Reviews for Seeing in Color
wolfeclipse25 chapter 1 . 4/12/2013
Heh, I know a girl named Karen Cavanagh.
J the Drafter chapter 1 . 3/13/2013
I'm going to put my criticisms down first. I didn't like your interpretation of Aftran. To me, Aftran's central dilemna was whether experiencing the world through the senses and power of a host justified causing another sentient creature pain. In this story, I felt that for the most that that idea got buried under ruminations about hrala and about how yeerks and humans/the Animorphs were enemies. I can understand wanting to be original in showing Aftran's p.o.v., but I thought that for something that's so central to Aftran's character in the books, you didn't give the whole "being a slug sucks" angle the thrift it deserved.
Aftran going to the Chee was a very clever idea, though a) I can't imagine how Aftran is going to explain her transfer of hosts to her superiors and b) I don't know why the yeerks would rest easy with anyone-even a little kid-running around freely and knowing about their invasion. Finally, I thought that Afran's decision to found the Peace Movement was a pretty important part of her character. It showed her growth from someone resigned to what she was doing to Karen and what the Yeerk Empire was doing to the galaxy to someone who was striving for a world where yeerks could have senses, power and mobility without causing death and suffering. Losing her status as founder of the Peace Movement does diminish Aftran as a character a bit.
I thought Cassie and Rachel were done well, however. Cassie's reflections on quitting the Animorphs and Rachel's reaction to Cassie's resignation from the team were nicely written. Cassie's statement that she was rejoining the Animorphs felt abrupt, but Cassie going and getting the bull moose was touching.
I've enjoyed your writing throughout this series, so please don't let my criticisms here get you down. I'm still very interested in reading what you've written next.
Nate The Ape chapter 1 . 2/23/2013
Amazing. #19 has always been one of my top five favorite books in the series, and for good reason. It was powerful, thought-provoking, saddening, and simply astonishing. Make no mistake, its a high bar to reach.
Somehow though, you managed to not just equal, but surpass it here in this crossover fic. Well done.
Wow, I had NO idea that there's actually no such thing as a 100% white surface!
" If I stayed in the war, it would swallow me whole and spit out a soldier who looked like me." " Nor could I let myself think of the day one of them didn't come to school, and didn't come again the day after, and after, until one of the others finally told me why." "I stared into the dimness and wondered what it would be like when I finally snapped, because I wasn't sure I'd be able to tell the difference."
Those are all incredibly unsettling lines. You really capture Cassie's deep sense of distress at knowing the humane, better angels of her nature are being subsumed, her fear for her sanity, and the depth of her guilt at turning her back on her friends/the cause wonderfully here. Quincy is so right when he says dropping out is really about them, not the others.
YES, Loren makes an appearance again! Props to her for noticing the damaged relationship between Cassie and Rachel.
"But I think she needs to be scary, to be that good at what she does, and I – I don't want to be scary." A lot was said with that line there.
" I stared at Quincy as he hopped in complex patterns on the floor and wished I could just empty out my brain." That is one of the things I always felt very bad about for the Animorphs, especially the four main ones, that they could never just let things out. It was very insightful of Loren to suggest that maybe Rachel's resentful that Cassie has the luxury of a choice in her attitudes.
"You're young, Cassie. Who you are can still change. And you can decide whether you and Rachel change together, or into strangers." Another profound line.
Aww, ring-tailed lemurs. :) At Bohn's Ark, (the place that had the pygmy hippo) one of the first enclosures you encountered was one containing ring-tailed and brown lemurs, and I have fond memories of watching them play and tossing them dry corn. So they've got a very special place in my heart. Nice to see that bonding time with Dad.
And now we meet Karen, host to Aftran. Really fascinating, seeing their daemons in the mix like that. Cavanagh's name is a cool one.
"End it quickly. The more you get to know her, the harder it'll be." Once more, good, if harsh, point by Quincy. Interesting twist to have a cougar, not a leopard on the loose, try to kill Karen. Probably more realistic too.
