Reviews for Scandalous
mi-shell87 chapter 4 . 5/27
Loving it!
prose.titute chapter 4 . 4/14
This is getting really good! I normally hate ooc Hermione fics but the set-up of this one is really delicious. I hope you will continue it. :)
Remarkable1 chapter 4 . 3/15
Are you going to update this? I love it and have been waiting for an update in forever!
Kurai Ummei chapter 4 . 11/27/2014
One Red Shoe chapter 4 . 10/22/2014
Are you still intending to finish this story? You seemed to have had a fairly long break between this chapter and any potential next chapter, and I for one would like to know the rest, as I have very much enjoyed the first four chapters. Here's to hoping. :-)
centava chapter 3 . 10/22/2014
Wow, super hot! Please continue this one!
Rae Ella chapter 4 . 10/10/2014
I have spent so long looking for this story and it hasn't been updated at all :( I truly love this story line and your writing. Please keep going with it! X
jennynopenny chapter 4 . 9/24/2014
please update!
Cullens Darlin chapter 4 . 8/30/2014
Please write more
Cullens Darlin chapter 2 . 8/30/2014
Perfectly titillating
Cullens Darlin chapter 1 . 8/30/2014
I just found this...I love this Hermoine
Fab chapter 4 . 6/2/2014
Please please pleaseeeee update XOXO
arctic-kat chapter 4 . 5/1/2014
This story is a masterpiece! Love it!
Mila Pink chapter 4 . 12/15/2013
I am excited to read more.
Lucius is a spectacle to be tapped.
Draco is so intense!
I want to read more.
Blackroseofwisdom chapter 4 . 12/7/2013
Update, update, update... -drools a bit- I require more! And maybe a threesome :3 Nothing like some blond Adonis action!
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