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Eva Galana chapter 11 . 3/16
I am rather ashamed of myself - I had read this, oh, about three, four MONTHS ago, and am now only getting around to reviewing? And worse, all that comes to mind is I love the direction you are going in not only regarding Aveline's quest but with the slow, molasses uphill in winter progress for Varric and Misery (or is that V and Miz?). *cheeky grin* I'm also quite happy to see how well Misery is accepting of Merrill; she's such a sweet, naïve, on occasion really annoying character it's rather hard to dislike her (and thus want Hawke to ever dislike her).

As always, well written, really bringing you into it. I love Leandra working on Aveline (she really is a mother - take that any way you want).

See? All those words, and I really picked out the relationships that are building. Pretty cool, huh? *cheeky grin* Okay, feeling a little giddy myself (and not 'cause I'm coming off an illness)...plan on a weekend of writing myself.
Teanni chapter 11 . 3/2
It occurs to me that I have never reviewed. That's something I should definitely remedy when we're talking about a story that has captured my attention for approximately 4? years. Just this morning I went back and re-read all previous chapters to have an idea what the latest instalment was about. I love your no nonsense approach to the Hawke/Varric relationship, as well as Merrill's characterization. The character's voices are spot on. It's been a true pleasure reading and re-reading this. I know how real life gets in the way and how writers are not automatons, but I'd really love for you to update this more frequently, so I won't have re-read those admittedly very well written and over all rather brilliant chapters. But that's just a thought... Pretend I didn't say anything.
SparkCrystal chapter 11 . 12/8/2014
Read the series over this past week and gotta say that i am loving it. From the portrayal of the characters to the pacing, it's very nicely done. I can't wait to read more when you get around to writing it! :D
Shakespira chapter 11 . 12/5/2014
What a long and enjoyable chapter!

The opening scene with Donnic, Brennan and Aveline was wonderful ... the awkwardness, Brennan's expanded role here and her tart commentary, and the overall ambience was perfect for one of those military breakroom chats and they all contributed to that.

Given the context, Aveline's quest as your writing it makes perfect sense and I like it. It really is in keeping with Miz, and especially with Aveline, who did an incredible amount of sighing in this chapter but managed to get Donnic to escort her to the party.

Loved this banter too as it was deftly written without going over the top or leaving out Miz's reaction, which was so perfectly her: "Damn, Miz," he said, gesturing to her chest while rubbing his face. "You gotta be careful with those things. They could put an eye out."

He chuckled at her incredulous expression. "The rivets…"

"Oh… oh…" she said. Misery wasn't the type to get embarrassed by much, but her cheeks reddened just enough from the misinterpretation to be noticed.

Varric winked. "Though if you think you can put an eye out with what's under the armor too, I'm willing to let you try."

Baby steps, and nicely done.

It's good to see Leandra lose her vitriol and the relationship between Misery and Leandra continuing to grow. "The older woman nodded. "Yes, we are finally speaking to each other rather than merely at each other." She turned her attention back to Merrill. "If two women cursed with the Hawke stubbornness can reinvent their relationship, perhaps hope is not lost for you and your keeper." This really illustrates that growth beautifully.

You've done a great job of easing Merrill's love for Misery into a role that Misery can live with without destroying Merrill's delicate self-esteem. Their scene with the massage was handled extremely well.

And the talk with Varric was touching as it too illustrated how much growth has occurred with Mis and even some growth with Varric and his desire to win over Mama Hawke is awesome. Can't wait to see how that turns out!

Great update!
RPGgirl514 chapter 11 . 11/20/2014
So excited to see this being updated again, and that Varric and Misery are finally starting to toe the relationship line! :)
PoCFan chapter 11 . 11/17/2014
Awesome chapter! I'm so happy to see that you haven't given up on it, especially with Inquisition coming out tomorrow. Keep up the good work!
Marianne Bennet chapter 11 . 11/16/2014
I'm excited for this masquerade! Almost as excited as I am to see that you've returned to this. I love the chapter title, by the way, and am completely and utterly jealous that I didn't think of it for my fic. Titles are so hard for me... Anyway, I really liked Brennan's expanded role. She falls into synch perfectly with what the type of Hawke that would play along with Aveline's roundabout courtship would do. Is it too much to ask for both Aveline and Donnic to attend this little fete and have Isabela try and shove them into a linen closet after getting an intoxicated Brennan to fess up? ;)

Another thing: I really liked Varric's suggestion of tweaking Misery's request to Fenris. In character and totally workable. He'd hate to be posing as a servant (as we hear about in Mark of the Assassin). Spying is much more flattering.
Kira Kyuu chapter 11 . 11/16/2014
Woo! Update! :D This is great! And I love how you altered Aveline's romance quest thing.

