Reviews for Starlight
Laikaa chapter 14 . 3/29
Was really hoping she would realise that wasuka Klaus in Tyler's body really hope eir relationship is going to bè better on the next story . Would really like to see how she discovers its him
Laikaa chapter 13 . 3/29
Thats so sad having friends who don't know you at all and her being scared to tell em the truth cause she doesn't want em to hate her . I really think here friends don't deserve her she deserves better even the Boyfriend should try harder he also takes her for granted always
Laikaa chapter 12 . 3/29
this one was really really hard to read butta still love ur story
Laikaa chapter 11 . 3/29
Really don't understand Why she slept without Tyler if she keeps second guessing her feelings for him. She is nt feeling it then Why dò that to herself . Love klaroline moments always
Laikaa chapter 10 . 3/29
That really was great loved more the part of Caroline and Klaus agurement would really want to see what happens when they see each other again. So sorry abt Bonnie's mom
Laikaa chapter 9 . 3/29
really loved the chapter and much Wonder whats going to happen now
Laikaa chapter 8 . 3/29
these two really like to make simply things seem difficult Huh hope they grow up soon
Laikaa chapter 7 . 3/29
really intense Those two and the chemistry flying everyway loved it toooooooo much . Damon really hate him Why should Caroline dò anything ifi she doesn't even get to know the plan i hope she tells him to go to hell real soon
Laikaa chapter 6 . 3/29
Definetly enjoying ur story so much Thank you so much loved it toooooooo much can't wait for the next chapter too
Laikaa chapter 5 . 3/29
That wasuka really hot at the end of the chapter i thought he was going to steal a kiss before letting her leave . Loved it so much
Laikaa chapter 4 . 3/29
Caroline and Rebekah talking was great liked em and loved the klaroline talks can't wait for more
Laikaa chapter 3 . 3/29
That was great i really don't like Damon really hope Caroline gives him a piece of her mind hopefully they won't bè friends at all because i really think he doesn't deserve Caroline's friendship at all . And he can save Elena on his own thats his business really give here time to mourn her Daddy pliz
Laikaa chapter 2 . 3/29
That was so great I'm really loving their moments so Very much love ese guys toooooooo much can't wait to read chapter 3 .
Laikaa chapter 1 . 3/29
Thats was really great loved it
Kushka chapter 14 . 3/17
Good story
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