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Princess Sparklefists chapter 35 . 2/19
Finally! :) Everyone's so happy! I really love that you wrote everyone in character, faults and all. Gaston's and Adam's thoughts about how the other was clearly trying to show him up was my favorite part.
Dixie Darlin chapter 1 . 1/17
congratulations, I have a new otp thanks to this amazing story Funny thing is, I had actually wondered about how it would be if Snow White and Gaston met XD
gandalf chapter 1 . 12/8/2014
Disney have never sad Snow White is a pushover compared to Belle. They've always been depicted as equals.
Gadfly chapter 35 . 11/22/2014
So the big day arrived. Very busy and enjoyable action. The proposal scene with Ferdinand and Bunny was very sweet. Very enlightening and entertaining getting the perspectives of Adam and Gaston throughout; Adam's thoughts and murmurs were quite clever (That poor kingdom, indeed!)

An intriguing little hint of possible darker times ahead, given Gaston's pig-headed reaction to Adam's advice and offer of assistance. I'm curious as to where you're going with this.

As usual, a compelling and enjoyable read. Thank you!
Maran Zelde chapter 35 . 11/18/2014
The interplay between Adam and Gaston was amusing as always. "I'd like to say a few words." "Of course he does." LOL. But the impromptu wedding vows were very sweet.

I liked the little scene where the village men not only apologized to Maurice, but they were also really impressed with his wood-chopping invention.

At first I was worried that you would drag out the misunderstanding between Ferdinand and Bunny, but I'm glad you didn't go that route.

And it was great that Lefou put a positive spin on Ferdinand's announcement, and that he thought it was Gaston's idea.
civilwarrose chapter 35 . 11/18/2014
This was a wonderful, beautiful chapter and it was worth the wait! So many cute moments before and after the wedding. I loved Adam's patience- 'just one day, just one day!' I liked the description of the ceremony, and the fine, familiar ballroom setting of the feast and dance. I was also glad to see that the village guys began treating Maurice with respect and showed interest in his inventions.

Ferdinand proposed to Bunny! I am glad she wants her sisters to come along so they can get a chance to meet their dreamy Prince someday, who knows! I'd love it if you wrote a little more about all of them- Gaston, Snow, Ferdinand, Bunny, her sisters- and their lives after this story. If you can!

The gift of books for Snow and Gaston was one of my favorite parts of the chapter. Snow would definitely love a children's picture book because she could keep it for her little babies someday. I guess she can read it to Gaston in the meantime, since he only likes books with pictures. I'm curious how Gaston would deal with being around aristocratic people in her home country. His ego may be brought down by them in a similar way that Adam had done. It would be a funny situation to read!

Beautiful wedding scene!
Isis Aurora Tomoe chapter 35 . 11/18/2014
I was just thinking about this story the other day! I'm so glad to read an update from you! I can't wait for Ferdinand and Bunny to go to his father's castle!
So-crates Johnson chapter 35 . 11/18/2014
I didn't think anything could be more adorable than the wedding scene (look at Gaston being all thoughtful and articulate!) - and then you had to go and throw the proposal in there. I don't even want to know how dopey the grin on my face is right now. Please tell me you'll write Ferdinand and Bunny's wedding at some point, even if it's not part of this story?

I also loved Gaston's reactions to Belle's and Adam's gifts. I'm sure his new castle will need a few good doorstops. :)
ograndebatata chapter 35 . 11/17/2014
Well, I've said before how first comes love and then comes marriage, but I confess I thought very little of what sort of wedding Gaston and Snow White would have, although I've been looking forward to it.

And now that the moment finally arrived... well, I honestly feel at a bit of a loss as to what to say. The whole event - in fact, the whole chapter - is just so good in so many ways that I'm not sure my review can do it justice. Still, I will try my best.

The beginning itself has a great and overall funny tone, and I have to say I liked the funny parts, from Gaston and Adam constantly trying to be nice to one another to Gaston thinking on how he hopes Snow White doesn't swoon and faint in the middle of the ceremony, very much.

The heartwarming moments, from Snow White saying her dress will be filled with love to Adam and Belle reminiscing on their own wedding day, were also excellent, and executed in a way that flowed very well from the humor that surrounded them.

But if I had to pick a crown jewel for this chapter, the actual wedding ceremony would be in the top three candidates. While I have not read that many of them in fiction, but in and out of this website, this is easily one of the best I've ever read, if not the very best. The whole scene... Gaston ACTUALLY forgetting about himself when he sees Snow White and thinks he's the luckiest man on Earth, their declarations of love during the pause in the priest's speech, the relief about them actually being married after everything they went through... it's just... well, beyond excellent.

With that said, what follows up doesn't fall behind. Gaston actually thanking Adam and Belle publicly without any prompting shows just how far he's come from the person he used to be, and it was great to see Adam sincerely acknowledging Gaston's thanks and wishing him and Snow White happiness out of more than mere politeness. Seeing the villagers apologizing to Maurice and then getting honestly interested in his wood-chopping machine was also a great part of the chapter.

However, the other strong candidate for crown jewel of this chapter is the scene between Ferdinand and Bunny. After spending so many chapters getting to know them and watching their relationship grow, it's great to watch them finally getting to, even if not tie the knot, at least take the first step in that direction. While it wasn't great that they ended up going through a form of heartbreak before hand, it really showed how both of them loved one another and got close during the time they spent together. And of course, it made the conclusion in which Ferdinand finally does what he tried to do before with a different girl all the sweeter.

