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Xacros chapter 1 . 7/21/2012
Funny because something similar happened to me two days ago LOL. This is a pretty good story and i'll try to keep up.

Name : Terrance" Terry" Marshell

Digidestined or Corrupted (bad guy) : Corrupted

Age : 16

Sex : Male

Personality : He's quite and lazy but is smarter than he looks. Has a laid-back nature and tends to observe than fight to pint point weaknesses and use them to his advantage or personal gain. When angry his personality takes a 180, he turn cold and psychopathic. He would go after his target no matter what or who is in the way until their gone. Actually cares for his partner and does who he considers his friends.

Nationality (If you don't want them to be from Odaiba) : African American

Appearance : 6 feet tall, yellowish-brown eyes, brown skin, has a tattoo on his arm of snow flake

Clothes : neon yellow hood with dark green stripes, black cap, gray under shirt, black jeans and yellow and black sneakers

Background (be original as you can) : Born and raised in Dakota, Terry grew up with his mother, sister, brother and step father. In his younger years he was quite and shy which got him bullied and used. After a series of events including being framed for car jacking and stealing property, he got sent to live with his father, who later moved to japan because of his new job and to give him a new life.

Crest/trait/activation for higher levels (be detailed if you're creating you're own method of higher Digivolution) : Yellow digisoul ( Can summon it at will)

Digivice or D3?: D3

Digimon partner and stages : In-Training: Tokomon, Rookie: Tsukaimon, Champion: Devimon, Ultimate: Neodevimon, Mega: Murmukusmon

Digimon Personality : Lazy and gets bored easily. He is also a trickster at heart and uses this to confuse or anger enemies. He loves to fight so he always looks for a tough opponents and loves flying around to cause chaos. Cares for his partner but doesn't like to admit it. likes to sleep on terry's shoulder.

Extras (notes on the character that do not fit elsewhere) : Sometimes listens to music if stressed or bored. Tends to appear out of nowhere. Usually will have tsukaimon as devimon.
DemonBlueFox chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
Very nice! I really like it so far! Good luck with the rest of it, it looks really really good! I messaged a character too. Alright! Hope you update soon!
kitsunelover300 chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
Hi there! It's nice to see that you haven't given up on us! Out of curiosity, will you continue N.O.D rewired or has this replaced it?
Anyway, I have an oc for you!

Name : Nina Jordan

Digidestined or Corrupted (bad guy) : Digidestined

Age : 15

Sex : Female

Personality : Nina is usually quiet and dowsn't speak unless spoken to or if she has something to contribute to a conversation. She is a major bookworm and is never seen without a book on her person, no matter what the situation. She tends to keep her feelings and burdens to herself and gives anyone the cold shoulder should they nag. She's like a combination of Raven from Teen titans and Claes from Gunslinger girl. She is serious and has a sarcastic sense of humor. Nina isn't afraid to speak her mind and acts like she doesn't care what others think of her, which she actually does. She can be a gentle person and generally avoids conflicts if she can help it. Though she has lived her life being blind, she doesn't like to be blind.

Nationality (If you don't want them to be from Odaiba) : Japanese on her mother's side and American on her father's side.

Appearance : Nina has chestnut brown hair that is tied in a braid and reaches her mid back, pale green eyes due to her blindness and light peach skin. She stands at around 4' 8" and is petite in build.

Clothes : Nina is seen wearing a knee length black skirt, long white socks, brown buckled shoes, a long sleeved purple shirt and sunglasses to hide her eyes. She also carries a cane though her partner acts like her seeing eye dog.

Background (be original as you can) : Nina was born in America and grew up learning about both of her cultures. She was at a disadvantage due to her being blind, so her stay at home mom homeschooled her and even got some help from her own blind father to help teach the girl to read brail. She has a little brother whom she adores and whom isn't blind but doesn't treat her any different. She moved to Japan after her father got a job offer when Nina was 13 and her younger brother, Timmy, was 5. She has lived in Odaiba for 2 years and ended up being acquainted with Joe and Izzy. She met her partner, Guilmon, then a Gigimon, just before the virus broke out and has been helping out since.

Crest/trait/activation for higher levels (be detailed if you're creating you're own method of higher Digivolution) : Her crest is the crest of faith which looks like a red six pointed star.

Digivice or D3? Digivice

Digimon partner and stages : Her partner is Guilmon

Fresh- Jyarimon

- Gigimon

Rookie- Guilmon

Champion- Growlmon

Ultimate- Wargrowlmon

Mega- Gallantmon (Megidramon if corrupt)

Digimon Personality : Guilmon is relatively friendly, not as childish as Takato's Guilmon but still curious about the human world. He is protective of his friend and becomes hostile or aggressive towards threats. He acts as Nina's seeing eye dog.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
I can't believe it...William Murphy can't even use a microwave properly. I have to admit that's pretty damn funny in my opinion. I think this is going to be interesting so might as well make an oc

Name : Terra Snow

Digidestined or Corrupted (bad guy) : Digidestined

Age : 15

Sex : Female

Personality : Terra is occasionally a cold person but her partner Bearmon will always scowled when she is. She can have a laugh with friends in some situations but for the most part is too serious. She is very competitive and will do anything, that doesn't involve people getting hurt, to achieve a goal. Very little makes her cry. She is very protective of others,

Nationality (If you don't want them to be from Odaiba) : English

Appearance : She has long black hair that reaches her waist and parts of it is starting to go curly. She has pale skin and dark blue eyes. She is very short for her age and her body has yet to fully develop.

