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tuila chapter 19 . 7/10/2013
As always, I’m thrilled to read another chapter in this fic.

I think it bears repeating, how much I love Sean in this ‘verse. He’s just so insightful, and I think Erik really needed to talk it out a bit with someone besides Raven, especially as he’s hoping to stay and work with these people again.

I think it’s definitely spot on that Erik and Charles would continue to just argue at each other and necessitate the rest of the adults going behind their backs (so to speak) and solving it all for them, because, yeah, those are two stubborn men, there.

And I like the way things were decided, too. I think in a lot of the fix its I’ve read, the Brotherhood ends up disbanded, and everyone ends up at the mansion and they all live happily ever after, and while I love any happy ending for these characters, I’m not sure that way would really work out in the long run. And I think that the First Class was right about the importance of the Brotherhood- with the Brotherhood providing a diversion from what’s going on at the school (and as a good alternative for people with no desire to be around kids, or who really feel a need to be out there fighting). I was surprised by Raven deciding to leave, because I thought she’d stick around wherever Erik was, but I love that decision, because I’ve always thought Raven needed to become a leader and decide her life for herself. I think this alone time away from both Erik and Charles will be good for her.

But oh, evil cliffhanger of doom! Who else is leaving? While I love how this transition isn’t easy and Charles and Erik are both having to make sacrifices, which feels really real, this has the potential to hurt so much. Now I’m dying for the next chapter. XD
Missy the Least chapter 19 . 7/10/2013
Alex is going; he has to.

He's been carrying a torch for too long, and now that Erik is back to stay, there's no hope for him to be more than Charles' friend.

If Erik had never left, that would be one thing; Alex's love and loyalty would have allowed him to love Erik as a father, and Charles as a mother.

But not after standing around holding Charles up for 8 years with Erik being a doofus. Nope, it's too much for anyone to take, so Alex needs to leave and try to find his own happiness.

Raven has made a real sacrifice and the absolutely right choice...and maybe now Emma can come in from out of the cold and not hurt so badly herself.

This story is one of the best in the fandom, so please please keep the chapters coming.

xXxKelly82xXx chapter 19 . 7/8/2013
So Erik is staying... :)
Ellieandra chapter 19 . 7/8/2013
meaka maxwell chapter 19 . 7/7/2013
eric and charles just need to get back together you can so tell they both want to and they would be the cutest family with max
Narutoske chapter 19 . 7/7/2013
Great chapter.

I like how the teams came up with ideas on hire to combine the X men and Brotherhood together.

Let's just hope it actually works as plan.

Update soon.
Narutoske chapter 18 . 6/26/2013
Great chapter.

This had got to be the best birthday Charles ever had and is good to see him happy with his son and ex lover.

Update soon.
NeltuNeliel chapter 18 . 6/20/2013
Thanks for updating! I went ahead and read from the beginning before reading the last chapter. I'm in love with this story all over again. Can't wait for more!
tuila chapter 18 . 6/19/2013
I'm so happy to get a new chapter here- I know you hadn't forgotten this world by any means, but *this* fic... *hearts in eyes* Glad you finally bested that mean old writer's block.

I like the way you juxtapose the past and the present in this chapter (and the other times its cropped up thus far). I think it's a nice way to fill in the blanks and give us a sense of your history for these characters without removing us too far from the action. Everyone seems like such a family in the flashback, which is a nice bittersweet moment when you stop and think how these people ended up just a month later. Also loved the detail of Charles and Raven as children being free with their mutations around each other.

I also really enjoyed Erik and Raven's talk, their observations about Charles' life. It's good to see that Charles has made a life for himself, that even though Erik and Raven left him, he has so much love around him, and he hasn't been beaten down. And I think it's realistic for Erik and Raven to wonder how they fit in- a question to possibly be answered next chapter?

Oh, Charles. It's interesting for him to be the one against sharing his telepathy with Erik rather than the other way around, but it makes a lot of sense. I can completely see where he's coming from, though I hope he finds himself able to try, since I think it would be a good thing for Erik to be able to catch up, as much as he can, on what he's missed over the years. Erik's inner dialogue breaks my heart a little- like that last line. Even though I disagree so much with a lot of his choices, the boy deserves some happiness, and he's just so down on himself. And Charles, you aren't nearly as detached as you might want Erik to think- I saw that "darling" you snuck in there!

Hope writing continues going smoothly, and as always, I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.
sjl chapter 18 . 6/17/2013
We've missed you! So glad you're back, I was afraid you'd decided to call it quits and I really like this story. Keep it up!
I-Promised-You-A-Rose-Garden chapter 18 . 6/16/2013
Holy moley have I missed this story! Yay! Another great chapter:-) Though, as always, I feel for Erik. You do a great job of exploring everyone's thoughts and emotions so well! Can't wait for more now:-)
ZachQuintoLover2011 chapter 17 . 4/10/2013
I hope Charles and Erik stay together and Logan gets 2gether with Scott.
littleonegi chapter 17 . 3/21/2013
Loved it.

Just read the whole thing. I was thought Max was going to say to his Daddy. Is he and Logan are getting married because only people on love have sex. After all, Max doesn't know that you can have sex without love.

and it Max job to find someone for his Vati because Daddy has Logan now.
shadowX101 chapter 17 . 2/14/2013
This is amazing! and i so cant wait for the next chapter!
Jeanne chapter 17 . 2/9/2013
Brill! I love it and cannot wait for the next chapter!
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