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tiramisu19 chapter 30 . 6/3/2015
Two-chapter review here. I thoroughly enjoyed the duel between Katsumi and Lucy, especially the rapid-fire Ice Hand sequence, and I think you captured the essence of modern dueling with Katsumi's deck especially: It's all about Special Summons, as many as you can pull off to overwhelm your opponent. One nitpick, though. Lucy activates Pot of Duality and then SS's Dark Magician with Skilled Dark Magician's effect; you can't SS during the turn you play that card. Kind of a scary revelation that one person at Godwin Academy holds two Jashin and three Sacred Beasts...

And of course the plot thickens with the Hellfire Club storyline. I'm looking forward to the conclusion. I will be straight up with you: the middle section of Ch. 30 (Hayley, Vic, etc) failed to capture my attention. I don't know if that's because I apparently have no patience with subplots or if, like Brian, I can't remember details about characters because there are so many of them. In any case, glad to see you working on this and I'm enjoying Valence too.

Happy writing,
Amourenvie chapter 29 . 5/2/2015
I appreciate the shoutout and your having Kasumi provide a couple of amazing duels. She always was one of my favorite characters as well, as this duel between her and Lucy is one of my all-time favorites; even though I was surprised to see her include Dragon Rulers in her deck, it definitely makes sense. I always enjoyed Dragon Rulers (even though I could never afford them) because of the different combos - thanks for writing such a complex duel. Having Zeke as the Overlord was something I did not expect, but it does make sense, even if that implies he's practically been ruling the world since the age of 10. I was also surprised to see you have Dr. West mention that Godwin Academy would have some god cards (I guess I had assumed the Ars Arcanum would completely seal the cards away forever) as well as the fact that Bryan is actually incapable of approaching an Earthbound Immortal. It makes sense.
I'm looking forward to the end of this arc, as well as the final arc! On a slightly related note, I did read your updated profile, and if you ever would like any assistance with editing/constructive criticism in your rewriting or summary of the first five arcs, I'd be glad to be of any help.
alex 988 chapter 29 . 4/27/2015
Cant wait for the next chapter!
Amourenvie chapter 27 . 3/18/2015
Wow, it has been a while. I ended up just creating a new account, which was probably why I stopped getting notifications about your works. It was only on a whim and random searches one day that I wanted to check and see if you had updated. Given how long it has been since I last read the series, I ended up rereading most of it to remind myself of the major plot points. I guess I never realized it until now, but you've done an amazing job keeping this story going. 7 years? That's practically unheard of on this site. Yet you still manage to keep everything relatively fresh and entertaining, and I've enjoyed seeing the characters grow, even the submitted OC's.

I suppose this arc will be ending soon, and then there'll be the final one? I'm still stunned. I can probably count on one hand the completed stories on this sight that have managed to be both literate and fun to read. Here's hope that yours will be one as well. In the spirit of just humoring myself, I'll make a wild guess that maybe Lucy will be dueling since she had the Egyptian counterpart to Dreadroot and we have yet to see her in a School Duel. Also, in the wake of the new Red Eyes cards that were announced, I suppose we'll be seeing Kas soon as well, and maybe she'll actually win a duel for once haha. Cheers, and keep up the good work :)
tiramisu19 chapter 25 . 1/19/2015
Well, it's been quite a while since I've been on here. Good to see you continuing this and good to see that Valence is coming along as well. I always enjoy the appearances of Darius and his Gravekeepers.

But as far as the duel, InzektorsMonarchsUru felt a little disjointed to me. I guess Monarchs and Uru are relatively splashable, but there wasn't as much cohesion to Vladimir's deck as I would have liked. Darius' Raigeki pull also felt a bit like a deus ex machina, but then again, what is Raigeki but a deus ex machina?

Despite my concerns, it was a fairly good duel and I am always glad to follow your stories. Hope everything's going well.

Happy writing,

Nodqfan chapter 24 . 10/5/2014
I personally want to see this series continue instead of just ending abruptly right here. Maybe you could combine options one and two? That way you could start over the series with your original vision for it in mind while someone else writes the duels and you don't have to worry about them.

However, its ultimately your decision and I will support whatever choice you make
Sundown17 chapter 1 . 9/26/2014
I know that sometimes for a story to work some things have to change, but you can't make the three Sacred Beasts (Uria, Lord of Searing Flames; Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder; and Raviel, Lord of Phantasms) be the Egyptian God Cards (Slifer the Sky Drgon, also known as Osiris; Obelisk the Tormentor, and The Winged Dragon of Ra).
Titanic X chapter 22 . 7/11/2014
Okay. Nice chapter, Yami! Thanks for this. Hope soon she can get the Rising Dawn. And can't wait to see what else they do next! :D
kazikamikaze24 chapter 22 . 7/11/2014
Yet another interesting chapter, and I am quite amused to see what shall come next! More and more holes are being filled towards the path us readers are to walk on, yet curious sights pass us by, and I, as a reader, can't help but to ponder what shall truly alter the story, and what is a mirage that won't matter in the end. If possible, maybe you should create a chapter after the epilogue explaining the major points of this story since a friend of mine who read this story after I introduced him to the previous tales found himself confused. Either way, I am excited to read the next installment! So, until next time, stay golden!

kazikamikaze24 chapter 21 . 7/4/2014
Wow, you certainly pulled around with that duel with a simple, elderly card that no one really respects anymore. I must applaud you for that! Other than that, I'm quite happy with how this chapter turned out, from the details of the duel to the input the other secondary characters provided for us readers, and to see that the card Bryan is looking for is actually on the island, despite a previous investigation of the island in an earlier chapter, just goes to show that you can't leave a single stone unturned in a crucial moment. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

MethLabWorker chapter 20 . 6/14/2014
Pretty great. I love this story. And this serious. Keep it up.
kazikamikaze24 chapter 20 . 6/14/2014
I'm glad to see you updating again, and the new content is so interesting!
Amourenvie chapter 19 . 5/30/2014
You're back! For a while, I thought that you had abandoned this story, so I didn't check as frequently. It's great to see that your writing is still as literate as ever. It's interesting to compare how almost lighthearted these last two chapters are in comparison to the ones where they are at Yasna. Although there are a couple of things that I find confusing, but will most likely be cleared up later. For one, are Rory and Serpentina still in the spirit world, or are they back since Bryan is talking with Hayley? Also, since you seem to be placing the Earthbound Immortals in the same category as the god cards, does that imply that the Signer Dragons should also be considered as such? As I said, these will most likely be explained later, but I am just sharing my thoughts. It's really encouraging to see you continue with this story, after all these years. Just letting you know that I still am an avid follower of your work!
GearfriedTheSynchro chapter 16 . 11/18/2013
Just finished a binge reading of your Bryan Matt stories. You really know how to write. It's nice that you can introduce many elements without losing track. Great work and keep it up.
4fireking chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
Thought I leave a review for you since you seem like a nice author and I like Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Although, your's was a little different from what I'm use too. Good chapter still. Mine are mostly all the same but they are still fun to read. Perhaps you can leave a review for one of my stories. There is One Piece Ultimate Adventure, Dragon Ball Next, Pokemon, and I made four Yu-Gi-oh stories. One for every generation. If you don't know any of these anime's you don't have to read them. Also, you only have to read one chapter. Thank you. . I don't think I read your other story. Are Bryan and Matt in another one of your stories?
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