Clothes : She usually wears a white shirt with black sleeves, denim shorts with a belt, black and white trainers. She will occasionally wear a white dress that reaches her knees.

Background (be original as you can): Terra is the daughter of a very successful businessman. Her and her father had to move often because of his business. She never knew her mother because she died giving birth to Terra. Terra had few friends and was very protective of the ones she had.

Then one day a bear-like creature and a weird device came out of her computer. This creature turned out to be Bearmon, her partner, and the device was a Digivice. From that day on, she was a digidestined.

Crest/trait/activation for higher levels (be detailed if you're creating you're own method of higher Digivolution) : Protectiveness; activates when she rushes to the aid of others, risking her life to do so.

Digivice or D3: Digivice

Digimon partner and stages : Bearmon-Grizzlymon-GrapLeomon-SaberLeomon

Digimon Personality : Bearmon is like a mother to Terra, often scowling her when she is rude and praising her when she is polite. She is just as protective of Terra as a mother would be of her child. She is polite to others and enjoys engaging others in conversation, even in the midst of a battle. She is very cheerful and only the most depressing of situations can make her sad. She is very serious about Terra's safety and future.

Extras: Terra's favourite colour is blue.
An Anon Fellow chapter 1 . 7/17/2012
I see I'm not the only one that don't like the abused childhood. I'll get to it via PM.
wisdom-jewel chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
Nice story and I would be happy to give it a shot.
Belka Chernavka chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
This looks very interesting! The whole concept is intriguing. I'll definitely submit an OC for you.

Name : Wally Seiker

Digidestined or Corrupted (bad guy) : corrupted

Age : 16

Sex : male

Personality : Wally is good natured and always has a smile on his face. He is happy go lucky and doesn't seem to get angry. Although he has a bubbly personality, he has evil intentions and doesn't care what he has to do to get his way.

Nationality (If you don't want them to be from Odaiba) : Japanese, American

Appearance : He has blonde hair and green eyes. Standing at 5'6", he has fair skin and is slightly skinny. He has little muscle definition.

Clothes : Wally has a long sleeve white shirt with a dark green vest over it. He has a pair of jeans and brown boots. He wears two brown belts, a pair of brown fingerless gloves, and dark green goggles around his neck.

Background (be original as you can) : Wally came from America with his parents. However, he felt that he wasn't getting enough out of life with his family. When his father's job required him to move to Japan, Wally took this as an opportunity to escape. He lived on the streets making trouble for fun and stealing/conning for food. He met his partner along the way and together, they lived on the streets doing whatever they wanted.

Crest/trait/activation for higher levels (be detailed if you're creating you're own method of higher Digivolution) : Freedom

Digivice or D3? D3

Digimon partner and stages : Dracomon, Coredramon (blue), Wingdramon, Slayerdramon

Digimon Personality : Dracomon is very naughty and is on the darker side. He loves to make trouble and tends to snicker a lot. He likes to cause problems to other people and is somewhat cocky.

Extras (notes on the character that do not fit elsewhere) : feel free to PM me about anything
Elegon chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
Awesome chapter! Thank goodness you haven't gone into hiding!
Kitefire chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
Name :Sabrina Garnet Williams

Digidestined or Corrupted (bad guy) :Digidestined

Age :16

Sex :Female

Personality :Kind,Caring,Friendly,quite smart,shy,stands up for others if needed to,like to help others,a girlie-girl,when she see a cute digimon she can't help but hug it,Naive,hate snobby or rude girls or people

Nationality (If you don't want them to be from Odaiba) :Toyko,Japan

Appearance :petite,Black hair shoulder length with a pink ribbin tied in the back(Not a pony tail),green eyes,white skin,well devolped body

Clothes :Wearing a pink short sleeved t-shirt with a yellow star in the front,A short blue denim skirt, black thigh high socks,light brown short high heel boot swearing a silver necklace around her neck

Background (be original as you can) :Transfered to Japan when she when she was ten,she lives in a high class family with her father who is a buessniess owner of a medical company,she's in the archery club in the school and top of her class,she saw her mother murdered in front of her when she was ten and it scar her but for the sake of herself and her friends and family tries to put it behind her

Crest/trait/activation for higher levels (be detailed if you're creating you're own method of higher Digivolution) :Radiances,it activates when the situation seem hopeless but Sabrina is willing to keep going no matter what

Digivice or D3:D3

Digimon partner and stages :Moonmon-Lunamon-Leskimon-Crescemon-Dianamon

Digimon Personality :Kind,caring,shy,A bit of a cry baby,has a dark side if Sabrina's is in danger and only Sabrina can calm her down,in her mega and Ultimate form form switchs between her good and bad personility like the light and dark part of the moon

Extras (notes on the character that do not fit elsewhere) :
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