Reviews for Possession
Oceanographer chapter 5 . 8/26
Waves, coastal café, ships and OCEAN? I take it you are not American and you forgot to check a map before starting this, Chicago is not a coastal city, there is a lake, the Lake Michigan and that's it, no Ocean.

Other than that, I love the spirit of this story. I love how you made them all gangsters... Somehow, I think the TV show would have been way more interesting have it been about the mob and not vampires.

That being said, I have few remarks...
1) The delimitation between chapters is not very clear. You need to work on that.
2) There is a lot of repetition or dare I say you seem like you love to ruminate.

My advise is: Shorter chapters, more organized and to the point, better separation between the different parts of the story and update more frequently, you are lose momentum and we don't want that, do we?
emmamariiee chapter 7 . 8/22
Guest chapter 1 . 8/18
Women are people, we are human. We don't belong to our husband... your story is so toxic, I'm really ad for you.
nouranyasser162 chapter 6 . 7/24
i just wanted to say that tommorow is my birthday and nothing would make me happier than seeing this beautiful story updated .. im keeping my fingers crossed ;)
Guest chapter 7 . 7/19
So the next update is going to be in 84 years?
Jen7 chapter 7 . 7/2
I love the klaus and caroline interactions.
please do more scenes between the both. maybe a kiss to send some sparks. I also enjoy the story line and how it is developing.

plz update soon
sydkiwi chapter 7 . 7/2
Woah is Caroline spoilt much?!

I like how klaus and Caroline are playing a game of chess against each other! The sexual tension is killing me and I get the feeling they'd be a formidable force together. But sounds like they need to get over their issues first!
Guest chapter 7 . 7/1
Thank you for continuing this story.
Love Caroline character that grow stronger in each chapter.
I cant wait for them to develop deep connection from survival instinct and rely on each other.
Love your writing, update soon please!
nouranyasser162 chapter 7 . 6/29
Im so glaaaad you are completing this its sooooo good i loved these chapters so much ... I just think it wiuld better if u added more dialouge and more events were to happen in a chapter rather than ome event in two chapter but other than that this is brilliant and i cant wait for more
Guest chapter 7 . 6/29
Guest chapter 7 . 6/28
I literally woke up to the best birthday present ever. Kid you not. I love your story and just reading it gives me chills and has me on edge as I read it word after word. I love how you haven't compromised Caroline's character and it has a strength and independance that draws you in.
I hope you keep on writing and updating this because it's truly an amazing piece of writing and even that's an understatement!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/27
All my prayers have been answered and you finally decided to continue this amazing story! Thank you so so much for updating this fic. I really like Caroline standing up for herself and not being intimidated by Klaus.. it's like a chess game between these two and there is so much sexual tension! the plot is so intriguing.. please update soon! Your story is excellent
OneForTheRoad chapter 7 . 6/28
Hope Klaus finds out about Matt soon, so we can see a crazy, jealous and possessive Klaus!
ns2095 chapter 7 . 6/27
yaaaaasss! things are going downn. I loved all the family interactions the fall out is very realistic. Wish there was one between caroline and damon but I'm sure that will come too.
Now all i need is more klaroline 3 update soon !
Ana Paula Lopes chapter 7 . 6/26
WOW, it was amazing! I love how she prevailed on Stefan and showed him that she is no longer his little sister, that she has grown up and is trying to be strong for herself. The realization that she was alone even before everything was perfect, knowing that Stefan and Damon would put Elena first, was a painful awakening, but necessary. The passive aggressive way she treated Elena, her little revenge pushing the marriage of Damon and Rebekah to get to Elena and show her that Caroline realized her relationship with her two brothers. I love how he is admired by her determination and strength. He thinking that her father should have trained her and not Damon to take over was perfect. The sexual tension between them is very heavy, I can feel it in the air! I wish they could have sex when they had felt something more than lust, but I think it will be the basis of lust at least. Maybe it's when Klaus notice the difference from other purely sexual relationships he had before with the connection he has with her. I hope Klaus chooses to try to bring Caroline to his side. And that she can understand that it is Klaus who will really protect her but for this to happen she still has a long way to go, I think. Another thing, I hope Caroline is not stupid enough to try Bonnie or Matt and paint a target on Matt's back because of that. Klaus will go crazy with jealousy, I sincerely hope he is not responsible for Matt's death, but unfortunately I do not rule out that possibility either. So the pieces are getting ready on the game board, I can not wait to see who's in front! I hope you can update soon
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