Reviews for What A Guy Can Do
Original Guest chapter 92 . 6/8
Your right, it is out of place. Didn't quite understand the part with the female prisoner. I enjoyed reading about Nora and Bo.
Alliecattie3 chapter 92 . 6/5
OMG! OMG! Hot sexy time in Salem tonight! The Commish and his wife are visiting and heating things up! There's a new baby on the way! Awesomeness! Wonder if Matt and David and Rachel know?
Course it would be Bo grinning with pride that Matt has his Destiny all too himself! Bo is so proud he may bust! Both he and Nora are so excited about their daughter in law in the making! It's so cute! Can't wait for that dream to come true!
Is that Lindsay in prison? Is she tied to the Creepers?
Can't wait to find out what's up!
Love it!
Wendymypooh chapter 91 . 5/21
Oh boy Shane and Destiny are in trouble with Jamie and Matt...both are liking being in power/control of their bf/gf a little too much...
Alliecattie3 chapter 91 . 4/20
Shane's in trouble NOW! LOL! Guess turning the tables won't be as easy as he thought!
Liked the flashbacks! Glad Matt was on it with getting cell to the police!
Excited for more!
Alliecattie3 chapter 90 . 4/20
Very interesting! The Creepers are working with a woman in prison and Nora and Bo are the real targets? Des is just a pawn to get at Matt?
Somebody better figure out what's up fast so Des won't get hurt!
Alliecattie3 chapter 89 . 4/20
Must say for the 100th time, I love this story! Mannish Matt is at it again! No doubt that his girl will know how much he loves her at the end of her punishment! Enjoyed Matt's self talk! Glad he's not letting his hormones rule! Feel sorry for Des being stuck in the bag, but think that bag is keeping her and Matt from doing something they're not ready for!
Favorite part was that Matthew and Destiny had some real talk about her feelings and how much she's always trusted him with her heart even when he proved unworthy! Safe to say that Matt will work hard to make sure he's worthy from now on!
LOVE the body paint! Matt's staking his claim and leaving no doubt! Thanks to David! LOL!
Originial guest chapter 91 . 4/15
Its been awhile. I found myself checking weekly for any update and here it is. Thank you for keeping the story going. Can't wait until the next update
original guest chapter 88 . 1/21
Looks like Shane is in for a really cool time and Matt couldn't be happier. I hope David and Clint can put two and two together so the stop these idiots out to hurt Destiny. Thank you for update.
Alliecattie3 chapter 88 . 1/19
Guess I will have to wait for real convo between Clint and David! LOL! Doubt Clint is bringing Vicki,but we'll see!
David and Sam together are too much... David and his don't do as I do attitudes crack me up.
Jaime and Shane are both having lots of fun with his ! Can't wait until he turns the tables.
Matt is so smooth and now his getting what he wants his day with Destiny. Just hope he's on alert for the Creepers. Can't wait until somebody puts those losers down!
Alliecattie3 chapter 87 . 1/19
Don't think I've said it enough... I love this story! Lightening helping Matt keep Des in check was just too much! So adorable! Loved it!
Excited for Clint to talk to David!
Alliecattie3 chapter 86 . 11/22/2015
A beautiful sunrise and shooting star! How romantic for both of our couples! But Matt takes the cake! How romantic is he? Love that he is making his feelings for Destiny plain without shame! So romantic when he called her his wish come true! AWWWW!
Love this story!
Alliecattie3 chapter 85 . 11/22/2015
Matthew is so focused on his plan! Hope it reaps the benefits he's looking for- some Destiny loving!
Poor Shane! Jamie is playing for keeps!
Can't wait for Brad and his crew to get the misery they deserve!
Alliecattie3 chapter 84 . 11/22/2015
Poor Destiny! She's all tied up! Pun intended! LOL ! Matt's having too much fun anticipating having her all to himself. Wonder if they're headed to Asas cabin? Although that's not exactly roughing it.
Bet Marco thinks these kids are nuts!
original guest chapter 86 . 11/13/2015
Thank you, I'm stuck doing homework and needed a break. Found you had update. Such a romantic setting for Destiny and Matthew. Can't wait to see what happens next
Original guest chapter 83 . 10/18/2015
Thank you for updating. Was having a bad week when I saw you posted some more chapters. Can't wait to see where Matt is taking Destiny.
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