Reviews for The Other Eyes Saga
Thomas Holmes II chapter 1 . 7/22/2012
Rubicon 9 Of Hearts chapter 6 . 7/18/2012
For 7, I've always liked her. Oh how I wish I could be as strong willed as she was. That warrior of a stitchpunk has inspiration for me. It's clear in this chapter that 7 is shaken up over all the deaths that have occured and is definetly not believing in 9 any longer. Heck, not even the twins can change her mind. None the less, I think this part really brings out how vunrable 7 is on the inside through the mask she has encased herself in. And like I've said many times before, the scene you recreate here, with the cannon and 9 returning, I mean you describe it so well that you can feel the tension in the air.

(yes, 7, I was shocked at 1's sacrifice as well.) And now she realizes this is what 6 had been telling them all along. And yes! Another scene frimly recreated (in which I will admire the artistry of it forever)! Good work! And at the end, it was so touching. When I saw this in the movie, I actually cried a little.

I really enjoyed reading this and it is a real masterpiece. I wish I could be as atalented as you are. I'll rpbably re-read this sometime in the future after I get done with my newest fic 'Runaway' and those darn PH oneshots. Just beautiful...
Rubicon 9 Of Hearts chapter 5 . 7/18/2012
I don't relly have much to say about this one, mainly because I never really liked 1, but I'll give you as much feedback as I can. I always knew 1 had a quite negitive outlook on things, and you've really brought that out in this chapter. I've always thought, perhaps, that 1 did know that by sending 2 out into the Emptiness that he would get captured by the Cat Beast. Although he never counted on 9's arrival now did he? XD (*remembers that one scene were 9 told him off* *And loves what 9 said*) My brother is a bit like 1 and when I've said a certain quote to him, he comes close to hitting me :( .

Ignore that, I rambled again. but, this flashback you've put in, and through 1's point of veiw, that is a nice touch. So, finishing, even though I despise 1 (like most people do probably), I have to say you brought out his personality well. Great job here!
Rubicon 9 Of Hearts chapter 4 . 7/18/2012
First off, I must say this is my favorite chapter! Becuase I love 6 (and ironicly he gets all the fangirls). All the other chapters are awesome, but I love this one the most. Which is why this one will be so long.

Ahem...anyhow... *meow* I just want to hug him, because he himself is struggling to understand any of it amdist things about the Source- which is mostly all he can think about. I can understand how, from his point of veiw, he sees himself as sane and eveyone else as crazy. The same is almost with the main character of my book, because he can also see the future, but he lives a very lonley life with no friends at all (scratch that. One friend). I wonder if he thought those dreams were as bad as all this- although they were probably more like nightmares. Oh, poor thing. It seems like he thinks even 9 wouldn't take him seriously.

A lot of people write in their fanfics that 6 can hear voices in his head. And I wouldn't doubt that; having such a gift can come with that side effect. One of my favorite characters of Pandora Hearts can also hear voices in his head, although he doesn't see the future, he 'sees' and 'hears' what no one else can. Sorry. Geeting back to this, it's cool that you portrayed 6 palying a part of this plan too- even if the voice told 6 where to find the barrel. After this whole ordeal, even knowing that 8 did not return, the little seer still manages to cheer up and have some fun with the other members of his family...if only for a moment. And if anyone, I think 6 might of been the first to figure it out. The sad thing was, 6 probably knew he was going to die. And in the last moment, I melt because he is so defiant in the face of death.
Rubicon 9 Of Hearts chapter 3 . 7/18/2012
*squee* I love The Nightmare Before Christmas! I even have a remixed edition of 'This Is Halloween' done by Marylin Manson on my Ipod! (sorry, had to get that out ; )

5 has always been one of my favorites (second to 6). I love his meek and timid self and how he becomes more courageous throughout the movie. I'd imagine after what happened in the factory, 5 would still be a but shaken up. After all, he saw 2 as sort of a father figure (same with 7), and he even blamed 9 at first. I can also imagine the srrow in the air of losing the very home that had kept all of them safe for years. Leave it to F.M. (Fabrication Machine) to create a machine that would lead to the church being destroyed. Yay! The twins appear! At least that time they had acuired more info, which had clearly made 6 happy too. The quote from 1, is one I will quite never forget.

Aw, it's so cute to see that 3 and 4 were genually worried about them as they shared their fears of the fire to 5. Telling someone about it is the best thing you can do the relieve it. Also, you've captured the battle with the Seamstress and 2's funeral really well. I could perhaps actually feel the expolsiveness of the battle and the heavy emotion in the air from those two events. Here, the friendship between 5 and 9 has developed well, and you've got all that right here. Brillant!
Rubicon 9 Of Hearts chapter 2 . 7/18/2012
Ha-ha I can picture 1 and 2 fighting a lot, just like my two friends who used to live with my grammy. They would argue just like 1 and 2. I've always thought that 2 was one of the only few who even understood 6- even if it was slight understanding. And if 6 knew of the Source it was more than likely that he knew 9 was coming- as you've portayed here- (Cute that 6 darws in his sleep ). Yeah, seeing that house for the first time, I was surprised it's still standing too; though I've seen plently of buildings like that, due in part to my hobby of taking pictures of abadnoned buildings (among other abandoned things). Anyway, how you've described the quiet stillness of the destroyed city amidst 2 venture in it, that's just amazing! Props to you! (And the candle-hat! I've loved that candle-hat!)

You wrote the interactions between 2 and 9 very nicely. So cool I remember when I first saw the cat beast, and here it's just as terrifying as ever. When you bring this scene of when 2 was captured, I can very well imagine what that was like. And I feel so bad for him now, knowing what that fear must have felt like. Then 7 arrives to save the day (yay), and then...reunion! Its sad it only lasted for a moment, but you've captured those touching (and that one funny) moments nicely. Finally, the way you describe 2's death is sad, yet well done here.
Rubicon 9 Of Hearts chapter 1 . 7/18/2012
Oh, those twins I've always admired them so. It's so cool how playful and smart they are. When I first saw them in the movie, I was all 'Awwww *melt*'. In this here, you've captured their cuteness and smartness very nicely- and also their relationships with others as well as their first meeting with 9. It's sweet that even when they learn about what happened to 2, they understand- in the end- that it was an accident and 9 is trying his very best to fix it.

I myself have the movie, and I've watched it tons of times. Since I haven't watched it in a while, how you describe those scenes here are just so perfect. I really feel like I'm watching it again and I can see it all play out before me. Even if 3 and 4 can't speak, I think the diolouge you provided would be something of what thier thoughts would of been then.

Since I haven't really reveiwed yet (sorry), mainly because I've been working on lots of Pandora Hearts oneshots and other stuff, I'm going through as I read each chapter and I'm leaving a reveiw for each one. (hope you don't mind ;)