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Guest chapter 46 . 1/25/2017
The writing is chunky and hard to follow at times...but I completely love what you've done here. You just tossed this idea out there like "what if THIS happened" and written it in such a complex, realistic matter that it kind of saddens me this fic doesn't have more reviews. This is genius. I like how it isn't a fix-it fic, either (I hate those).
If I could maybe suggest something to you, how about uploading this on archiveofourown? That's where the majority of Kawoshin fics are, and you'd expose a lot more fans to your interesting work. I know for a fact that this site is full of straight people and AO3 mainly has gay pairings, so...c: Just a suggestion.
Guest chapter 38 . 7/25/2016
if shinji loves kaworu so much why didn't he give a damn when ritsuko basically told him she would have killed him if it wasn't for rei? hes not even a little angry? lmao. i still like this fic though...
Tsukino musume chapter 21 . 10/20/2015
So Kaworu doesn't have a sex drive and thinks of sex like "meh" but still enjoys cuddling and sexy touch? So he's practically Asexual and Shinji-romantic. That explains EVERYTHING!
nitorichan chapter 33 . 6/17/2015
I'm crying why am i two years late for this glorious fic. I want you to know how much i was screaming whenever kaworu and shinji talk about tentacles BECAUSE I LOVE TENTACLES OH MY GOD. And jesus you dont know how this fic made me had so many dreams about kawoshin. And i love the how go you further into explaining the relationship of kawoshin? It's so beautiful man im so balls deep into it. [also how do i know if youre seeing this and how do i know if youre replying /sad squeals/ ff dot net is such a mythical forest and i dont know how to navigate it well]. The other day i was sitting in the bathtub at 2am crying about the chap where shinji has decided that if one of them has to die it'd be kaworu. Like actual tears and snot smeared all over my face. And i want to tell you how much im loving the worldbuilding in this. Now the anime feels something is lacking bc ive experienced the involvement of the whole world, organizations that are huge factors for the building of this au. Thank you very much for this. I'm still worrying about the ending though, bc what youve said in the notes in chap1, that kaworu's development from wanting everyone to be happy to learning that people should surrender to pain and defeat, BC IF THIS ENDS WITH ONE OF THEM, KAWOSHIN, REALLY DYING. IM. GOODBYE. IM GONNA BE GONE. IM GONNA CRY SO FUCKING HARD. AND SCREAM AT TWITTER EVERYDAY HOW THIS FIC FUCKED ME UP.
But anyway i want you to know how this fic rlly makes me feel happy thank you for writing it. (Oh and either way, i'll still cry once im done reading this very beautiful fic)
nitorichan chapter 26 . 6/10/2015
Hi oh my god i think ive never told you how much ive loved babylon and your other evangelion works and this one is so so amazing like chap 1 already blew me away and ph my god the plot in this is just so beautiful. The charas might be ooc but i love you how characterized them here. Like i love how you characterize them differently in each fic. Not many writers do that and you execute it so well. And ive already cried maybe more than ten times already and im only on chap 20 (i am here bc i screenshot every page to read it at home where theres no internet and i am also commenting to beg you to please post your eva fics on ao3 so we can download them, bc uh ff dot net dont really allow us to do that and these old ones are gold ones.) the satan au is the wildest kawoshin au ive ever read oh my god lemme tell you i read that just this year january and i livetweet it everyday for a whole week and i kept seeing it in my dreams jesus christ and this book of revels is so so so sweet and i love kaworu in here and i squeal every time kawo and shinji interact like skdkdkjdjd even the tiniest fluff bit. Have a nice day!
ashangel101010 chapter 4 . 1/22/2015
This has to got be the best "what-if?" story that I have ever read.
St. Tabris chapter 26 . 10/26/2014
Yes, Shinji, you look like a girl. And we love (and sexually desire) you for it!
Just Subliminal chapter 46 . 6/27/2014
I really might cry. This story was absolutely amazing and I don't think I've ever quite enjoyed any characterizations of Shinji and Kaworu, let alone the rest of your huge cast, in another fic. I can't believe I almost bypassed this. I can't believe it has so few reviews when I feel just as emotionally attached to this fic as I did to the Harry Potter series when I first read it. Wow. This was just an absolutely amazing journey and I thank you very much for posting it here, where I could enjoy it. I wish it weren't over.
PaulBlay chapter 4 . 6/11/2014
Plot twist: Your friend is actually a vampire. (wonder if someone already did that joke)
neverlasting-legend chapter 45 . 2/27/2014
Wow, this fic invoked a lot of feelings. Like, there were times where I was freaking in awe of the love of Kawoshin but then you brought politics and philosophy and fucked me up in ways that felt so good yet made me inexplicably angry as well because I could understand it and I hated it sometimes. You made your characters so blatantly human that I couldn't help but desire to choke some of them as I read their justifications because some of their reasoning were perfectly true and then some just made me want to rage. And just, wow. I need a break from reading so I can recover from this fic. Thank you for sharing this work with the world. I enjoyed having my emotions in a turmoil for the last three days.
ktfcoyote chapter 46 . 11/10/2013
Finally read this last chapter and cried happy (sappy) tears. Seriously, they are just so... meant for each other. You write them so wonderfully.
(Sorry for disappearing for a bit there. Life is a frightening roller coaster for me sometimes.)
St. Tabris chapter 21 . 11/7/2013
It took me a while to get that Kaworu did not, in fact, have the slightest homosexual inclination toward Shinji, because when there's two guys naked in a bath and one of them tells the other "I love you," isn't the logical conclusion obvious (not to mention that the ambiguous meaning of "suki" is more-or-less lost in translation)? When I did, I put more thought into it and concluded he was either pansexual, demisexual or asexual. I've read debates over whether Kaworu and Rei, being essentially Angels in human form, possessed a sex drive. Judging from her stated desire to "unite" with Shinji, Rei may have had a conscious interest, if not the instinct.
Now, whatever one's interpretation of the bath scene, the Director's Cut suggests that Shinji was enjoying the view he got when Kaworu stood up, so the attraction's there, just not from whom we thought. That's not to say that it couldn't become mutual. Regardless as to whether or not Kaworu has the urge, I'm sure he'd have sex with Shinji if the latter wanted, and it's possible he could come to like it on its own merits and not just because it made Shinji happy, and associate that enjoyment with him.
ignis-ad-iudicem chapter 5 . 9/19/2013
Oh my goodness XD Perfect note at the end. PERFECT, my dear!
isadorator chapter 46 . 8/26/2013
I probably should have typed up a review for this fic a long time ago, but I'm perpetually a lurker by nature and nurture, so... *shrugs*