Shakespira chapter 10 . 9/26/2014
A great update, in which Merrill truly shines with extraordinary depth. You capture her fierce pride in her heritage, illustrated by her interactions with them, Pol in particular. Neither clan nor Merrill seem able to fully understand the other and you bring that out perfectly. In fact, the whole relationship/back story of Pol's and Merrill's relationship added another dimension to the questline and another nuance to a fleshed out Merrill.

The scene between Junar and Merrill was surprising in that she really gritted it out and stood up for herself in a way she rarely does and while it makes sense given the growing sense of bitterness and frustration she feels with her clan, it was surprising

Interweaving Merrill's quest/relationships with Misery's was a particularly clever way of highlighting the two women's relationships. While the relationship between Merrill and her clan becomes even more bitter and divided, Misery's relationship with her mother continues to gradually improve, which can only help Misery's own sense of her self-worth. One wonders if Mother Hawke's happier frame of mind has anything to do with meeting someone special or if it is just happenstance that she is suddenly more aware of her daughter as a living, breathing entity. You have created enough doubt in my mind as to her motivation that I find myself sitting back and watching with a bit of skepticism. Nicely done.

Very good update!
Eva Galana chapter 10 . 9/9/2014
Still here, following. Just a bit slow. Glad to see you're still among us, Wyl!

I love watching the growing relationship between Leandra and Mis. 'Bout time the old girl saw her part in their estranged-ness *cheeky grin* as well as Misery's part. As the parent, the one to whom gives the assurances as well as the blame, it is fair to say the blame rests mostly upon her shoulders. Love watching her introspection regarding that.

I also like how you make Merrill much more than a 2-D character of what we think a rainbow lovin', forest-prancing elf should be. Rather unfair of everyone to accuse her of channeling Misery. After all, we've all seen them have their moments of uncharacteristic behavior.

Will say that I giggle with each writing on behalf of Anders you do. ;-)

Lastly, I love Aveline's quest. I always save it in the game for when I need cheering up or when I need Hawke to tear her down a bit (even skipped it once - ahm...not sure I plan to do THAT again!). Almost seems as if Donnic hoped the gift was from Misery!

All in all, excellent update. Hope to get my own stories updated soon (although I did manage to update both Halla stories earlier this summer; still slacking, though). Hope the next update for this one isn't too far off as well.

Take care!
Pint-sized She-Bear chapter 10 . 9/3/2014
Aveline always makes me face palm during that quest lol
Trish Stewart chapter 10 . 8/27/2014
Thank you for this chapter! Once again, I'm left wanting more of the story. Until the next installment...CHEERS!
PoCFan chapter 10 . 8/24/2014
EXCELLENT chapter! I enjoyed seeing Merrill interact more with her people. It was all very well done and I really enjoyed it. I hope another chapter is in the not too far future!
mille libri chapter 10 . 8/24/2014
Still here and always glad to see an update! The changing relationship between Misery and her mother has been a long time coming, and I enjoyed Leandra's growing respect for her daughter's accomplishments.
Marianne Bennet chapter 10 . 8/22/2014
I'm so happy to see that you're still toiling away on this story! I went back and scanned the last couple of chapters to catch up. Your character voices are, as always, spot on and you balance in-game events/dialogue with your own reimaginings very effectively. It doesn't feel anything like a dull walk-through novelization of the game even when it rather closely follows many of the events; you've, as always, got your own unique spin coming through loud and clear. I'm especially enjoying how the blossoming romance plays out. Hope to have another update soon! MB
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