Reviews for Artist
Jess chapter 1 . 3/21
No offense, it fits- and I loved the story by the way- but what is going on with Astrid's boobs in the cover art? And her skirt too?
13BlueBananas chapter 1 . 3/20
Oh my gods so fluffy! I love it :D

FAV FOR YOU! COOKIES FOR YOU *wheelbarrows of cookies everywhere*
violets fire chapter 1 . 3/16
I see your point about hiccup being more technical than artistic but I've never really put much thought into it before now
KodiakWolfe13 chapter 1 . 12/11/2014
Interesting point. If he tried, he might be able to draw. If he's good at things unseen, he MIGHT (MIGHT) be able to do some mythical, swirly thing. MIGHT. Loved the one-shot!

Guest chapter 1 . 10/16/2014
Well I agree there isn't that much to work with, and people DO make the assumption that he's an artist but we do see him draw Toothless and the gang in the series and they are actually extremely good by Viking standards. Still, though I guess he might draw Astrid it IS overdone. Shame.
dragoncreators chapter 1 . 9/22/2014
This is totally my head-cannon now :D
MiniSquatch chapter 1 . 8/13/2014
i agree with your assessment of Hiccup's drawings; however based upon the detailed blueprints we see him come up with, i'm sure that he could, with a fair bit of effort, be artsy. it'd just take (lots of) time and practice.
Kat chapter 1 . 7/3/2014
I love how you wrote that...that's so Hiccstrid! I love your stories 3 feels
TheShadoWWorrior chapter 1 . 6/15/2014
I think it's clever, and probably true. I think the character behavior is also spot on.
Duesal Bladesinger chapter 1 . 5/22/2014
Heh. Astrid/Hiccup good. XD
Angryhenry chapter 1 . 3/25/2014
Hiccup can draw, right?
PianoPanda chapter 1 . 1/20/2014
Guest chapter 1 . 1/19/2014
This was freaking amazing i am currently shoving my face into a pillow and laughing like am idiot this is amazing i love this
ink and blue jays chapter 1 . 1/12/2014
Oh! Oh, it's awesome! This is amazing! Perfectly accurate Hiccup AND Astrid! Great writing, thank you!
esther chapter 1 . 12/22/2013
Thank you for writing this. I like reading things like this that challenge the way i think and see things, as long as there is logic behind it. Youre right he is an engineer not an "artist" and draws as a way to focas and remember his ideas.
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