Reviews for Deeper
GuinevereW chapter 5 . 1/7/2013
I bow to your muse. Wonderful story, thanks for sharing!
Love Dean chapter 2 . 8/20/2012
I like your story. But i think it's a litlle not realistic, i mean Dean almost cry when Mandi said there was nobody to call for him its a little exaggerate. And the whole sweet dean to , he just met her.
Sorry for the critic i just say what i think, however i like your fanfic.
SuperChaoskitty chapter 5 . 8/19/2012
Oh my god, I love this story!
Even it took a litte bit concentration to read it, because my native language is german.
And you're right. My fanart really goes perfectly with your story!
deanstheman chapter 5 . 7/25/2012
OK, I knew it was gonna be a tearjerler but damn you - that was heartbreaking! :( (jk about the damn you part, of course). And poor Dean had to go an blame himself about even her last moments, the 'natural' cancer part of things...guy just can't let up on himself. I loved how everyone came around Dean to support him and be there for him after his loss. His grief and Sam's knowing to watch him closely (thankfully!) was heart wrenching - very sad but powerful at the same time. But at least you gave us a wonderful ending. He'll never forget Mandi but at least he's happy :)
Oh, and loved that Sam owns a coffee shop - haha. Fitting. And that he married Jo. Howcome whenever Sam has a kid, it's always a girl? I don't think I've ever read a Sam-has-a-son fic. Anyway, I digress. Zoey's kids taking to Dean 'like ducks to water' - would so totally happen. A bittersweet story - I enjoyed it very much.
deanstheman chapter 2 . 7/18/2012
Oh please don't let her die at the end of this :( They are so perfect together! And Dean does deserve her (and vice versa). And despite her not being Dean's 'usual type', you write them very well together and their relationship is completely and utterly believable.
deanstheman chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
That was sad and heartwarming at the same time. But since Lucifer is dead and no Leviathans got out, surely Dean's life isn;t too dangerous for her anymore? I'd love to see them stick together. Even in that one scene together you could tell they still love each other through and through.