Reviews for Magical Me
Kimberly T chapter 16 . 5/9
This is an Absolutely Fascinating fanfic, and I realize that I'm writing this review nearly six years after the latest chapter was posted, but I still dare to hope that you'll continue it someday! (Hey, it typically takes more than seven years to declares someone's legally dead without a body...)
Dude chapter 4 . 5/4
I seriously don't understand why Self Inserts just straight up say Voldemort's name. This is a magical setting! Names have power! I wouldn't be surprised if saying his name would just ping him to your location. Self inserts trying to act like they're all tough just casually saying his name while everyone else flinches, I seriously want to see them punished for it, to understand why they fear calling out Voldemort. Even if all that happens is people ignore and avoid the SI like the plague afterwards, I want to see them punished for it
Vanessa Hime chapter 16 . 4/22
I really love this fanfic, it's so good! If you comeback, I'm gonna be here to read.
XXxxxadisxxxXX chapter 16 . 3/26
Fic's dead but this was an enjoyable read
Pinkeyla chapter 16 . 3/7
My goodness, this is absolutely brilliant! I do so hope you'll continue this, one day ...
Mac-The-Editor chapter 16 . 2/17
I have got to say that even in an incomplete form, and even before we ever step foot in Hogwarts, you have set up one of the most wondrously juicy mystery novels I've ever read, and it's beautifully blending a pinch of Sherlock with a dash of Lemony Snicket.

It's been six years since last this updated, but I simply must give it a favorite so I'll be able to reread at a later date. Thanks for writing something so engrossing that it's now nearly 7 AM, and I started reading at around 10 last night.

NaomiK chapter 16 . 2/2
Absolutely brilliant! Any chance you’ll continue? Loved the plot, the writing and all the extra little world building bits :)
xbox432 chapter 16 . 1/27
Sad to see such an interesting story hasn't been updated in a while. I originally came here from SB's own "The Skillful Lockheart", and I must say that it and this story as well have given me a hankering for Lockheart SIs... I'm going to have to look around for more of them.

As for this story, it has been so interesting to see some logic and backstory given to the HP world in such a fashion. There are so few writers who go to such lengths in regards to world-building rather than jumping straight into "oooh, shiny!" magic and school drama. Your fic just seems to ooze far-reaching thoughts and consequences more than others.

I will end by saying, thank you for the entertainment!
Sam the binge reader chapter 3 . 1/25
dumbledore is a bastard damn
anonymous inc chapter 6 . 1/20
huh never thought i would read a lockhart self insert but stranger things have happened
Blueowl chapter 16 . 1/20
Wow, I love this fic and hope you will continue it. I never thought I would like a Lockhart fic so much!
I can't wait to see how much Lockhart will change Hogwarts or how he will impact Harry.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/7
It is rather pathetic to instill something so mundane and unneeded as morals. New Gilderoy would be much more op character if he would not be replaced by some high strung lightsided moral idiot. The only thing he truly needed was some common sense. He could become a God amongst wizards and witches if properly written. With his skills and powers over mind he could rob the mundane blind, he could create loyal minnions and at the endgame he could potentially become an overlord of magicals and mundane. All that disgust about morals is pathetic
Hullanta chapter 5 . 12/3/2020
Woah, Pendle Witches! Neat, I live in Pendle.
Mar who reads HP chapter 16 . 11/30/2020
Hey, I love this fic. I’ve been hoping for some competent!LH fics and yours is the cream of the crop. I know it’s been years but I hope you come back to this soon!
musme chapter 16 . 11/26/2020
I love it very much
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