Reviews for Double Attraction
SA-fan 2011 chapter 8 . 8/22/2012
Marcus has made his move, trying to convince the couple about his true intentions, about him not wanting to interfere anymore and cause more trouble between them.
So now it is up to Alex to show his brother some gratitude for not making a bigger deal out of all of this, since he can only imagine, what Marcus must think of him, probably that he is the one to blame for the marriage coming to an end, and for Fiona wanting to divorce him and wanting so much money from him, because he was being unfaithful with Stevie, when nothing could actually be further from the truth than that! How much is Alex willing to tell Marcus about what really happened? That there never was an affair, and that it in fact was Fiona, who destroyed the marriage with her lack of trust, her lies and her insecurities?
Since Marcus has apologized to Stevie, is he going to show Alex the same respect, and apologize about how he has been acting towards him about this situation between him and Stevie, and that he came to the wrong conclusions without actually really knowing anything about him and Stevie and their situation, but that Regan and Riley sat him straight on the issue?
Is he going to confide in Alex, that he was sent here because he owes Bryce for helping him out once from a very tight spot (Marcus mentions that in the fourth episode of season 7), but that he can see that he is in fact a very likeable, loyal, respectful, and funny bloke, who is doing a quite good job of it with Killarney, and how he takes really good care of Stevie, that he is in fact very impressed by his efforts to make Stevie feel as comfortable as possible in a very uncomfortable situation?
And if it is okay with him, that he can stay on and be his business-manager for now, only to help him and not so much for Bryce, only because Alex has been neglecting the bookwork, but that it is understandable in this situation, because of what happened to Stevie, and that she is more important now? Can he also convince Alex of the fact, that he actually enjoys being on the land and doing some farmwork as well? Will Alex admit, that he is in fact thankful for him taking on the paperwork, since he is easily getting frustrated about it, but that Marcus still needs to keep him up to date about how things are going by looking at the numbers?
SA-fan 2011 chapter 8 . 8/12/2012
Leave it to Alex Ryan to make an embarrasing and uncomfortable situation funny and hilarious! And the fact that he doesn't really care that Marcus is present when he shows up, but just keeps his entire focus on Stevie, to be there only for her and to support her in her recuperation, that makes it even better! Besides he is happy that Stevie is accepting his help and after patiently waiting for his time to come, he can finally make real use of it, after how much he has been hurting her, and so far hasn't been able to make it up to her. His effort to be attentive to everything Stevie needs is truly a really great comeback, and it can only get better from here!

Alex' succesful attempt to make Stevie feel better obviously impresses Marcus and having had the opportunity to watch and listen in on the couple's interaction, the younger brother is now fully convinced that Alex truly loves Stevie, who confirms Riley's statement about them having known each other since their teens, so Marcus is doing the only decent thing there is to do after realising his defeat, by accepting that he never really stood a chance with the gorgeous redhead. Him mentioning that Stevie is in excellent hands, is letting both of them know that he approves of and supports their relationship, but also showing his brother the respect he so greatly deserves!
kepc chapter 7 . 7/21/2012
Should have been Fiona not Tess's hen's night, Ive changed it Sorry about that. I have about seven stories here and three I'm working on with different situations, times and characters plus afull time job and I sometimes make mistakes. But the ideas keep coming so I'll keep writing them down. Cheers kepc
SA-fan 2011 chapter 7 . 7/21/2012
Stevie and Alex have probably made the agreement, that Jodi has to step up to the plate now and be fully in charge of Drover's Run, and to make decisions that are important for the farm. Regan can help her with the bookwork and rosters. But if Jodi faces problems, she can always ask Alex or Stevie for advice.

And to give her some encouragement, Alex should give her a peptalk, and tell her that she is ready for it, and that he is so proud of how she has changed, from the lazy girl that hated farmwork, to becoming a true McLeod-daughter working to the bone. And how she had the guts to fight Harry Ryan and convince the local Farmerr's Council about the importance to think about and follow the future of farming and organizing the Gungellan Fresh deal for the Japanese market. And most importantly, that Jack and Claire would have been so proud of her!

I don't think Stevie will allow the girls on Drovers to just hire someone, that they don't even know. Only if it is the last resort, and then Alex has to be there, when they interview the candidates!

So are Alex and Jodi thinking about asking Becky for help, since she knows all about Drovers, and knows what to do? Or do they realise quickly, that it is a bad idea, because they don't know for how long they are going to need her for? And what will probably be akward, is that Jodi would have to give Becky orders, which Jodi and him will probably laugh about, since Becky used to be the one to boss Jodi around.

