Reviews for Pokémon: The great adventure
Siggimondo chapter 12 . 5/12
...Free rental bikes. :D

Nothing says "I don't even care about my own life, why should I care about yours? " like driving a motorcycle without a helmet.

Freestyle battle. :D

You'll change your mind eventually. No mon can resist the pull of the eye.

Dat flower power. XD

Well, would you look at that. They were reasonable people after all. Maybe they just couldn't afford helmets.

A mystery wrapped in an enigma smothered in awesomesauce.

Shake-a-booty, shake shake. :D

The other banned one. -.-

...Silver, you suck at gambling.
At least you have awesome ice powers. :D

Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 11 . 5/10
Ninjas. :D

Mama Wolf sure was cute back in her early days. :3

Koga, you dun goofed. Never tickle a sleeping dragon.

This is your own fault. You tickled.

Why did Koga have to be such a killjoy? -.-

Silver got so excited when he heard news of a party that he dropped the e in his name. XD

In a world where psychics are real, aura is a thing and hundreds of monsters wield the powers of nature, above average empathy and compassion is considered magic. Considering how rare those are, I can't even blame them for it, I just wanted to point it out.

Good old evolution ex machina.

Ah, the banned one. Even though weapons of greater number and/or firepower has been pointed at people so far, this is the one that got banned.

Dem Tauros. XD

Sweet as strawberries on a bright summer day. :D

Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 10 . 5/9
Translate ALL the pokémon. :D

Dat friendship. TTwTT

Gary doesn't nature much. XD


I want to punch him. In the face. Repeatedly. :(

Just my luck. Ash got punched. Repeatedly. -.-

Trolling Diglett. :D

Such mysterious, much fascinating, very secrets, wow.

Another one down, gotta keep the pace. Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 9 . 5/9
The trolling Diglett. :D

True, those mons are so cute I'd get my shirts dirty just to snuggle one. :3

Gary motherf-ing Oak -.-

Their rivalry is so intense that literally everyone forgot the reason they came. XD

That peptalk made me shed manly tears of manliness. TTwTT

Too Torchick to fight. XD

Gary... I have no words that can adequately describe how much you dun goofed right now. I'd wish you luck if it weren't for the facts that I really dislike you and know that you'll lose.

Doduo. Because all Gary can do is finish quickly.
What, too soon?

I think you meant Nidoking, not Kidoking.

The advantages of not yet having a poison weakness. XD

Gary, let me tell you something. True. Terror. Is. PINK!

Smell that? Smells like some freshly baked humble pie. :D

I've already used the virginity joke, I couldn't possibly do it again.

Suddenly, plot. :D

Few things get me exited like a new Elia41 chapter, so I better get through a few chapters before it wears off. Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 8 . 5/6
Giovanni is surprisingly deep and good at exposition. Maybe not as surprising in retrospect, but very much so at the time.

The plural of leaf is leaves, not leafs.

Sometimes I wish I could do photosynthesis, but then I remember that that would require me to be outside a lot, at which point whatever I'm eating suddenly tastes a lot better. :D

It's so very Ash to enjoy pampering his pokémon. He's the epitome of "if they're happy, I'm happy". :D

Poor scrubs, they're ten years too young to be messing with the protagonists. XD
Also, they suck at catching things.

Apparently Magnet Rise and Protect are more and less useful respectively than normal.

At one point, you called Dorian Damian.

I believe you meant to say that Pidgeotto eats bugs twice his size for breakfast, not side.

Wounds, not woulds.

Ash used [insert fighting type move here]. It's super effective. :D

The crossdressing, while hilarious, will not be required. Hurray for gender equality. :D

I'll have to remember that at this point in time she's not a fairy yet. So no poison weakness. :D
And STAB Return. :D
"Who needs STAB, watch me bring down the power of the heavens on this fool!" XD

Something about sprinklers in grass gyms goes in here, I think.