And congratulations for managing to use it as a means to a funny moment, both when Madame Coquette yells for everyone to hear how Bunny and Ferdinand are 'officially together' - even if not actually married - and when Gaston first starts getting upset at Ferdinand for "stealing his thunder" as he said, but later actually finds he should thank Ferdinand for his timing once it's pointed out to him how Ferdinand requesting for Bunny's hand was the icing on the cake of Gaston's wedding to Snow White, so to speak. And it was quite heartwarming to see Gaston acknowledging the selfishness his old habits instilled into him and genuinely wishing Ferdinand and Bunny happiness, even if it is in his own particular way.

And we now come to what is likely the third candidate to the top three places for the winner of crown jewel for this chapter - the part before the ending. The gift Adam gave Gaston, as well as Gaston's reaction to it and the thoughts both of them have on the gift and its implications, just made for an absolutely hilarious scene. Congratulations for it!

With that said, I probably shouldn't be laughing so much, given that Gaston is about to be given serious duties, and if he slips up, it will have much bigger consequences than a mere deer getting away. But Belle is probably right when she says that well-meaning rulers are better than opressive dictators, and Gaston did change very much. While one could still say he's not quite there yet, at least he's on the right path, and that's already good.

Last, but by no means least, I'd like to say that personally, I think this is the best chapter of this story so far. My deepest congratulations for it.
GlaringEyes chapter 35 . 11/17/2014
"I want it to be perfect and special and just full of love and peace and harmony! No fighting." / "all sunshine and rainbows" LOL this was exactly what I was thinking when I read that. "It will feel like I'm wearing a dress filled with love!" Honestly, as endearing as Snow White is, I can't help but chuckle whenever she gives one of her speeches (sorry, no offense meant on your writing, Trudi).

"He had originally requested a bright scarlet tailcoat," yeah, and look like a circus leader rather than a groom LOL. "Snow is one lucky girl! I just hope that when she sees me, she doesn't swoon and faint in the middle of the ceremony - that would be awkward" Such modesty, Gaston... any more and it will break through the ceiling.

Adam and Gaston 'being nice to each other' at the beginning was certainly amusing. Like kids who had just cleaned up their rooms: 'there Mom, it's done'. But it never ceases to surprise me that they can actually be appreciative when they want to.

"Are you disparaging Belle?" / "Am I doing what with Belle? Look, pal, I never touched her!" / "How come SHE gets one with pictures and I don't?" *sigh* Gaston will definitely need some proper education (at least, one above a kindergartener's) before bossing people around.

Wonderful chapter! Gaston's wedding is finally checked out, but now only one last loose end remains: how will Gaston and Snow manage the kingdom? Looking forward to the answer. Hope you update it soon!
SamoaPhoenix9 chapter 35 . 11/17/2014
I was grinning hugely throughout most of this chapter. This is the happy, fluffy chapter where everything seems to be falling into place. I'm always happy to see an update from you no matter how long it takes. Your chapters are always so detailed.
Maybe Gaston will while away some of the long ride back to Snow's kingdom by glancing through that book. We can hope, anyway. Adam at least is determined to be a good ruler and not go back to his selfish ways that landed him as a Beast, but I anticipate some interesting dilemmas popping up for Gaston who hasn't quite learned humility as much as Adam.
I half-expected Bunny to want her mother and sisters to stay in the village except for extended visits-she loves them, but having them around is sometimes a humiliating experience for her. I also thought she'd want to distance herself a bit more from being "just one of the triplets" even if she's the one who's married to the future king, and she won't be able to do that as well if her sisters are also living at the castle. It is nice of her to help her sisters find good husbands, though.
Guest chapter 35 . 11/17/2014
Lovely and in character, as always. This is such a charming story and I'm glad to see them all getting their happily ever after.
Nami Swannn chapter 35 . 11/17/2014
What a nice wedding! Adam's reactions made me laugh. I don't know how Snow married Gaston; he is so full of himself. XD
Haili73 chapter 35 . 11/16/2014
"There - I was very polite - my wife would be proud!"
"Were books literally the only thing Belle EVER thought about?"
"That poor kingdom is doomed."
literally threw back my head and laughed at that whole scene. This whole chapter was utter perfection.

Yep. Basically. 3
jhalpernkitcat chapter 35 . 11/16/2014
Oh, this was way too beautifully done-well worth the wait. So much cuteness at Gaston's genuine heartfelt speech to Snow White during the wedding-and also his worries such as when Snow didn't first appear with the bridesmaids-or the fear that someone would show up to wreak his magical well deserved day of happiness. I also loved his sincere thank you to Adam and Belle for hosting their wedding.

Ferdinand and Bunny-oh man, that was so cute. I lost it when he tripped over that bush trying to chase after her-yet I love how the picture perfect, handsome prince is so nervous trying to propose that everything comes out far from the way he expected-but it still ended so happily for them.

So many funny bits though-such as Gaston preening over himself in the mirror, and Belle mentioning that Snow might actually take his mind off of how handsome he looked for a few moments. I also loved "Wait a minute, I'd like to say a few words." "Of course he does."

I also loved how the villagers all apologized to Maurice and then were ACTUALLY impressed with his invention-wonderful!

Yet the bit that made me laugh the hardest had to be those wedding gifts-Geez, poor Gaston and that giant book-I don't think I would even want to read that thing-it's probably really dry and hard to digest. I love illustrated books of fairy tales though-so Snow's reaction was wonderful. I lost it at this part though:"How come SHE gets one with pictures and I don't?" "Oh dear lord. That poor kingdom is doomed."

Thank you so much for the chapter-it could not be lovelier. Although I would love to see a small afterwards bit-at least to know how Ferdinand's parents take to Bunny and how Gaston and Snow White adjust to their new kingdom-if they don't have second thoughts after viewing it all.
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