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Gamera68 chapter 42 . 12/15/2014
That was interesting.

Aliens, math, and Vin Diesel!

Well done my friend.
Now for a new story, right?
Gamera68 chapter 41 . 12/1/2014
Well this was better than what I had expected
and at least everyone from the series is still
pretty much alive, which I was happy to see.
Some rather odd pairings of couples, though...
but I really don't mind. It's been quite a wild ride
and I for one would like to see the omake posted.

Excellent job with this and I hope to see more of it soon :)
curiousanon chapter 20 . 10/11/2014
Okazaki reminded me of daleks for some reason, must be the caps
NightmareHeartx chapter 40 . 8/16/2014
I... did NOT expect that shoutout at the end of this chapter. XD Seriously, when I saw it I just... :'D
In all seriousness, thank you. :D It really means a lot! (Though, I do think it's a bit of a stretch for you to call my story better than yours... How modest can ya get? ;P )
-cough- Now, enough of my rambling. Onto the review!
Ah. Glad a certain someone found it in her heart to forgive... them. Everyone deserves forgiveness at one point or hug she exchanged with Past really gave me feels.
I really like how you paid more attention to the emotion of the fight rather than the fight itself. Cause after what Okazaki had been through, it'd be logical that the images of before would flash through his mind. Was pretty touching.
Even though I'm eager to see what happens next, I acknowledge that real life circumstances can be a bitch. -nod- So take your time writing it. (: I'd rather have a satisfying ending than one that was hastily put together. Can't wait to see certain characters get closure!
Hm... I normally don't tune in to radio shows, but I'll give this one a go! (Though, it might be hard for me to keep track of when it's on, since I'm currently studying abroad in Europe, but I'll try my best. Darn time zones. :P )
Gamera68 chapter 40 . 8/15/2014
Good chapter although I didn't see that coming.

Thanks for the shout-out, once again. Much appreciated.

Please update when you can - I'm dying to see what you have in store next!
NightmareHeartx chapter 39 . 8/9/2014
Andd I'm late to the party. Sorry. Was on a three week vacation with virtually no internet. Drove me nearly insane.
You know shit's about to go down when a chapter title's named after the story's one. -grabs popcorn-
Deadpan snarker alert. xD His trolling towards Past is a friggin riot. Also, the whole codename exchange... Past's one paranoid bastard.
I really enjoyed this chapter. If the next chapter happens to be the last, then it's something I'll be kind of... upset about, because I've grown quite fond this this story. xD Still, I can't wait to see how this story concludes. (:

I had to reread it twice because, me being
ThatOtherAsian chapter 39 . 8/5/2014
Excellent as always, not sure if I can say anymore than that.
Though I am a bit saddened to see this end, I can't wait to read the conclusion to this strange and epic story.
Well, assuming that the next installment will be the conclusion.

That aside, I would like to know if you have any more fanfictions in mind after this...

Can't wait for the next part!
Gamera68 chapter 39 . 8/4/2014
First of all, THANK YOU so much for the shout out for my online radio show!
I really appreciate the support!

Secondly, what an amazing chapter!

Stupid time paradoxes / causality loops!

Snarky much? That was really good!
After a while, I couldn't tell who was who, LOLs.

Extra points for the Dr. Who reference.

And the Rosario Vampire reference, as well.
"Know your place!"

Good fight too but the ending left me wanting more.
Excellent job all around.
NightmareHeartx chapter 38 . 7/3/2014
I’ve finally managed to catch up to this story. Whew, and what an experience it was. xD Honestly, when I started reading this story, I was really unprepared for all the death and destruction that was to come. Sure, I knew that it was to come, but when it actually came I just sort of felt… Actually, I should probably start at square one. I’ll give my thoughts on each individual act, starting from the first act. (Also, forgive any typos—I basically wrote all of this done while at the peak of my emotions. xD)

ACT 1 – Ya know, the thing I loved most about this act is the anticipation it induced. The fact that you revealed minor details over time about Okazaki’s true agenda without actually spoiling everything he has truly done is just… well, an amazing feat. I admire your ability to rewrite scenes from the anime yet while altering them in a way that would make the scenes fresh. Okazaki’s budding affection for Kotomi was well-played, even though I particularly don’t feel much for the pairing itself. (But then again, it’s not even Okazaki himself who’s feeling the affection for her, so go figure.) Anyway, throughout this act I knew that Okazaki had done something despicable to deem himself undeserving of friendship/love, but I never imagined how sickening—well, I’ll be getting to that shortly.

Act 2 – HOLY FU—okay, this act was probably the most… well, difficult to take in. Okazaki, man, you are… to be honest, when the truth was finally revealed, to us, and to his friends… I just… well, felt the same as they did. Shocked and disgusted. (This isn’t me criticizing your story; in fact, if anything, it’s quite the contrary. xD It made me feel like I’m watching a Terminator movie.) Actually, the whole ‘mind-rape’ concept is terrifying enough on its own—it didn’t need cannibalism to be added in with it. xD (Once again, not me criticizing. Just me acknowledging that his friends have a legitimate reason to be mortified.) Ushio has a right to be angry at Okazaki. After what he’d done, I’d say she isn’t angry enough. :P In any case though, that ending. Ryou’s dead. And I get the feeling she won’t be the last to die out of Okazaki’s friends.

