Reviews for Gray Skye Mourning
SilverDragon1218 chapter 19 . 15h
My heart. Those emotions were insane! Wow. Love this so so much. Thank you for sharing this! It's been an honour to read it! Have a wonderful week!
Guest chapter 19 . 8/11
This is the second time reading this and i think I loved it more than the first time I read it.
Aiyanna Clearwater chapter 12 . 7/16
Dumbledore deserved it!
hisuiryuu chapter 19 . 7/8
This story is a beautiful, emotional journey.
Charm93 chapter 19 . 7/2
I hate you for making me very so much...I adored this story. The way you wrote them was just so...ahhhhh I can't even find the words. Thank you for this.
eveemars87 chapter 19 . 4/16
No words to describe how much I loved this , we all should be that lucky to find a love so endless and beautiful...
Animago chapter 2 . 4/6
Não entendo porque indo para o passado seria a melhor ideia pra salvar o severus, já que ele teve um papel importante na guerra, então seria inevitável o destino. Seria mais inteligente ele voltar em algumas horas antes do homem morrer do veneno.
Guest chapter 19 . 4/6
I don't know why you stopped writing after the 2 one-shots in the GSM series but I will say this... I read all 3 in the last 24 hours. The pain between the 3 were pangs on my heart and the happy moments mine as well. I do hope you are ok (alive and well) and that you may someday provide more insight on these 2 lovely souls. I would love to know if they have kids. Even if I never find out, I will always be glad I read this story. I am currently 5 days away from a day I truly hate. The death of someone I loved and will never know what the future may have brought. The feelings Severus felt, the heart-wrenching moments of feeling like you can't hold on but you need to, I have felt that. But... I decided to let go, not of the love I had, but of the guilt and shame I've had since her death. When Severus let go of Gray, that hit me. Your story may have given me hope that this depression will go away someday. I just have to hang on a little longer and see what the future brings... but I know now it will be worth it. If you ever come on here again... I want to give you a heartfelt thank you for writing this story. Thank you... so much.
-A shining Sapphire Skye to your Gray Skye Mourning
Cfdyubfdjibf chapter 19 . 3/23
Good job! This is a wonderful story. I loved it very much.
Velzinha chapter 19 . 3/15
Loved your writing style, the plot, the characters. The way you managed to give canon scenes a new meaning. And their journey so beautiful and heartbreaking, but full of hope and love. This is the best Snarry fic I have read, will be revisited often. Thank you!
TheLittleVixen chapter 19 . 3/10
I shall give this fic 7/10. A nice spin on the normal time travel but Harry’s actions and the amount af angst was a bit much. I did enjoy the end though
TheLittleVixen chapter 11 . 3/10
I really really want to see what happens at the end of this fic but I’m not liking Harry at all. He’s amazing with Severus (duh it’s a Snarry fic) but anyone else he’s so dumb! Instead of attacking or distracting Avery I know! I’ll jump in front of the curse! I’ll make it obvious that I love Lily, the mum I’ve never met, so everyone sees...I’m getting too invested in fanfiction
TheLittleVixen chapter 7 . 3/10
I’m going to give this fic the benefit of the doubt and read to the end but why is Harry so stupid? I really can’t understand it. I know he’s under pressure but not as much as he’s been going against Voldemort! I hope he gets better in later chapters.
Enjoyfanfiction chapter 19 . 2/23
Fantastic. Truly and beautiful love story.
lkdaswani chapter 19 . 2/23
Reading this was pure unbridled joy for me. Thank you so so much for writing and sharing this- you absolute GOD. I loved the ending and the several canon connections made throughout. Loved how the patronuses were complementary and not replicate, loved the pure love Severus held for Gray.
I even loved the suffering and the wait, and the eventual conclusion.

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