Reviews for Oh, Nico
Smart Girl chapter 65 . 8/22
I can't believe you actually got anything half-decent out of that prompt. Bravo.
Bookworm567 chapter 65 . 8/15
I don't mean to be rude and I still like this a lot but I like the chapters with out the pets more. Also can you do a chapter with the hunters?
Koolaidlunaticlover chapter 65 . 8/14
Koolaidlunaticlover chapter 59 . 8/13
SOLANGELO! Also I love when you make a chapter with you in it, I hope that you do more of that in future updates! Also can you do a chapter with camp Jupiter / the Romans in it? Maybe something with Dakota throwing a party and then they all go crazy from extra-sugary Kool aid? And they say oh Nico or something when he comes back to chb acting all hyped up because of the sugar but then just crashes? omgs I'm just making this up as I go I started because I want to see a chapter with Dakota in it but now I'm in love with the idea! Btw ur writing is amaze
Koolaidlunaticlover chapter 56 . 8/13
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 1 . 8/13
I just realized, you have a lot of fanfics. I want a Stoll fic! well, a Tratie fic! XD How could you make me choose between Tratie and Percabeth on your poll? I mean, I choose Tratie, but i didn't see Percabeth until it popped up as the top anwser.
The Ancient Phoenix chapter 64 . 8/13
XD That's Awesome. If you need story ideas, I suggest you show Percy how Nico feels about one of the MArvel Kingdoms. Avengers, X-Men, or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I would LOVE to see that. It would be awesome.

Or maybe you could have Nico stumble into the Poseidon cabin soaking wet or covered in seaweed and soaking wet and just be like Uncle Hates Me.
twilight4ever chapter 65 . 8/13
Oh, Nico.
The 379th Hero chapter 65 . 8/12
Percy: I hope I was dreaming...
wisdomgirl0924 chapter 65 . 8/12
Of course Nico said that! XD Great chapter :)
baby Cyclopes chapter 65 . 8/12
Lol :)
amycahill57 chapter 65 . 8/12
I want to see the penguins dancing to a Shakira song.
Julescapoles chapter 65 . 8/12
I love this series and how adorable it is
marcia.villa.779 chapter 65 . 8/12
I was really sad right now and i just check if someone had upload something and you did i was so happy i miss this fic so much and it always makes me feel better thank you i had never review before but i just need to say thank you this help a lot again thank you i hope you upload soon!
the funky she-wolf 33415 chapter 64 . 8/11
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