"We would starve her into madness, then death, and I would have to watch." :(
You know, it's always interesting to consider which, by human standards, is a more "moral" method of exploiting another organism, killing and consuming it outright as a predator, or causing it a degree of suffering but keeping it alive as a parasite.
It was interesting and compelling to read about the events from Rachel's perspective, the reaction to the news that she's missing, the mounting, barely controlled panic as they all come together and search.
«I want you to take a moment to count the number of times you'd be dead if it weren't for Cassie. You tell him Rachel.
"I would know that awful plaid anywhere." Classic Rachel, and a needed moment of humor.
"The more I read about animals,» I added, «the more I realize that predators aren't as badass as everyone thinks they are." Umm...While that's largely true, and her point is very well taken, I can still think of at least a few predators that don't hesitate to give it their all when attacking prey, no matter how much abuse they take. Wolves are one-it is entirely possible for a lone male to kill a 500-600 pound bull moose all on his own, or a yearling bison, even though he WILL take the mother of all poundings. Birds of prey too, will gladly sacrifice a lot to make a kill, hanging on while being bashed and dragged through bushes and sticks and water. The same goes for large crocodiles and constrictors like pythons-I've heard reports of captive pythons which grabbed their "owners" being repeatedly stabbed deep enough to pierce the body cavity, shot multiple times, stomped and beaten savagely-and they still wouldn't release!
"It's prey animals that will face down any threat, no matter how dangerous. They're fighting for their lives." Quite true. I can tell you from experience that even a cute, fluffy rabbit can bite like a demon.
That whole talk between her and Jake about Cassie losing herself was intense stuff.
You know, whether in canon or in fanfics, there are just not enough moments from the perspective of a Yeerk, IMO, so I'm glad you decided to tackle a section from Aftran's POV here. And now I see why you had Cassie, not Rachel, morph Jara, so Aftran can see the Dust for herself! Splendidly done!
All I can really say about that section is that it caused me to feel some serious emotions there. While Aftran has what can best be described as a cool attitude towards Cassie and her kind, she's also passionate and willing to listen. Wait, if Yeerks naturally move through the ear canals of their hosts, then why would it be such a problem for them to leave the head of a freshly killed one? I can understand the Yeerks destroying a host crippled post-battle though.
«Sick of hurting people,» I said, lingering over each emotion: weariness, desperation, empathy for me. «Does that mean I'm a person?» Right in the fricking feels.
So, the Yeerk Empire is like Efrafa in Watership Down, huh?
WOW! Aftran's idea to use one of the Chee as a volun. host was both humane and brilliant! Personally, I think the Animorphs didn't make use of those droids nearly as much as they could have in the series.
I can just see all the rest of the group having a collective WTF moment when Aftran slipped into the bowl. "I made a choice. A stupid choice. A leap of faith, I guess." Cassie shrugged. "I got lucky." Oh, damn right you did girl. I'd be so pissed.
Oh my Gosh, Delia's last name is the same as my girlfriend's! How cool is that!
Reading about her preparing a living space for and then "linking up" with Aftran was every bit as fascinating and hypnotizing as some published science fiction that I've read before, the scene was that well written.
Finally, the last part, where Rachel and Cassie do a bit of grudging fence mending at the Gardens, was well done. A moose would be a kick ass battle morph!
"I don't know what's right any better than you do. Every time I think I know, the universe proves me wrong. All any of us can do is try our best. I'm sorry." Very wise and mature of Cassie to realize and acknowledge that.
Those last few sentences, where Cassie makes an effort to try to drink in the experience of sight and color, like she's seeing it for the first time...major feels there. I actually played both themes for the BBC's Planet Earth series while going back over this part in fact, which made it even more powerful.
Nicely done.
alexoiknine chapter 1 . 10/26/2012
I like getting the story more from the other Animorphs' points of view, Rachel and Jake in particular. I think it makes sense Jake can keep calm in that situation, because Jake knows Rachel loves Cassie too.