Reviews for Hackamore 13 : California
Guest chapter 10 . 9/20/2016
We leave Charles, regrettably, safely back in New York. Hopefully, he will make another appearance in a future story. Maybe, even get reacquainted, in a Hackamore, story, down the line.
His POV has been invaluable for an outsider's look at the Lancer quagmire.
A line given by Katharine Hepburn, when she was portraying Eleanor of Aquitaine, in the movie, " The Lion In Winter", keeps coming to mind:
" Well, what family does't have its up and downs?".

In The Author's Notes:
We are invited to "stay tuned". The stage, for open hostilities, is now set for: "Chase A Wild Horse".
And stay tuned, we shall.

Special note for Starry Diadem:
Have really enjoyed your Hackamore Series ( thus far).
Thank you for taking the time and using your talents to create this original gift for Lancer Fan Fiction.
September 20, 2016.
Guest chapter 9 . 9/20/2016
Poor kindly, Padre Gervasio had no way of knowing the Hell that his messages would unleash.
It is also positively uncanny how well Johnny's backstory bridges the gap between the televised episodes of "Blood Rock" and "Chase A Wild Horse".
Even with the arrival of the messenger, Johnny's " consideration for others was exemplary". All, others, but not Murdoch. The ill - timed revealing of Johnny's past, precipitated an angry exchange between father and son. Johnny spared Murdoch, nothing. His attack was raw, griddy, edgy, an unforgiving. Worst of all, there could be no doubt, to the shocked onlookers. This exchange between Murdoch and Johnny was just the tip of the iceberg.
For that future story, and that future encounter, " Divine intervention" would be necessary for damage control.
Also hope, in that future story, Cipriano's brilliant farm rescue plan would be implemented.
Charles got it right with: "Families were complicated things at the best".
September 20, 2016.
Guest chapter 8 . 9/19/2016
The arrival of the young stranger proved to be as popular as a skunk crashing the fiesta. One felt rather sorry for the young man, all he was trying to do was deliver a message.
In the middle of things, Charles finally puts the pieces together about Johnny being both, Lancer and Madrid.
One almost feels for Charles too. The newspaper man on the scent of a story. But he is also a guest, wrong place, wrong time.
What an injustice! Kindly Padre Geruasio being mistaken for "the preacher", gunfighter, Sexton Joe.
If anyone at the fiesta was truly listening, they could have learned a lot about the real Johnny Madrid with this: "Johnny is known to be sympathetic to the poor who are oppressed by the haciendedos".
Resourceful Charles, just can't seem to control himself.
Tisk ...tisk.
September 19, 2016
Guest chapter 7 . 9/18/2016
Charles waxing eloquent on the rugged, rustic, idyllic surroundings, decorations, and activities, brought a smile. Scott's additional interjections about the pastoral festivities vs similarities in classical art was very tongue in cheek.
Amazing how many turn of phrases, that the boys can reinvent, for Murdoch's "grey hair", originating from his "more that anything God ever created" speech. Even more so, just how often the various lines are used in a comical context. All the while, the hidden meaning is dripping with cynicism and venom. Leaving Charles to wonder, "Just what was behind the Lancer brothers' fascination with grass?".

Scott, technically, a Catholic, and a original Mexican citizen. Later, becoming American. The " Scottish Mexican at Lancer". While Johnny is half Scottish and half Mexican. But Johnny is the only " natural - born American in the family". Now there is some interesting family history and family genealogy.
September 18, 2016.
Guest chapter 6 . 9/17/2016
Scott being an also-ran was suspicious from the start. Especially with his knowledge of horses and having been a cavalry officer. More greenhorn testing. Thought he was passed all that.
Meanwhile, Johnny's turn to have a go at Murdoch. Bit of a sticky wicket.
Scott's handing of the horse race ruse was commendable. ( Thought Johnny's commentary regarding Scott's temper, really funny. Especially his painful remembering: " He can throw a good punch, can Boston").
"The proprieties of being a guest", still prevents Charles from understanding these brothers. It is to his credit, he keeps trying.
Loved Johnny's last line answere and solution.
September 17, 2016.
Guest chapter 5 . 9/16/2016
Despite all the jovial humor, the "gnowing on old bones", tension still infiltrated the house. Charles reverted to "inconsequential conversation" to obtain more secrets.
Along the way learning about the Charreada. Even got Johnny to converse on the Mexican influence still in California.
Wonderful banner between the brothers. Especially loved: "Charles detected a most unholy likeness. Oh yes, (the brothers) they were definitely related".
Colorful descriptions of the gathering, the upcoming activities, and the horse race.
September 16, 2016.