She also realised that no way in the Reverse World can she defeat Ash Ketchum. She's just saving everyone's time and her pokémon's wellbeing at this point.

No need to go in depth about those two, we all know what happened. XD

That's not how pokébiology works. The species of a pokémon is determined by its mother, so if its mother was a Machoke then the child should be of the Machop evolutionary line.

Unlike canon Ash, who has no discernable rhythm

I feel like I'm getting really nitpicky here, but Hi Jump Kick is preformed using the knee.

Again, sorry for the delay. I needed another break, but I'm still going to get this done. Eventually. Promise.
Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 7 . 4/30
Who ya gonna call? :D

Improvements have been made. :D

Time for Butterfree to go off and have sex. You would have swept more than half of the remaining gyms, but it was not to be. The really sad part is that butterflies in the real world aren't made to live much longer than it takes for them to mate. Meaning that Butterfree's source material counterpart is probably dead. -.-

The power of friendship is strong, but nothing compared to the power of boners.

Butterfree aren't pink. Shiny Butterfree have pinkish limbs, but that's about it. This Butterfree is a freak of nature, but since the variation is sexually selected for it will at some point become a prominent part of the species. Either that, or Ash's Butterfree is a pervert.

The auto-translator is back. :D

Silver said what half of all teenagers must have thought at some point. XD

This is explained shortly after the ordeal with Kraken, introducing the concept at the perfect time for a retroactive mindblow. Ah, the memories.

Timid? I bet he had perfect IVs and EVs as well. At least he doesn't die in this fic. :/

Going with the metaphor from my previous review, I'd have thought that Pikachu would've been Ash's first, but I suppose Butterfree's hard-on for Bubblegum forced the issue. Sorry if my virginity joke sucked, it was my first one.

You don't HAVE to do this, Ash. There are other gyms. Let's be rational and not challenge the clinically insane oh who am I kidding, he's not going to listen to me about this. -.-

Torments greater than death? That would explain why that episode threw physics, biology and logic out the window. It was all in their heads.

Sabrina is broken as hell.

Powers of friendship and boner, unite. :D

The abomination now has a name and backstory, but the nature of her unnatural coloration is still unexplained.

Who ya gonna call? :D

I think you forgot a word or two after Misty and Brock decided to wait outside the tower.

I ain't scared of no ghosts. :D

I ain't scared of no ghosts. XD

Ah, siblings. A blessing and a curse.

Who ya gonna call? Ashbusters. XD

Almost a haiku. Pretty good. 7/10 such poetic.

That's not how Shadow Ball works. It is how Shadow Punch works, though, so it shouldn't require too much editing.

I think you accidentally wrote Refresh instead of Recover. The intensity of the battle must have been getting to your head. Pun intended.

Sabrina is living proof that laughter is the best medicine. I'm not a psychologist, but I think that's how it works. Totally. Seems legit. Better make sure she gets extended lol-therapy, just in case.

...that region will always have a special place in my heart. Fuck the haters.

Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 6 . 4/29
I think you forgot to actually insert a song in this one. I'll let you know if a good one comes to mind.

"I'm on a boat" by Lonely Island?

That doesn't make any sense. Super Fang would have halved the targets HP, so either it was powerful and the opponent instantly surrendered, or he/she'd almost lost already and it was weak as a Shuckle's Constrict (btw, don't fuckle with Shuckle), or he/she clearly doesn't know how to pokémon. Swap for Hyper Fang maybe?

Gotta love that "heads or tails" part. XD

The only justification for Ash ever trading any of his pokémon at any point ever is: he was ten. I can only assume the source material wanted to teach a lesson about responsible trading, but I believe I can speak for your audience when I say that we have already learned that lesson, so we appreciate Ash acting like a somewhat rational human being.

Oh goodie, some righteously indignant curbstomping. :D

One-hit KO! XD

Two-hit KO! XD

Did that Spearow evolve upon release or something?
Regardless, two-hit KO! XD

I thought fire blades was the burning Leaf Blade combo.

