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Infiatus chapter 38 . 10/17
Update, please. You're almost finished!
Guest chapter 38 . 10/10
Please update author san
MsgmSY chapter 38 . 10/4
Author san how have u been? Its been a while and hope that u update this story...always looking forward on how this story will end & ofcorz looking forward for a happy ending for our lovely couple SachikoYumi...update please...
Stay safe & healthy Author san
yhanchin chapter 38 . 8/19
Great! Such a long story...
Very interesting... update soon please...
VolpineGrinz chapter 34 . 8/17
I love the intrigue. It's so hard to give trust to another person and believe their actions are not meant to harm when they have the appearance of betrayal. Suguru acted most stupidly once he decided that he truly HAD emotions! Even if you believe that his intentions were good, how could you ever trust his judgment in the future knowing how idiotic he can be? I'm hoping fervently for a happy ending to this story. It's so complex. I wonder if Sachiko will ever find out what the $10M was for or if Yumi will be able to bring peace between these two great houses. I hope it's not another Romeo and Juliet tragedy (granted, with a little "Dangerous Liaisons" and "Godfather" thrown in!). Looking forward to reading your next chapters and very glad you're finishing the story.
MsgmSY chapter 38 . 8/15
Author san how are you? Hope ur doin' fine :)
Still looking forward for update :D
Stay safe and in good health
imoshen88 chapter 38 . 8/3
So.. I just read this entire story in one (very long) go. I must admit, it's rather hard to even exactly find the correct words about what to say about this story. I guess I can start with say that I really REALLY enjoyed it. (Duh obviously, I read it all in 1 sitting after all).
The idea behind the story is rather intriguing, as while some of the things do seem rather extreme, in some sense however, it mostly actually seems plausible inside the world of Marimite.
The OC's there are, seems well fleshed out, even if most of them are slightly terrifying. From the grandfather to Megumi, I can almost see them in my minds eye.
There is a lot of drama, where it at times perhaps seems close to drama for the sake of drama, but nonetheless I found myself enjoying every single chapter still.
It is really sad to think that Yumi and Sachiko perhaps in the end won't end up together, because honestly, they're made for each other. Even after everything, there love has so far overcome it.
I was left wondering if after what happened with Touko that would still be the case, and was not disappointed. Besides that, really looking forward for the last few chapters to come, and thank you sooo much for such an amazing and intriguing story.
We love us chapter 38 . 7/3
Yumi chapter 38 . 6/30
How the mighty have fallen
Cant believe that our almight Sekamitomi Yumi could be weak like anyway shes still thats hmm given? im sure that she will be in control again Megumi and Hayashi should know they're forward to read how Yumi kick they're a** and put them in they're place. See u nxt tym authorsan
MsgmSY chapter 38 . 6/30
I'm sorry about what happened...honestly i dont know what to feel or what to say :(angry,sad, i dont know maybe both and something more...i Just hope that they will stop eventually and learn to respect human beings like us..i just hope and pray that they will and accept us..We deserve happiness and peaceful in life..despite our gender and preferences...we are also human beings created by God and no matter what they're beliefs are, I believe that NO one has any right to take someone's life...just stay strong and be safe always...

Back to the I guess Megumi is the one with the most crazy intention of all...and the one who can kill Yumi's i said on my past reviews... love can make you do crazy and unthinkable things...Im excited to read the last two chapters and im so excited to read how Yumi will fight for her love for Sachiko..and again i will read this story till the end..hoping that despite of everything that had happened that u will stil find time to finish this matter how long it takes i will wait and will reread it all over again once finish..
Goodluck author san
frr1102 chapter 36 . 6/28
brother? ! oh shit!
tabaski chapter 37 . 6/25
Thank you so much for Updatinging _
Yumi Fan chapter 37 . 5/28
Wer have u been author san?
Hope you find time to update this story
Please update, we are looking forward for more chapters
Guest chapter 37 . 5/26
Update please author san
We love us chapter 37 . 5/24
I just want Sachiko to angst and then they can be together or whatever sigh
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