So since the girls are desperate to find another worker, how long will it take until Regan snaps and finally has the courage to tell the others about Grace? And when she reveals her sister's last name to be Kingston, who is going to be more surprised Alex or Stevie (she is well-known on the rodeo-circuit)? Is Grace willing to help, or can Alex or Bryce persuade her to do it for Stevie?

I always wanted Alex and Jodi to sit down and talk after Tess and Nick left for Argentina, and form a closer bond. She has always been like his little sister, and he has always been like her big brother. (Even though she had a crush on him when she was younger, like she has also had one on Nick) But now there is finally a good reason, to get to know each other better.

I forgot to mention in my last review, that Jodi could also mention, how she helped Stevie to look for him in the national park, which borders Drover's Run and Killarney, and how upset she was, that she couldn't find him.

Is Alex going to mention, how much he appreciates her coming to Killarney and then telling him the whole truth about the accident, when Harry died, although she didn't really cause the accident?

Are they going to talk about how it feels to find out, that the man you had always thought was your father, really isn't your father after all? And how they each found out about their true identity / family roots?

Are they going to talk about how her and Matt nearly got killed by a sniper / hitman?
And will she be honest with him how she feels about Matt? Will she confess to him how she felt, when he was gone, and the court case was mentioned in the newspaper?
Or is she going to tell Alex, that she is uncertain about, who she is going to choose (Riley or Matt)?
What advice will he give her?
Maybe he should just tell her, that when she is certain about, who she wants to be with, that she should not be afraid and wait to tell him, like he did with Claire, and Stevie did with him!

I can understand why Markus wants to help along at Drovers. He knows that Alex doesn't want him on Killarney, as it is his place, his home. And since he is also partly to blame why Stevie is in the hospital, he wants to make up for coming between her and Alex. But he should at least try to apologize personally to Alex first!

I don't think Bryce can offer Drover's Run any help. He will probably want to help financially, but I think neither Alex nor Stevie and Jodi will accept that. Only if it is really necessary, then they will take him up on his offer!

Will Stevie and or Alex ask him instead to stay at Killarney for a while, to keep Stevie company, so they can not only get to know each other better, but so he can also help to keep the peace between Alex and Marcus, and from Stevies point of view try to establish a father / brother / son relationship between them?
How much is Stevie going to tell Bryce about herself, and her and Alex, Claire and Alex, Harry and Alex, her and Harry, and how Harry died? And how she was accused and charged with his murder?

Where is Rose going to stay, Killarney or Drover's Run? I think Killarney would be a better choice, so Stevie and Rose can spend as much time together as possible, and she can be a good distraction, between the father / brother / son bonding? How are Bryce and Markus going to react, when they meet Rose?

Is Rose and Alex going to talk about, how Rose wants to know about her biological father just because she's curious, not because she wants to get to know him, but is afraid to ask Stevie about him?
Will Alex tell her that she should ask Stevie, because she should be the one to tell her about him? Or is he going to tell Rose the truth about how he met her real father about two years ago, and how this man conned people in the district, including himself, to make them pay for an event, that was never going to take place, and that this was mostly how he earned his money besides being a taxi-driver.
And how much are they going to talk about him and Stevie?

Maybe there will also be a visit from Charlotte. And Stevie, Alex, Rose and Charlotte will spend a day together as a family, both of them having the wish, that they will hopefully have their own family with each other in the future.

About Alex wanting to help Stevie shower and stuff:
I think it would be better if Rose helped her mother doing that and get her dressed. Besides they could use some much needed mother / daughter bonding time.
To let Alex help Stevie to have a shower, would in my opinion be too akward at this stage, when they haven't even slept together, and obviously not are going to, while she is still injured! Besides he would probably need a lot of cold showers, if he was helping her with that. LOL! However, he can help her with anything else!

You mention it was Tess's hens night. I don't know if you made that up, that Tess organised it, or it was just a mistake and you meant Fiona's hen's night?
In the show Stevie is being railroaded by Fiona's mother to make Fiona spend the day and have the hen's night held at Drover's Run and staying there for the night, and Tess and Nick are not able to participate in the wedding.

Alex must be beaming as Stevie says she wants to go home to Killarney!
But will she really feel at home, or are the bad memories going to haunt her?
And is she going to remember, that she has the pearl-neklace that Fiona dumped on her, when she left?