One-hit KO(I assume)! XD
One-hit KO! XD
X-hit KO! XD

That's the lesson of the day: don't talk trash to Ash. XD

Team Rocket sucks. -.-

This chapter features a decent amount of assholes, so how about "Asshole" by Denis Leary?

It also has its fair share of entitled douchebags, so how about "Mine" by Disturbed?

The ship's still sinking, so how about "To The Bottom Of The Sea" by Voltaire?

If all else fails, you can always try "Messing With the Best" by Miracle Of Sound. :D

And this is where we first see Silver's problems with drowning.

The thing about Lugia and Silver talking over our heads that I liked the most was the fact that I was not aware of an epic and deep plot lying around at the bottom of this mystery, and the moment when all the pieces came together would be epic.

It's the Legendary Classification System. :D
...which for some reason doesn't contain the letter gamma.

He saw them before any other ones, thus making them literally the first legendaries he's seen. I believe the word you're looking for is "last".

Altruism for the win. :D

Gary vs. Ash at last? This is intense. O.O
Damn pokéblocking Team Rocket. -.-

Cry me a river, grass types. There's a Butterfree heading your way and it's ready to wreck. your. shit. XD

Up yours, Gary. XD

I think Delia is suffering from an Elia41-grade mindblow. Either that or her maternal instincts are backfiring. Either way my son-sense is detecting an impending hug.

And here we see the introduction to a concept that should seem obvious, but that you take to a whole new level. Pokémon, a broad group of sentient beings, have their own names for individuals in their communities, and telling a human said name is a huge fucking deal. Like someone's virginity, it can only be given once, can't be taken back, probably means a great deal to them and can involve some pretty emotional subtext.I love it. I also appreciate the Misty character development. :D

I gave you some suggestions, I hope one of them fits the chapter well enough. :D
Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 5 . 4/28
I'm back. Gotta review 'em all. :D

Despite the well-traveled mentor accompanying them they manage to get lost. Then again, everyone knows that the rare catches won't be on the beaten path. That, and the plot demands it. :P

Not the ear. XD

Lesson time! :D

Since all the categories aren't mutually exclusive, the actual variety in types of trainers is likely to be in the hundreds, though some combinations are probably more common than others. :D

Indeed, such a shame that the forest can't handle your awesomeness. -.-

Perhaps this was the lesson all along. With adult supervision, it's okay to get lost.

Poor, deluded little thing. TTwTT

Damn, delusional little fucker. :(

He's still in denial. TTwTT

Oooh yes, show that pathetic excuse for a human being who's boss!

Headshot. XD

That's right, true terror is pink. XD

Music is Soda Pop for the soul. :)

Who would abandon a Squirtle? It's objectively the best Kanto starter.

Damn, Lya's so mad she forgot how to spell sea. Also, NOT THE TAIL! D:

Why specifically a Super Potion?

Gary motherfucking Oak. -.-

I can personally confirm how awesome it feels to be helpful. SS story seems legit.

Now were just a Drillbur short of a TTGL reference. XD

Either this is how he deals with his PTSD, or Surge is just a dick. Either way I don't like him.

Surge lost so hard he lost his ability to do first grade math. That was clearly two attacks, the Quickle tickle and the Shiny metal ass. Three if you count the Run like a mofo!.

The PTSD theory seems more credible now that I've seen he has his lucid moments. He's still mostly a dick, though.

I feel like this will be relevant in the upcoming movie chapter. That said, there are more chapters to get through. Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 4 . 4/26
And he's watching us all in the eyyyyyyyyyyyyyye... of the tiger. XD
Why are my Gary senses tingling?

Fell here, not felt here. I think Silver got drunk on nostalgia.

A poetry-off? Poor Seymour, you never stood a chance.

