Reviews for Ace Combat Zero: The Final Interview
Zan67 chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
Not a bad writing. I was very happy to see Cipher became Mobius One in your story as I've always thought of him as a Mercenary, traveling from the Belkan War to the One Year War and then to the Circum-Pacific War in an effort to protect innocent lives.

As for some suggestions, you should work on your spelling and proper sentence writing. Otherwise, not bad. I got the basic message. Well done. Just work on those things. I hope to see this continued.
Daisuke Tokayuma chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
This isn't bad at all. Granted some things need to be edited I would never think it was your first fanfic so good job. All I can say is try to give Mobius 1 (Cipher) a more developed personality. I also have a thinking Cipher is Mobius because Cipher left without a trace in Ustio. Please don't think this is a flame you did great.
admljmc8492 chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
It was good, but the format is a bit off. Is it supposed to be a script or a story? It looks to be a story, I will give you suggestions if you like: describe what Mobius 1 (or Cipher in this case) looks like, he seems to be the kind of guy in this universe you created to be quite the veteran. Describe the tone in his voice, how he looks etc. ellaborate a bit more on his background story instead of keeping close to Ace Combat Zero's way of doing the interview, because when i read it.

"Although, this does not seem bad, I mean ISAF seems to be a good force with good ideals. The enemy isn't pure evil either." That was a good line, a good way to see it is good and evil change depending on one's perspective. Like for example: the Eruseans saw themselves as doing good while they saw the ISAF being the bad guys and vise versa.

Another thing: The Date, your only one year off. Sorry about the nitpick lol.

The location you could of bolded it, but everyone has there own preferences.

Overall, nice concept. I thought of Mobius 1 and Cipher being the same person many of times before but you did a nice job. Don't take this as a flame.