Pretty much every fic I've read from you I've loved, but this one is my absolute favourite, hands down. Your worldbuilding is phenomenal and Shinji/Kaworu's relationship is depicted in exactly the way I like the most. I almost had an aneurysm when the chapter before this one was released and the implications of this 'verse being part of the time loops was laid out. There were several times throughout this story where I had to put the computer down and go for a little walk so I can process my initial 'holy shit did that really fucking happen' reaction. Especially after the almost-brother thing, I felt like I was having a heart attack over how happy (because what an interesting concept!) and horrified (because thIS IS HOW SHINJI'S LIFE COULD SUCK EVEN WORSE OH GOD NO) I was feeling at the same time.

I'm kinda losing track what I wanted to say, uh. Though I really want to see everyone's responses to Yui being free and the time loops and Shinji's new contamination ratio making him The Prophet 2.0 (with accompanying personality changes to Shinji and Kaworu thanks to this new knowledge?), I'm also really happy where it ended. In this last chapter, you pretty much dissected why Kaworu/Shinji works when it does and why it doesn't when it doesn't and somehow made a brilliant comparison to Misato/Kaji, but Yui? Yui's appearance was utterly perfect and I loved every part of that scene. So, I guess I can say I started crying around the end, but I'm not sure if that's a reflection on me, who cries at the drop of a hat, or your writing. Basically, I really love this ending because this is something Kaworu and Shinji worked really fucking hard for and now they can finally enjoy their happy ending in a healthy relationship where neither of them have to die and I feel like crying again.

I am pretty much satisfied with this story in every way and I'm very happy experimental fic writers like you exist, where they keep throwing new stories and fascinating concepts out there on the principles of 'it would be awesome' and 'why the fuck not', while still keeping everyone's characterization. I'm motivated now to finish ToA so I can read those fics without spoiling myself and play the Devil Survivor games so I can understand what the heck is going on in 'Indistinguishable from Religion' (although I still enjoy that one a lot despite being perpetually confused by it). I guess I just wanted to say... thank you very much for writing this and all your other fics! I hope to see even more from you in the future and I'll try to review more often, since you seem to really want feedback and the low number of reviews on your fics vs the quality of them is actually quite distressing.

PS, if you ever decide 'screw it' and write that Book of Revels/Rebuild canon crossover you talked about on your tumblr, I would be all over that like white on rice, you don't even know.
Literary Eagle chapter 46 . 8/24/2013
The resolution of the guard subplot was a nice touch. Aww, and what a beautiful ending! Congratulations on finishing this great story (for now, at least). You created a really interesting 'verse here, and I'm glad you shared it with the fandom.
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