Reviews for The Freaks Come Out At Night
supercode chapter 1 . 6/7/2014
Interesting. Good story!
IronAmerica chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
Hey, new story!

Awww... :( Poor Vince. All of that could have been avoided if he hadn't been such a dummy. Sure, tell the ten-year-old that he's alive! Don't let your wife, you know, the super-competent *lawyer*, that you're alive. *sighs* Remind me again how Orwell puts up with this blockhead?

Chess probably loves Friday the 13th; and that should be "celebrating it", not "celebrating about it".

My god. Peter is hosting a *party*; like, an actual *party*! Something *must* be sinister about *that*. Orwell, just because your father is enjoying himself doesn't mean something sinister is up... *sighs*

Although you'd think Peter would have learned his lesson about costume parties on the train, you know... And Vince, stop overreacting. It's not like Dice or Scales is trying to kill you, and even Peter isn't bothering to look for you at the moment. It's a party. Enjoy yourself. (And ignore the sinister plans Orwell downloaded. I'm *sure* nothing can be up with *that*.)

Honestly, Friday the 13th only scares you if you think there's something sinister already. It's just another day on the calendar. Alright? Now take Orwell to get some coffee, because she's obviously caffeine deprived or something, which is making *her* overreact.

Vince is sweet. :3 And he's survived the Jackals-he should have balls of steel after that. Or horrendous nightmares from hell, but still. Friday the 13th scares him? Jeeze louise. What'd they do to him for *that*? *snickers*

And...I stand corrected. Alright, now is the time to panic. And possibly burn something to the ground after that knife. That, or beat the crap out of Ruvi, who is possibly behind this. (Tell me seriously: Would Ruvi pass up an opportunity like this one? Yeah. Didn't think so.)

Lovely story. Just the one quibble, as noted above in the review. I think Ruvi was being a jerky goofball, and Orwell shouldn't drink anything without caffeine in it. :D

Hope you update.

XxDeathStarxX chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
Good story! Peter had probably spiked the drinks with some drug so that his guests wouldn't notice how boring the party actually was. lol Loved to see how protective Vince was of Orwell :)