Reviews for What A Guy Can Do
Wendymypooh chapter 70 . 2/15
Matt and Jamie sure are having fun with Destiny and Shane...and please let something happen to Justin already...
Wendymypooh chapter 69 . 2/15
Something needs to knock the hell out of Justin for saying and doing all that stuff to Destiny. i hope Matthew gets him good.
Wendymypooh chapter 68 . 2/15
Oh boy...Matthew is getting a bit carried away...really, cuffing Destiny to a wall?
Wendymypooh chapter 67 . 2/15
Matt's got the upper hand and Destiny knows it.
Wendymypooh chapter 66 . 2/15
Hmm..Matt's got Destiny just where he wants her.
Wendymypooh chapter 65 . 2/15
oh man...that was a pretty good dream...
Wendymypooh chapter 64 . 2/15
Yes...Matt's seen the threatening messages Destiny's been receiving at last...and I wonder what Destiny's secret is that Shane knows as well.
Wendymypooh chapter 63 . 2/15
Poor Destiny...she's being harassed and attacked and doesn't know when its going in. Matt's lucky she didn't wake up and start punching the heck out out of him while she was still in the grips of that nightmare.
Wendymypooh chapter 62 . 2/15
Man those teens are crazy...and I like the plans Matthew is making for Destiny.
Beachgirl25 chapter 70 . 2/14
So glad you are back! Thus chapter was great! It was nice to see Matt stand up for his girl!
original guest chapter 70 . 2/14
Thank you for the tasty Valentine gift I look forward to more.
Alliecattie3 chapter 70 . 2/14
The creepers make my blood boil! Really hope they don't get their hands on Des!
Howeves, Matt has his hand and lips on Destiny! Love it! Sure Destiny does too from her reaction! Also she ain't fooling nobody with her horror at Shane chose the kiss card! She might be a little shy about them happening in public but she's loving the hot Matt kisses!
Excited for more!
Alliecattie3 chapter 69 . 2/14
Really like Marco in this story! Love how he gave Matt the perfect combo of congratulations and a warning that he's watching him! Nice of him looking out after both Destiny and Shane! For all the good it will do! LOL! Cause Matt and Jamie have put everything in motion!
Knew it would be one of those bullying loser that walked in! Glad Shane was handling business and pushed back on Justin! Kind of disappointed that Marco saved Justin from the wrath of Matt! Cause that jerk needs a beat down!
Bet word of Destiny and Matt being together will spread to the creepers fast! Wonder how they will react to this turn of events?
Guest chapter 68 . 1/24
So glad you are back and thanks for making that chapter worth the wait!
Alliecattie3 chapter 68 . 1/23
Such a great chapter. So enjoying seeing Matt and Des out in public as a couple! Loved the talk about Matthew Buchanan's woman. And Jamie's not slick hinting that Matt needs to get a ring for Des. Just a little SOON fir the wedding Jamie! LOL!
Poor Shane! Jamie is showing him no mercy! LOL!
Wonder what Marco wants to chat about?
Hope it's not any of the creepers that walked in!
Can't wait for more!
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