Reviews for Gray Skye Mourning
Tinibri chapter 19 . 6/22
By far my favorite Harry Potter and Severus Snape pairing story! Just wanted to let you know.
Taliante chapter 19 . 6/22
Oh My God. You have made a magnificent story that will stay with me for a very long time. While this is my second time reading it and i still know what happens next as i read through it a second time, your ability at capturing the soul of the story and keeping readers in suspense is awe inspiring. i know this is about a year and a half since completion and you might not ever read this review but i love this story. keep this talent of yours. its a rare and wonderful ability. Good Luck In Life
Stormglass chapter 19 . 6/8
Oh my gosh this story was absolutely amazing! I was hooked the whole time and cram read it in one go lol I need coffee lol but anyway it's amazing! Thank you for writing this!
Blubule chapter 19 . 6/6
Thanks you for this amazing story, it's sooo beautiful. I am crying so hard now that I read the end, awww so perfect.
SlitheringRoots chapter 1 . 5/31
So this is the second time I will be reading this story. It's probably my favorite hp\ss so far. I couldn't wait till I found out how it ended and the way it ended was perfect. Rereading this first chapter I'm finding so many clues from through out the story and I must say you did a wonderful job on that. Thank you for making such a touching story. May I sujest a look in the future?
Sister of Mayhem chapter 19 . 5/12
There's this dish my mother used to make, that's called 'slowly cooked mixed pepper and olive lamb'. It goes into the oven for 6 whole hours, but when it comes out... Heaven, there's no other word for it.

This story is exactly like that dish. Slow food for the brain :-). I love it when a writer takes her time in a story.

It's a very sentimental story, but it never crossed the line of becoming overly sacharine. Thank you for that.

One thing I did wonder about is: how is it that Severus never figured out that Harry was Gray Skye? He had 20 years to think about it and most importantly, was left with major clues: the way Graye looked at James and Lily and of course 'Don't blame the foal'... were a dead giveaway. And didn't Graye explain how he and Severus knew each other in the future, but didn't get along? And still, he didn't recognize Harry until it was almost too late... I was so anxious it was almost frustrating :-). You know how to play your audience, that's for sure :-).

Great great story!

Sister of Mayhem
Dreams-Twilight chapter 19 . 5/10
amazing !
If you agree I would like to translate your story in french. The french readers have to discover your amazing story ! So, if you want, answer me please. If you have questions, dont' hesitate.
Talk you soon.
Valenti1965 chapter 19 . 4/5
I've been reading this wonderful story over past few days, it was a joy! I love time travel stories and this was just amazing!

Never before have I read of such love between these two men. It was a joy to read indeed.

Thank you so much and I can't wait to read your one shots following this story. Xxx
Ledybug chapter 19 . 3/18
You are a amazing writer! This story had a plot, depth, and imagination. Most surprising of all, decent spelling and grammar. I don't normally say this but you have the talent and diligence to be published. If you haven't done so already, please write something original and see about getting published. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, message me. Either way, great work and keep writing!
Hush Hush16 chapter 11 . 3/5
Cool story
Cheezewizz chapter 19 . 2/27
Loved the fic, but I have some critique.
Harry cries too much. No really, his eyes must be permanently puffy by now.
The dreams about Dumbledore and the feather were unnecessary. You already put the earworm of 'I wonder if snape ends up with fawks' which was perfect. The dreams removed all doubt and made that aspect boring.
There was too much explanation about Love conquering all. It's a concept we are familiar with from canon and you already over-described all the feels. Explaining what happened after you'd already demonstrated through their actions was over-over-kill.
Snape was OOC big time. I know you are capable of writing a verbose character because Dumbledore was characterized exactly right. Snape is snarky and wordy and I know you could have made that happen and still allowed the sincerity of his emotions to shine through.
This entire fic was an emotional roller coaster and I was a bit desensitized by the end. I think it needed more equilibrium. It needed more situations where no particularly strong emotion was going on so no description of emotional states was needed. Or, barring that, a little bit more humor?

BUT I really did love it. I'm going to go read all your other stuff. In this fic, I loved that Harry actually ran into his own influences BEFORE he went back in time. And I always love a time travel fic where there is a happy reunion at the end. You were able to explain away oddly unimportant (and then suddenly very important!) loose ends from the canon which I think is icing on the cake. Tying your fic into canon and making it believable WITH the original story line is majorly awesome of you. I haven't put my laptop down except to sleep for 5 hours last night and I have some very important stuff to do (!) so kudos. Your writing style is very enjoyable and the quality is definitely up there.

