Reviews for Your Trash Is My Mate
silver-stone2 chapter 28 . 10/2
are you going to finish this story
GothicPheonix chapter 28 . 9/27
Technically here, shouldn't Emmett be saying three since as Alice and him explained that their mates are helping them and not Doucheward? ""I don't understand any of you. The four of you can happily leave Bella when you think it's best for her or you thought she told you to go you make us all pack up and leave."
And I'm really liking how this chapter turned out. And I'm sorry about your dog. In June I had to put my 17 year old cat I grew up with down. She was always by my side, practically lived in my room when she didnt have to do her business. Always on my bed, I gave half of it to her. Worse hung is that I know if I hadn't put her down, she would've stayed even though she was in so much pain and was three days away from turning 18. To me it still feels like she just died last week. So I know how you are feeling.
dayday chapter 28 . 9/24
I hope u write more
andrewpine chapter 28 . 9/23
Looking forward to the completion of this Vicky die in this story or the sequel? will we have to wait until the sequel to see Eddie and Carlisle die?
andrewpine chapter 27 . 9/23
Hopefully you will take this for what it you plan to write a sequel please find a beta that can check your spelling and put the words in sentences that you leave out so they make sense. I am not trying to be mean ,just trying to help you to be a better writer...I wish Bella would get over her soft heartedness sp and just kill Eddie and Carlisle.
andrewpine chapter 24 . 9/23
So her Angel is half pissed is she going to be when she finds out her parent kept this from her? surprised her powers didn't kick in when James attack her.
andrewpine chapter 23 . 9/23
A thousand year old vampire afraid of her girlfriends .
andrewpine chapter 22 . 9/23
I would not be surprised if the little bitch doesn't go to the Volturi and accuse Tanya of stealing his mate and put them all on their radar just because the bitch is not getting his way.
andrewpine chapter 21 . 9/23
Can't wait till tomorrow when they little bitch reads her one other thing,the way he had been talking to Tanya should have cost him one major beat down,since he was at her house, her coven..what he said was major disrespect of a Coven she didn't kill him for that Carlisle should have instead of backing him shows major disrespect between coven leaders.
andrewpine chapter 20 . 9/23
Keep it M,just finish the story and don't bother with a sequel.
andrewpine chapter 19 . 9/23
''I am sure you can your family,can make it him'',what does that even mean? I love this new bad ass she had been a vampire Eddie would have been a smoking pile of ash about that or looked like a large jig saw puzzle.
andrewpine chapter 18 . 9/23
So looking forward to little Eddie's tantrum should be classic,especially when he finds out she is with'' The whore"" as he calls i agree with her Carlisle is a very,very lousy leader.
andrewpine chapter 17 . 9/23
''Mission:date a vampire is a go''. love how shocked Tanya will be when Bella asks her out ?
andrewpine chapter 16 . 9/23
''I decided to climb underneath my comforter"...nice she is starting to except Tanya more.I can't wait until you bring them back,i want to see if little Eddie survives the he don't oh well,also i want to see what Carmen does when she see be an epic cat fight.
andrewpine chapter 14 . 9/23
That just proved how ignorant she was to be hooked up with Eddie in the first Tanya doesn't rip him to pieces i hope once she is turned she does it.
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