Due to my never having been to Sinnoh personally, this was my first in-depth explanation of the Arceus creation tale. I say tale and not myth because it is true for them, though not for us.
G and K expanded their respective territories, not expended.

Who the f is Smogo?
Is that the french name for Koffing? Because in that case you're using it wrong.

Swift is weak as hell, has a horrible offensive typing and hardly ever sees play, but the one thing it has going for it is its guaranteed accuracy. No way Meowth dodged that.

Because let's face it, when even the salad is sentient you're gonna have to eat pokémon sooner or later.

You're calling it Smogo again -.-

You're calling it Koffing again. :D
I'm not sure whether to applaud you for getting it right or condemn you for being inconsistent.

My Gary sense was picking up the residual douchebaggery on that sign! Facinating.

Let there be no doubt: Ash has most definitely had the better journey so far.

I think we've passed seven hundred by now, but then again Kalos is still sealed in limbo or whatever.

Sis is singular. They'll have to sneak by Misty's sisters, plural.

Again, nobody likes Swift, but it's guaranteed accuracy is its only selling point. You can't just dodge that sh*t.

And thus begins the tale of the rampaging warrior in the guise of a fairy.

Ah, good old AssJock.

You forgot the u in if you lose.

Curbstomp time. XD

When using K-O as a verb, the past tense should be K-O'd. If you think that doesn't make sense you could always use the expanded knocked out.

And that's without access to Dazzling Gleam. Impressive.

I was not disappointed. This was my first taste of the Elia41 Mindblow. 'Cause there ain't no mindblow like an Elia41 Mindblow. :D

Once Ash learns martial arts, he'll be able to:
1: Outfight Gary
2: Out-awesome Gary (I saved a colony of Clefable from being kidnapped by a criminal organisation, and that's just Tuesday. How was your trip? )
3: Outbattle Gary (spoiler XD)
4: Outsmart Gary (due to Silver's tutelage)
5: Outrun Gary (he's not getting much exercise in that car of his)
and 6: Outfriend Gary (while he has a lot of fans, I doubt he considers any of them his friends)
That is to say, he'll be able to beat Gary six ways till Sunday. XD

I like how you lay the ground work for making a character awesome without making the process itself stale and unappealing. I've seen some people try to do this and ending up with something that reads like clichés crossed off a checklist, but you make even this seem interesting.

That kid learned more important than the entire intended curriculum that day. Get rekt, private education. XD

Lol, Giselle can't even spell poor. XD

Yes. We are insulting you. It happens to be insultingly easy. DEAL WITH IT. :D


We all hate her. In fact, I don't even think most of the people on her side like her.

That's right, get rekt. :D

That was quite the chapter. I'm running out of steam, so I'll take a break before the next chapter. It was either that or several lengthy breaks while doing it, which kinda kills my momentum. Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 3 . 4/25
Third time's the charm. :)

Misty must join despite having received an apology and adequate compensation. THE PLOT DEMANDS IT. :D

Walking breakfast. Golden. XD

I don't think I ever doubted Espera's words. That Butterfree will be in the top percentage of Butterfree.

Bug types really do evolve like there's no tomorrow, don't they. XD

Dat daddy instinct. *.*

Sour grapes. That's what's gotten into him.

That kid is self-contradicting so hard right now. XD

Because two boys repeatedly yelling at their monsters, telling them to harden, while funny, is not my cup of tea. XD

Kid, you just got burned. By Ash. There's an irony in there somewhere.

Enter the glorious auto-translator. It makes things way funnier and way less complicated. Quite the stroke of genius, if I may say so myself.

Chill. XD

Rule nr. 1: Watch, learn, understand, move.
That sounds like a few rules mashed together. Then again, I'm no pokémon master, what do I know.

Poor Geodude. Never stood a chance.

I would have been quite mad to miss the most exciting part of the battle, but since Ash lost it's okay.