Is Taylor at Drover's Run or not? She doesn't seem to be mentioned at all, but she hasn't been to any good use for the story so far anyway.
sarah.samuelle chapter 2 . 7/19/2012
Yep. It logged mi off and when I checked after it was there. Now I'm logged in and it's fine. So I can see what I missed haha. Another funny thing is that I am usually logged in all the times and when I'm writing review it shows many times as 'guest' but over the post it says 'posting as: (my username)' They change the page recently and it sometime plays funny. But anyway... YOUR STORIES ARE GREAT!
kepc chapter 2 . 7/19/2012
I tried from my manage stories and it was fine but through home page it was as you said maybe refresh and try again:) kepc
Guest chapter 2 . 7/19/2012
I don't know guys if it's just me but I have chapter 2 missing I think. The chapters 2 and 3 are exactly the same and after I read chapter one and went to read chapter two it didn't make sense like something is missing. It never happened before. Has anyone had this problem before? thanks
SA-fan 2011 chapter 5 . 7/18/2012
Since Marcus has realized, he doesn't really know Alex and that it has been wrong of him to only make assumptions about him, it might be good if he tries to actually get to know him, before he starts judging him.

What if he out of simple curiosity starts looking at the photos that are standing around and are free to be looked at and he notices a photo with Alex, Claire and Charlotte. To him it looks like a happy family, but he is surprised by it, since he hasn't heard about Alex having any children.
And what will Riley let him know about Alex, and what happened between him and Fiona? And other things?
Is he going to ask about Alex in the pub in Gungellan? And what is he going to be told there? Or are the locals protective of Alex, and do not really want to say anything about him?
Or does Marcus wait until Alex is willing to talk?

What if Peter makes a call to Killarney about Charlotte and Marcus answers the phone?

And what if Peter turns up with Charlotte instead while Alex is there?
Or what if he forgot that she was coming for a visit?

What if Rose is calling Drover's Run? What are they going to tell her? And how is Alex going to react, when they let him know about the call? Are they going to make him answer the call, or does he decide on his own that he is the one that is going to talk to Rose?
Will he tell her the whole truth, or is he just going to tell her, that there has been an accident and that she is in the hospital and is going to be okay? Besides Stevie will surely not want Rose to worry about her, when it really isn't necessary!

Is Jodi going to tell Alex about how Stevie felt jealous, when he invited someone else as his date to the Farmer's Council Ball? And how Stevie reacted, when she found him passed out in the water-tank a short time later? And how Stevie saved him from the fire, before he took off to the city? And that Stevie might had been able to stop him from leaving in the first place, if she hadn't asked for her help?

Is Stevie going to mention to Alex, that Fiona knew, that she was in love with him? And that Harry might have known too? And how he wanted her to leave Drover's Run and stay away from him?

Is Alex going to confess to her, how he was scared of being alone, and that's why he asked Fiona to marry him so soon and then later couldn't break it off, because he didn't want to hurt Fiona, even if she hurt him so much, that he didn't love her anymore, but that he at the same time wasn't sure about how she (Stevie) felt about him until she practically gave him an ultimatum?
stevieLUVSAlex chapter 5 . 7/18/2012
Awww... I love it. :)). I would go for the original. :))
SA-fan 2011 chapter 3 . 7/16/2012
How is Marcus going to react to the fact that Stevie loves Alex, especially since he is informed about the divorce-settlement Alex has had to make only recently? Does he think Alex is just like Bryce, and has been unfaithful to his wife? Is Marcus going to accuse him of that fact, and how is Alex going to react if he does so? And when is Marcus going to tell Alex that they are brothers? Does that reason stop him from causing more trouble between Alex and Stevie?

Does Alex tell Marcus to back off on Stevie?
Does Alex follow her to the hospital?
What exactly happened to Stevie, how badly is she hurt or not?
SA-fan 2011 chapter 2 . 7/16/2012
To me it seems Marcus is coming on to her pretty strong and pretty fast, it almost seems a bit creepy.
Alex should follow Stevie up to her room but stay outside, to show her he doesn't want to push her and make her talk to him. But since she doesn't want to talk to him, he could at least apologize for through the door, for throwing her off his property and making that sheep-deal with Phil Rakich. He should tell her he wants to fix things, that is if she is willing to do the same. But if she isn't ready, he will wait for her, and that he will wait as long as it takes! He should tell her he doesn't want to hurt her, but that he can't forget about her either.
What is Stevie going to do next?
sarah.samuelle chapter 1 . 7/15/2012
you always come up with something great. Love the story. hope you'll write more it's getting very interesting :)
SA-fan 2011 chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
Alex has to woo her! That is the only way he can make up for what he did to her. Maybe he should get some advice from Jodie. I always thought, that was one of the reasons why Alex took so long before finally he came to his senses and took another chance with her. He knew he wanted Stevie back, but he didn't know how to do it. He didn't know how to impress her, before she told him she liked to be given flowers.