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hetawholockvengerstuck chapter 4 . 1/22/2015
I really hope you keep writing this. There's so little of this pairing out there, and this is wonderful.
Angeru-chan chapter 3 . 11/15/2014
Shooo perfect! Omedetou!
Cloud of Ash chapter 4 . 10/13/2013
Will this ever be continued? :C
bradhadair12 chapter 4 . 5/19/2013
That was awesome! I like how you're managing to do this without crossing the border into cheesy territory. It all seems quite subtle and real. I'm definitely following this one, and I hope you see it through to the end.
Ash chapter 4 . 4/18/2013
You have no idea how much I needed this story. I simply love SonKnux stories and while I LOVE Sonadow and Knuxadow, I like SonKnux more because it's the most believable out of the three (and out of all the pairings in my opinion, minus Sonails, but that's borderline pedophilia). It saddens me that SonKnux isn't liked as much as Sonadow and that there's hardly any stories (good ones) or fanart for it. But this story is hands down among the top SonKnux stories I've ever read, and we're only up to Chapter 4.

I love how you keep them in character, which REALLY makes a difference. I can't tell you how many fanfics I've read where the characters are OOC and how it ruins a potentially good story. I mean, I don't mind if they're a little out of character or even moderately out of character, but some people go to the extremes (Seriously, guys? An uke Shadow (is that even possible?) calling Sonic "Sonniku" all cutesy-like like Amy? Never happen.)

Love the grammar and spelling. Not to be a grammar Nazi, but it seriously makes a difference. I don't mind some errors, and some writers are from other countries, so I have patience with them, but some people are straight up from an English-speaking country and their spelling is incredibly poor. Almost like they shat their story out and flushed it out onto a website without looking at it twice.

The pace is perfect. It's only Chapter 4, but it feels like we've got a while to go, which is GREAT (Never let this story end! Dx). Other stories (not counting oneshots) would've skipped straight to the yaoi by now, without any kind of plotline in between. It's really refreshing to read something with development.

Tl;Dr: Kinda went on forever there, so bottom line, the story, characters and pace are all fantastic. Hope you continue this soon because I would love to see the next chapter. 10/10 C:
Ip chapter 4 . 1/31/2013
You had sure as hell better update this wonderful story. Do you realize that this is one of the only good SonKnux stories in freaking existence? This story is brilliant, you bring out everything I've ever wanted these two to say, without making it awkward. This is my favorite pairing (why the heck is there so much Sonadow but hardly any SonKnux?), and it's just so wonderful to finally see someone do it justice ;-; so please continue?
mery chapter 4 . 12/1/2012
is there any chance that you'll update soon?
Mery chapter 4 . 9/26/2012
wow! another well written chapter. i hope you update very soon cuz i can't wait to read the rest!


By the way MysteriousFoxGirl is my deviant art name. why don't you swing by and take a look when ya have the chance
Guest chapter 4 . 9/15/2012
Please write more .. i like ur story
Nyowa chapter 1 . 8/27/2012
Oh my goodness this is an absolute goldmine. A fic of my otp with great writing and character development?! AhHhhhhghhhh I'm trying to hold myself together but I think I'll explode before the next update. Keep up the great work ( )ノ
Briana chapter 4 . 8/23/2012
I was mad at you, then I wasn't. Because you took so damn long! Then, I wasn't because this chapter was amazing! And I finally saw a hint of Sonknux in there ;)
Please don't take so long this time!
Guest chapter 4 . 8/21/2012
Good as usual
BalletGirl537 chapter 4 . 8/20/2012
Awwww heart-to-heart conversations! I love it! You have such a knack for writing my friend! :D And about the walking thing, you're SO right! Sonic does walk awkwardly, almost like a little waddle. o Every bit of this story has been amazing; I'm so excited for the next chapter! Keep on writing! :DDD
Child at Heart Forever chapter 4 . 8/20/2012
Hey-lo! Seeing this is definitely an unexpected, pleasant, and very welcome surprise! :D

‘Still, it was heartwarming seeing Sonic and Tails so happy to be in his presence. Maybe they had missed him, too.’

And right off the bat, I’m already smiling. :D

Aw, they’re going out for ice cream! It was really thoughtful of Sonic to take into consideration Knuckles’ love of fruit too. And how he saved that kid and wants to be modest when he gets free ice cream. He’s so adorable here that I don’t think I can take it!