Special note:
In this story, Johnny wins the horse race.
Was so sorry to learn today, that James Stacy's earthly race is over. My heart is on the ground over his passing.
Thank you for giving us, Johnny Madrid Lancer. You were and are loved.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/15/2016
With a later rendezvous in Green River, Scott's " faint resemblance to his former self", is humorous noted by Charles. Scott is different and has a new desire to build "something worthwhile". The writer in Charles couldn't help asking: "This is what's keeping you from returning to Boston?". To find the answer to that question, Charles wrangles an invitation to be a guest at Lancer.
( clever hit at Richard Dana)
To be a good guest, during the Lancer family adjustments, would be dodgy, at best. With Charles's observational skills, it is not long before he notices that the father son relationship between Murdoch and Scott was " ambivalent and contradictory". Scott even showing moments of acidy and bitterness towards Murdoch. There was indeed a back story hidden in the Lancer hacienda.
There was even more to this mysterious story, when Scott unabashedly introduced his, "unexpected relative".
Scott had no trouble acknowledging his new found brother, Johnny. His delight was obvious and the real deal. Quite the opposite display to his filial relationship with the man, Murdoch.
September 15, 2016.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/14/2016
Upon arriving at the posh Occidental Hotel in San Francisco, Charles did see Scott's "polished social manners falter".
Scott was struck silent over the news that Murdoch, when he visited San Francisco, was a frequent guest at the hotel. And he had been doing so, going on ten years. When Scott finally spoke, his assessment of the situation was: " so not lack of money". That statement along with Scott's momentary lapse of deportment, was extremely telling. Charles, on the other hand, was not sure of the ramifications of what he had just witnessed. Only that, The disclosure had taken Scott by surprise. The fact that Scott was so surprised, is the intriguing part.
Can it be that Charles, unknowingly, has seen a tear in Scott's childhood security blanket. A blanket woven with the misinformation that Murdoch was poor, and that is why Murdoch didn't claim him. (The threads from such tapestry, either from Scott's own childhood imagines or implanted by his grandfather, have been shredded). The childhood security blanket that once provided warmth against the realities of an absentee Father, has been reduced to cold comfort. ( even the assumption that Murdoch 's means were recently acquired, hence the money to send for him, now, are false).
What was Scott true meaning by saying: "so not lack of money". Only Scott can answer that one. Still, it opens the door to some fascinating speculations.
Scott's actions have shown one answer to be true, his real reason for his trip West.
September 14, 2016.
Guest chapter 2 . 9/13/2016
In Hackamre 3, "Fancy Dan", one views the train trip, more through Scott's eyes. In Hackamore 13, "California", c2 : it is really enlightening to view said trip, through Charles' eyes. One also gets valuable insight into the enigma that is Scott Lancer, courtesy of Charles' POV.
Being the writer and observer, that he is, Charles has already brilliantly profiled, Scott, the public man. It is the private man hiding behind the gentlemanly manners; refined social graces; and intellectual conversation, that
Charles wants to crack.
Only once, when Scott says: " and what may have been lost upon the way", does Charles get a glimpse of the real Scott.
But it will be Charles, that will intuitively give Scott the advise of his life: "Don 't cling to the past at the expense of the present, and certainly not by sacrificing the future".
Sometimes, traveling with a stranger can produce confidences not normally shared with another. Charles is very good at plying his trade. One hopes that he will bring into the light, more of Scott's shadowy side.
September 13, 2016.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/12/2016
Not long ago, "Hell on Wheels", finished its series run on AMC. I make mention of this, as said series focused on the trials and tribulations in the building of the new Transcontinental Railway. Here in Hackamore 13, people are actually USING that new Railway. Thought that one series would complement the other. Both would bring about a greater appreciation, for the technological and cultural phenomenon, that was the new Transcontinental Railway.

Know that we are in for a treat, when we are reacquainted with journalist, Charles Nordhoff. We made his acquaintance, in Hackamore 3," Fancy Dan". Seems that Charles has been given the envious assignment to explore California. He is to laud the new travel means to get there, the Trancontinental Railway. "
"The Railroad awaited him with all its romance and potential and glory".
Also, on his way West, was a man from Boston, Scott Lancer.
September 12, 2016.
abby2001 chapter 1 . 6/3/2015
I just discovered this website 2 weeks ago and love the stores. I especially like this series telling the Lancer story from someone else's eyes. You bring out observations from the people that know them. I would love to see a story in the Hackamore series based on Sam's observation of Johnny. He's the one behind closed doors with Johnny when he's hurt and I'm sure has seen and heard things no one else has.
Madances chapter 10 . 2/4/2014
Thank you so much for completing this story and I am waiting eagerly for the next one. Thank you again. Tracy
solista chapter 10 . 2/1/2014
The narration was near perfect... I could see the
strain between Murdoch and Johnny and the frustration
of Scott.
solista chapter 7 . 2/1/2014
And so it begins...
solista chapter 6 . 2/1/2014
"I'd just shoot 'em" all Johnny
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