Why is there a sprinkler system in the rock type gym, but not the grass type gym? In canon, I mean. It seems a little too convenient.

I apologise, not I apology. Get it together, Flint. I know you're nervous, but that's no excuse for bad grammar.

At least he has good timing. Why? BECAUSE THE PLOT DEMANDS IT. XD

Damn lucky early readers, getting feedback on their reviews. -.-
Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 2 . 4/25
One down, thirty to go. :D

Can't say I know that song, but there are few who don't know the name of Bilbo Baggins. :D

The classic Nidorino vs. Gengar. A scene revisited in a fic revisited. Nostalgiaception?

Nice Hold your Hippogriffs. :D

Yeees, glorious fire and destruction...
Did I mention I'm partial to fire types?

Of course you're late, the plot demands it!

Maybe that's because Snarl is a special move and Bite is a physical move.

Awesome mentor Ash Awesome Ash. Eventually, at least.

I'll admit that I haven't played much pokémon since OrAs, but I don't think pokéballs is hyphenated.

Oh sh!t. XD

Dat "Come at me, bros!" O.O

If only we'd know the wattage of that attack. Then we could have measured the power of friendship.

It's potential like that that sends shivers down my spine.

Kalos was still under lockdown, apparently. :)

I've missed the Rocket theme. :D

They take "Gotta catch 'em all" a little too literally. XD

Poison sting, not poisin.

They're just as weak as I remember. XD

That sure took the wind out of Misty's sail. XD

And another one down, another one down, another one bites the dust. XD
Au revoir.
Siggimondo chapter 1 . 4/24
Someone values my opinion on the Internet. What choice do I have but to oblige? :)

Boys will be boys. XD

That's Ash and Gary, all right. Spot-on description.

Ash went to open what now? That sentence seems to be missing a.

You know the dude's awesome when even after falling off his mount from a storm your first impression of him is "noble". Either that, or he has some weapons-grade cosmetics for sale.

What could this be? I'm so egg-cited!
Is what I believe my reaction was back then.

This is the part where every single reader start comparing the yet unnamed Ninetales to Meowth.

He/She has attitude. XD

Lya. Right. I remembered that. Totally.

Good guy Ash. :D

The tail is his weak spot. It's also super fluffy. :3

I forgot how armed the dude was. He puts Ezio to shame. XD

Sometimes it's the simple things that make you smile. Like Ash's butchering of parthenogenesis. :)

That's right, permadeath is a thing here. Better not take too many flamethrowers to the face, Ash. :P

Silver Nor Shadow. Then again, someone named their child Red, so who am I to judge.

A string of exclamation points and question marks is not usually hyphenated. Then again, her voice could have been quivering between incredulity and outrage, so for all I knowit could been accurate.

He called it. XD

A completely platonic thing for Ash, I assume.

Far away needs no hyphen. Also, people bought that excuse?

Gary, Gary, Gary. Did nobody ever tell you that if you let your mouth run free it'll eventually come back to bite you in the ass?

Damn you, nature! What did those eggs ever do to you?

I assume you meant to say that you don't own CoM and BbV.

I see what you were talking about. You've come far since writing this. Don't get me wrong, it has a few bug types, but by no means is this not good. By the time the typos start appearing you've already earned the benefit of the doubt as far as I'm concerned. And now I'm rambling, which means it's probably time to move on to the next chapter. Au revoir.
Llew444 chapter 8 . 4/5
this stoy is epic!
And i know you said ash wouldnt catch legendaries but just befriend them BUUT
PLEASE give him a Zaptos and then make him an Electric Aura Master!
Also, ging with the Norse Gods, name te Zaptos Thor
i know it wont happen but it would be cool!
Partsu chapter 31 . 4/3
This is one hell of a story!
Partsu chapter 29 . 4/3
Okay that was awesomeif bittersweet. Though why make A.J so strong? that guy is a jerk and a torturer! stupid choice but whatever...
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