The conversation they have at the parlor too is simply genius. xD

‘He liked when Sonic walked. It looked awkward, like he was uncomfortable doing it, but that made it funny and appealing in some strange way.’- Now that it’s pointed out…imagining Sonic walking is kinda weird! I mean, it’s not like we’ve NEVER seen him doing it before, but now I can’t see it without it having an awkward flair. xD

...And Knuckles likes watching him walk, hee- *brick’d*

‘Sometimes it was easier to be disgusted with things you couldn't have.’- Oh, definitely. There’s so much truth behind that and it makes me feel for Knuckles that much more.

'Knuckles had never really had a day like this before. His days were either consistent in their isolation and predictability on Angel Island, or chaotic and frustrating with the onset of another 'adventure.' There really had never been an in-between.’- Another stroke of undeniable truth. But in this case, maybe his abnormal day is one of his best, nah? ;D

"But then when you get introduced to it in a way you never have been before, and you know it, then you need it… more than you've ever needed it."

Knuckles stopped talking, realizing that he was not only talking about exploration and freedom.’

Awww, Knuckles. ;_;

Before I start quoting anything else, just let me say this is really, really neat. How you’re handling their situation, the way it flows seamlessly, the interaction between Sonic and Knuckles, and all the little subtle things that can speak volumes to a reader if they’re paying close attention…well, if this story was a song, it’d be quite the harmonic melody. And I’d listen to it all the time.

"Maybe things aren't perfect, Knux," Sonic said softly, "but we can make them a little closer. Even if you can't be as free as you want, even if you're bound by boring responsibilities and such…" He grinned, but met Knuckles's eyes with sincerity, "You can always be free with me."

Okay, first off, I was totally touched by Sonic’s words, talking about how you can make things better despite all the responsibilities life throws at you and whatnot. I understand that so well, and it gave me a warm chill (lol oxymoron). And second, the “You can always be free with me” must’ve have SO much gravity on Knuckles, because my own heart feels like it’s gonna burst. xD

Argh, the thought of wasting months in front of a rock is unbearable, but think about all the YEARS Knuckles had to spend alone…in front of a rock, completely unaware of what he was missing. That’s some heavy food for thought…

…and on the other side of the coin, I guess there IS stuff to miss when you don’t stay still, especially when you think about it from Knuckles’ perspective. Angel Island is one of the only things he truly knows, and while it might be a huge piece of the life he’s stuck in, it’s still his home, a place that he can call his…Sonic can say that the world is his home, but it’ll never truly belong to HIM, ya know?

Sonic and Knuckles are like puzzle pieces. I’m glad you put them together. ;)

"I can live with that risk," Sonic murmured. "And I think you can, too."

Ooooooooh! *smirk*

In all seriousness though, loved how that ending was built up to that. Exactly the way it should’ve happened, and…I feel all tingly now. Hee. XD

Another wonderfully executed chapter, these are always so much fun to read! I anticipate the next one as always!

Child at Heart Forever chapter 3 . 7/23/2012
Hey, I'm all for friendshippy romance! But the way you write it makes it come off as lighthearted when there's so much gravity behind it. I love it. X)

Hee, had fun reading the part where Knuckles received the ride. I can only dream of how much fun that must've been...but the image of Knuckles actually on Sonic's back is kinda funny. XD

"Sonic liked a little spice of adrenaline in his day." I really like that wording! Suits Sonic perfectly.

D'aw, Knuckles getting all awkward! Adorable. XD It's really nice to see him happy for a change, and with Sonic no less. Which beings me to their conversation- it really bugs me how both of their thoughts are correct. X) Because, one would almost always side with Sonic for this kind of thing, you know, being free and doing what you want and all. But with Knuckles being the way he is, he can't JUST do all that. It's not in his nature or his philosophy- just in his dreams.

...which brings me to how happy I was when Knuckles agreed to accompany Sonic to the surface. :D

I know I've complimented the dialogue already, but I've discovered something else I like about it- how well it flows! You seemlessly transition from one topic to the next without missing a beat, and I didn't even notice it was the same conversation throughout until I read through the chapter again (because I like to do that when they're written well. :D)

Ah, listen to me carry on. I'm so excited to see where this is going to go, you wouldn't believe it. Seeing this updated made me smile. A lot. :D

"Nice to see you guys are enjoying it so far… including a few of you I know who have ironically managed to find me. ;)"- Irony works in strange ways. ;P
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