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RoryCullen chapter 2 . 2/26
Interesting, the way you are giving us snippets of their lives together, through the years since Bella came to live with them. I can see now how you can fit this entire story within so few chapters. I think I am going to really like it. I noticed how Edward answered Jasper's question, that technically neither young woman is his sister, that is very telling about how he views Bella. Bella refers to Carlisle and Esme as her guardians though - not her parents - so then that would naturally follow that Edward and Emmett are not her brothers. But I certainly see why Edward had to distance himself from Bella if what I think happened when she was 16...happened. He would have been 30 when she was that age, and definitely too old to be together that way. It would have been heart braking especially for Bella since she was so young if Edward started avoiding her what I assume is Bella kissing him.
RoryCullen chapter 1 . 2/26
Wow. What a connection they shared right from the beginning. It sounds like kismet. I wonder had Edward and Bella known each other prior to her parents tragic deaths? Quite likely they have known each other all Bella's life, however a teenage boy probably wouldn't have much to do with his parent's friends young child, but still they probably have at least met before and were around each other.
mustlovertp chapter 16 . 2/23
Honestly not sure if I read this before (I've read LOTS of your stories) but, I just read it again and, of course, I loved it. Just wanted you to know. Thank you! xoxox
Breaking Aurora chapter 16 . 2/5
"We've only just begun..."'ve put me in a Carpenters mood! And yes, thank you to you and to 2old4fanfic for the preggo meadow images, ties it all nicely together :-) I've thought from beginning, perhaps Edward and Bella had an AH version of imprinting, in a way, no? ha! :-) They both seemed to be forever linked and changed from the very first moment that they met. I think it's a beautiful story - thank you for writing it! And speaking of "Numbers", you, dear Lady, sure do crank out a lot of stories - and I'm a fan to many of them! I just don't have enough hours in the day, but eventually I'll get through the rest of them :-)
Tee Free chapter 1 . 2/4
Amazing perfect story!
With the right amount of drama and lots of love!
lmc123 chapter 16 . 11/17/2013
Somehow had missed this one of yours, it was lovely
REgrrl chapter 16 . 11/10/2013
Lovely. Thanks for sharing.
karencullen2007 chapter 15 . 10/2/2013
karencullen2007 chapter 14 . 10/2/2013
karencullen2007 chapter 12 . 10/2/2013
now i would have loved to see this Edward in the twilight movies! Love it!
karencullen2007 chapter 11 . 10/2/2013
uh oh theyve been caught?
karencullen2007 chapter 10 . 10/2/2013
Well damn! Love this!

But as soon as the hum of the last car backed down the driveway, Edward's will snapped.
karencullen2007 chapter 9 . 10/2/2013
Holly cow he wanted to devour her
karencullen2007 chapter 8 . 10/2/2013
Just give in already!
karencullen2007 chapter 6 . 10/2/2013
Now thats what Im talking about! Go edward!
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