Reviews for Blurring Dreams and Realities
Feenrai chapter 23 . 2/18

That was really sweet and perfectly fitting. I haven't read the Plum books yet (I'm about to start!) but I can tell from this story that his is a huge part of how Ranger is, so I'm glad you didn't change him and make him suddenly abandon himself. I'm glad that you instead found a compromise for them both built on honesty faith and love. I think this was a good spot to end it, since we know hey may not come back some day and no one wants to end there...better to end on this note of positivity and hope, like you did:)
Feenrai chapter 22 . 2/18
Gah! Stupid Ranger!

She's right though..what they really need is to get married for real now!
Feenrai chapter 21 . 2/17
This was a fun chapter. Like things are on the way to settling down. I stayed up way too late wanting to finish this XD I know I had comments I wanted to make but I'm so tired...

Oh! I really liked how Stephanie has kind of taken over, she seems to be doing a great job :D I'm enjoying the interactions you showed here between her and the guys :)
Feenrai chapter 20 . 2/17

This was kind of bittersweet, because people are injured but...hooray they're all alive and made it back! This was a cute scene between Stephanie and ranger. So cute!

Also, I like how much butt Stephanie kicked, hehe :D
Feenrai chapter 19 . 2/17
:( Still so sad! It's amazing how loved they both are...but what a search and what a length of time! Is it awful that I kind of hope she reads the letter before he gets back? So curious what is in it!
Feenrai chapter 18 . 2/17
Ranger POV for the win! What a mess that sounds's a good thing he got her message and has the hope and motivation to get through it :D
Feenrai chapter 17 . 2/17


Wow I know that this is probably going to somehow end up happy, but even having that hope in the back of my mind I got so teared up reading this! What a great, emotive chapter.
Feenrai chapter 16 . 2/16
So sad!

She's got some good spidey senses!

I think Sophie made a mistake writing those notes so sophisticated. If Stephanie thinks about it, and about the age the blue haired girl might trigger more of those spidey senses, hehe.

Make Ranger come back! /pouts

(Also I hope you're happy, I got the Plum novels because now I want to read them XD If I stop reviewing more of your stories for a little bit after I finish this one, you'll know where I'll be! Hehe)
Feenrai chapter 15 . 2/16

Nooooooo! He can't leave! So sad! :(
Feenrai chapter 14 . 2/16
This...this was very, *very* disturbing...

I feel a little queasy now. I guess that's just a testament to your writing skill. You didn't write it gory or anything like that, but I pictured it so clearly because you make me connect to the characters and their emotions so much that *I* made it gory in my head as I read it and /shudder.


Also, very sad:( And crazy! So much information...who knew?! I wonder what will happen from sad:(
Feenrai chapter 13 . 2/15

So sad! I love how real it is, I love that she's not upset for silly, illogical reasons, but rather for the reasonable reasons. I cannot blame her for feeling as she does, even though it makes me sad, and that is beautiful writing.
Feenrai chapter 12 . 2/15
This was sad. In some ways it wasn't as sad as I feared it would be-I'm glad she was semi-reasonable (as reasonable as you could expect anyone in that situation to be after finding out everyone they loved and trusted had been lying to them) and actually listened to the explanations and could admit she understood it...but, understandable or not, when people you love and trust manipulate you, lie to you, decide they know what's best *for*'s hard to ever trust them again, even if they were right, even if you might have done the same thing. I think that's the real sacrifice they all made-they sacrificed her trust in them in order to protect her the best way I know how. Very sad, and it's hard to imagine her trusting them again, but we have another...11? chapters, hehe, so hopefully in that time there will be a way :D
Feenrai chapter 11 . 2/15
This chapter brought back a lot of memories, lol. In college I dated a Mexican and the scenes you described were exactly like ones I did :) He had a very large family, most of whom only spoke Spanish and their gatherings were always filled with laughter and happiness. And the food! Luckily I took four years of Spanish in high school so I was able to communicate a little more than Steph there, but yeah...just brought back some nice memories:) I loved his family so much that even when we stopped dating I have still kept in touch with his family, hehe. (I still keep in touch with him too actually, it was a very amicable break up). Anyway, sorry, that was probably more info than you wanted, but my point is your writing is so wonderful it can bring out memories from over ten years ago with such clarity I remember them like they were yesterday. I really get lost in your writing, I picture everything so clearly. Thank you for a great chapter! I think Steph needed that reprieve because I'm pretty sure this next chapter is about to be a tough one!
Feenrai chapter 10 . 2/15
I forgot to say in the previous chapter how steamy that scene was XD To be honest I usually scroll past those kinds of scenes, or skim them so I don't miss important story details, but I rarely feel like reading them (which is fine, I'm not complaining for the record, just explaining it's not something I normally look for in stories). But that scene last chapter totally got me interested and I ended up actually reading it, hehe.

This chapter was very good too. Poor doctor though! Guy just did the best he could, but he got assigned the wrong patient with far too many over-protective tough guys :D

And wow, I had no idea the girl was so young! Definitely still curious about her, and I wonder what will happen now with Stephanie...
Feenrai chapter 9 . 2/15
Oooooh, boy! I knew it was coming, but she's about to find out and it's not going to be pretty!
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