24 . 6/28
Hey I really love this story and I wanted to know if you were gonna resume it or abandon it?
Guest chapter 24 . 5/25
Please upload again i miss it
Alison Actually chapter 24 . 5/10
This is such a good story, PLEASE write some more. Pretty please with a cherry and everything. Though obviously not Jasper's cherry because Alice has that (ouch !). I really want to know what happens when Edward finds out that Bella's Jasper and Alice are his Alice and Jasper...
LisaGeorge chapter 24 . 5/11
Hi love this story just wondering if you were going to finishing it, because it is a great story.
kaday chapter 1 . 4/20
I really hope you are able to find the time to finish this story. It's really good and I want to know what is going to happen
Guest chapter 24 . 4/15
lilmstran chapter 24 . 4/8
loved it
keep going
can't wait to read more
AfricanAngel94 chapter 24 . 4/6
When's the next chapter this is great
MentallyDazzled chapter 24 . 3/21
Please update MD X
jav5683 chapter 24 . 1/26
Hi love this story just wondering if you were going to finishing it, because it is a great story,
chris1970 chapter 24 . 1/18
Hi I just just wondering if you were gonna be updating this story or finishing it, because it is a great story,
Guest chapter 16 . 12/2/2014
ok from what I have read you should said that it is jasper and bella story first then Edward come in layer but from what read the all story is all the place one minter it tell you that she has finished school then it jumper back to when she was in school so I am not happy with the story so far sorry
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