Reviews for How to Win Friends, Influence People
katsekala chapter 21 . 6/13
It was a very funny story and I liked it! Many kisses!
atlantiserene chapter 20 . 6/6
*takes a long, deep breath* That. was EPIC. omigod omigod BEST NARUTO STORY EVER! Honest to god your brain is amazing, I absolutely adore all the plot twists and character development and general feel-good awesomeness in this fic. How you managed to get from point A to B, making it sound all so logical but in retrospect it's all COMPLETELY INSANE is a true gift. Off to read the sequel now! *happy dance*
jupimako chapter 20 . 6/1
That was hilarious. Bahahahahahahahaha! Thank you for a fantastic story!
bdet chapter 19 . 5/19
Such a great story so outrageous!
Nachtnelke chapter 4 . 4/14
Poor Evil-Kiri-Minion! He won't know what hit him XD "I'm gonna steal you!"
puiwaihin chapter 20 . 4/9
Loved this. Very well done.

As you noted, you have quite a few grammar errors sprinkled throughout the story. You should really go back and take a look at the grammar of questions in dialog, I think that accounts for at least half of them.
puiwaihin chapter 15 . 4/8
This is very clever and entertaining!
Lehna chapter 20 . 3/30
This story made me laugh during a time when I was pretty depressed. Since then I have read it again at least five times. (I can find my favorite parts without thinking.)
Thank you for this wonderful story!
Dadlop3 chapter 21 . 3/25
Awesome. Probably the most entertaining story I've ever read
Infernezor chapter 5 . 3/24
I loved Kabuto's portrayal. Best one yet.
ckazx chapter 6 . 3/9
"Now Konatsu and Kaeda were dead and he had joined a cult. All in a good day's work."
I could not stop laughing at this line and love this story.
I have not laughed like I have been reading this story in a while, thanks.
isadorator chapter 21 . 2/9
This is the third time I've read this story and yet I don't think I've left a review before? So, yeah, this fic is one of my faves and it's really funny and zany. I'm happy that you're working on the sequel (which I'm going to catch up on after writing this) and that you wrote such a great realitybender!Naruto. Thank you so much! 3
Alibi Nonsense chapter 20 . 2/4
I love it! XD That was so bizarre and crazy and awesome. It started with the Yakuza and got crazier from there. If Naruto was a mother duck, I think he would be the only duck with a conga in the history of ducks. So many people join him (and his cult) in this story, it's unbelievable! And yet totally believable, because this is Naruto and Naruto makes friends with Kabuto and makes bombs out of fruit as a natural daily habit.
Blown away. Thank you. :)
Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet chapter 19 . 2/2
Quite the fun little story you have here. :)
Momma Lici chapter 21 . 1/28

And going to find that sequel now!
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