SO thanks for writing!
AMentallyUnstable chapter 4 . 2/22
Dear god... I know they are "destined" to be together and all that sticky sappiness. But, honestly, this is like Twilight with all their "passionate" staring into each other's eyes every second of their interactions. Think of this realistically: if you were Snape, and a boy you do not know knew your name, followed(which can be interpreted as stalking) you, and you woke up to find him looming over you in your bed, holding your hand AND kissing you, what would you think? What would the actual SNAPE think? A boy who was abused, bullied, and betrayed? In a time of WAR? Even Harry's behavior is odd, to say the least. He is also a boy who has been through so much, and suddenly loving a person he knew as a man much older than him, that belittled him, is just.. Don's say it was because of "fate" or "destiny," these situations take time and very delicate handling.

Sigh.. I am not hating, to anyone who believes I am, I am simply pointing out the way their relationship is moving much too fast, in a very unbelievable way. This is criticism, from a reader who sees potential in this plot. Thank you.
Albell1990 chapter 19 . 2/22
I cried so fucking hard. Beautiful. Completely beautiful.
abe1234 chapter 1 . 2/14
First of all I must admit, that I am horrible at getting around to review the books I read - since I simply read to many. But I just had to review your story, simply because I need to tell you how utterly amazing it is! *takes a deep breath* so where to start? Well first of all, I am not sure how I found your profile and stories. I have been following Forsaken Scion, and after the last update, I got curious to what else you have written. And I probably found your stories through Yen Girls profile.
And, oh boy, am I happy about that. I am usually extremely picky about, what I "really" like. I make it through a lot of stories and give up on a lot as well, simply because, it is not challenging enough, or boring, or what ever makes me dislike a story. And then you come along with just an lovely story and swipe my feet away, and keep me up at night, to finish the story...
So, that is why I own you a big thanks, for providing such an amazing and interesting tale *smiles*
So to some concrete praise: Your writing - I am thrilled to discover your talent! You have an amazing balance, between finding exactly which details the reader will find interesting and leaving out, the thing we need to figure out ourselves. And your words and sentences, is like honey in tea - sweet and delicious :)
The characters - they are just so spot on. I love the way that you manage to make them all human beings, with all their flaws and mistakes, but also bring out the good deeds and the chance to do better.
The time traveller - This is the second time travel fic I have read, which involved love. The first one, Before the moon rises by Penelope, was amazing, but you really showed me, what a proper time travel story can be like. I love the way you balance the stories from the future and the paste, and you have an amazing talent on showing exactly what Harry has to do, because it has already been done. Even though it brings pain and suffering, you manage to twist it beautiful, into a believable story. JKR did leave a lot of untold stories behind, and I think you really nailed it, with a very probable cause, for things to turn out the way it did.
Snarry - Even though it is one of my favorite pairings, it is difficult to get around, all the injustice that happens between Harry and Severus, in the HP books. And it is difficult to write all that hurt out and make it into a believable plot. And that is why I think that this is definitely one of the best Snarry stories I have read (well, admittingly beaten by Darcys/Yen Girls - the marriage stone, but that one is just damn hard to beat).
I must also thank you are writing a snarry without the notorious bad communication, what always seem to be between specially these two characters, in the fanfic world. There is a lot of nice stories out there, but I can become so tired, when I have to fight long chapters, where everything is finally alright again, when they finally talk together. You make them true to their emotions, and also daring, which I really like. When Severus, realize that it is Harry, that is his true love, he embraces it, instead of fighting - which also is the only acceptable solution, with your plot - but I see so many stories, destroyed, with the "guys don't know how to communicate" agenda and it is refreshing, to see your version :D
The only thing in your story, that left me without an answer in the end, was the vial with the bird feather. I was actually convinced that it would be a key, to saving Severus in the end. But I was also not sure, when Harry would be returning back, and him returning back a month after he left, didn't fit with the vial being of any vital use, than pointing Harry in the right direction. And it almost hurt my head, thinking of the implication, of never knowing, when and by who it was made... Clever writing!
Enough of my rambling - basically I just wanted you do know, just how much I am in awe of such an imaginative mind and writing skills and I fell truly honored to discover your amazing talent! I hope that the pleasure and joy it gives me reading your story, is match by your pleasure and joy of writing it - and I am looking forward to follow your work in the future.
Regards, Anne
Yankeegomera chapter 19 . 2/11
Time travel is not my favorite, but this one is...special. Thanks for your work.
Ill put it into my community and favorites.
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