Act 3- Er… I take back what I said about the last act being the most difficult to take in. This one is definitely harder. I mean, HOLY FUCKING— okay. I can’t say I’m too surprised about what happened in this act, because it’s been foreshadowed now for a long time, but… it’s still shattering. Kyou’s descent into madness, Tomoyo’s ultimate death after attempting to kill Tomoya out of rage… just… wow. But the biggest tragedy is probably Kotomi, who became an emotionless machine. Just… excuse me while I go and dry my tears. Hell, even the people in the bunkers die. Just… heartwrenching. I was listening to ‘Valley Exodus’ from The Lorax Soundtrack(which, while being a shitty movie, has an epic score too good for its own good) while reading the last chapter to this act, so yeah, that pretty much amplified the waterworks. Anyway, though, I gotta say, this act was probably the most engaging and had me on my feet the whole time. –applauds-

Act 4- Whew. Things are relatively calmer and less grim. I don’t think my heart could have taken another emotional roller coaster… though, then again, this act has only just begun, so I can’t say that there won’t be heartache later on. I’m actually glad Okazaki got the chance to fix this whole situation—if the story ended at Act 3, well, I’d probably cry in the bathroom for the next three days. And that’s probably an understatement. I’m looking forward to how everything will be resolved, though. The final battle will most likely be an amazing read.

Okay, so that’s me voicing my thoughts on each individual act. Now, my general thoughts on the story itself;
This story is unique. That’s what’s most noteworthy about it. Because literally, I have never seen a fan fiction take so many chances and succeed. Let me tell you, I’m actually not too big a fan of time travel fiction, mainly because most time travel stories neglect the prospect of paradoxes and whatnot. This story, on the other hand, attacks the prospect HEAD-ON. So yeah. So far, this story has been a blast—figuratively and literally. I rarely favorite stories, but I can say that this story is definitely going on my list. Stories this good deserve it. I don’t know whether or not this story will have a happy ending, but even if it doesn’t I’ll still consider it ahead of its time. (: Hope to see more!
Guest chapter 14 . 6/8/2014
I like
Palaven Blues chapter 35 . 6/7/2014
"with Kotomi...'"
Ellipses act like a word-they get a space between them and another word, and they get a period if they end the sentence.

"Okazaki thought with bitterness. "
This could be more showy and less telly

"Okazaki woke slowly."
I feel like you use this phrasing a lot.

", only to be interrupted by knocking."
Interrupted yawn? It's not like it stops you, a knock on the door ...

"once dead"
This needs a hyphen. It's not a once friend, and it's not a dead friend; it only works as once-dead friend.

"Oh hey,"
Comma. Both interjections, both set off by commas.

Poor Tomoyo, so confused.

That's only a hyphen. You want an em-dash. —

"one-hundred-percent "
This does not get hyphens.

"Okazaki kun,"
ALL the Japanese honorifics require hyphens. Every. Single. Time.

"The Twilight Zone"
TV titles get italics.

""...So, I hear-""
Yeah, you need to check all your ellipses, and any time you break off mid-sentence like that, it requires the em-dash, and not a hyphen.
Gamera68 chapter 38 . 5/15/2014
Glad you're back and happy to see a new chapter. Or half-chapter.

Either way it was pretty good. Happy to see Ushio back as well, more or less.
And the argument in his head was quite entertaining. Update whenever you can. :)
ThousandMastery chapter 37 . 5/12/2014
So... Akio's naming joke came to life, is what I'm getting in this story.
Gamera68 chapter 37 . 5/1/2014
Good chapter overall with some nice, comedic moments,
Well worth the wait :)
RedheadedMarina chapter 22 . 2/25/2014
It's great to get back to this story. :)

You do a great job in this first scene of interweaving the tension between Okazaki and Tomoyo-she wants to help, he knows she can't, but he also knows she believes she CAN, and that adds to the tension. I like that you add in the bit with her "eye twitching" in irritation as Okazaki makes one too many fatalistic statements-it may be true, but it's enough to get on anyone's nerves. Very realistic and makes both of them seem even more human and sympathetic.

Also a very unexpectedly sweet moment when Kotomi echoes the "abracadabra" as she enters the elevator. I could really see myself doing the same thing.

I think you handled the scene where Okazaki "unmasks" (if you will), very, very well. It's hard enough to describe this in itself, let alone to incorporate the different reactions of different people, let ALONE to describe them in a realistic way that creates a picture for the reader. I felt that you achieved all of these things beautifully. I could see Okazaki's...(es), face, the faces of his friends, the different reactions, matched with their personalities. But ultimately, it felt REAL to me. I don't know anything about this story 'verse outside of your writings, but everyone feels real and true to me, and in this incredibly unreal moment, it all comes together. Well, well done, DT. :)
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