Reviews for Pool Party
Amakatsu chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
"Now that's something I never thought I'd see.", Irma said. "Corny in the deep end of the pool!"

"First time for everything.", Hay Lin said with a grin.

"Plus she's using one of those rings Angelo got the other day.", Eric replied. "Heck! He's even using one!"

"Now I know he can swim!", Irma said.

"He can.", Will said. "My guess is that he's relaxing in one to make Cornelia feel more comfortable about not being about to swim well."

"I thought you were teaching her how to swim, Irma.", Stephen said.

"I tried, but that girl just doesn't like going to deep.", Irma said.

"Well, at least she's enjoying herself.", Hay Lin said being happy for Cornelia. "I mean, you can't enjoy a pool party without being in the pool."

"Here, here!", Irma said smiling.
This part was great, it really had the W.I.T.C.H feel to it!

I loved Angelo, The way it ended was sweet, some things were repeated, But I'm going to rush off and read the sequel! This was great
Hanae-Kasumi-Kohana chapter 1 . 8/25/2012
Thats a nice story;)
Ps can you help me with something? How do you change ur accounts settings? Can u plz tell me?
Btw: plz read my story 'two new generations' and review! Its alternate universe!
xNightLight13 chapter 1 . 8/1/2012
Great story, I loved it! It's so sad! Angelo is so good to her!
yellow 14 chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
"Nothing personal Cornelia, but if you break my brother's heart, I'm morally obliged to break your legs," Taranee said in a scarily calm voice. Cornelia raised and eyebrow and Nigel smirked.

"Don't worry Cornelia, Peter said the same thing to me when Taranee and me got together," he said reassuringly and Taranee frowned at him.

"You spoiled the effect!" she protested and Nigel leaned over and kissed her. She smiled. "But I think I need a few more kisses before I forgive you."

Cornelia rolled her eyes.

"Get a room you guys!" she said. "Besides, it's not like Peter's interested in me that way anyway!"

"No, he's only teaching you how to surf," Irma teased with a smirk and Cornelia rolled her eyes again.

"Along with his boyfriend," she pointed out and Irma smirked.

"Two for the price of one," she teased and Cornelia gave Irma a one fingered salute.

"Yeah, ever since Pete started dating Matt, he's only got eyes for him," Taranee said with a sigh.

"Yeah, the guy who used to be my boyfriend until he fell in love with your brother T," Will grumbled.

"Hey, maybe Lexvan'll set you up with one of his oc's. Angelo seems like a nice guy, attentive and everything!" Hay Lin suggested and Will smiled.

"I think he already has. In another story," she pointed out.

"Peter isn't being very attentive to you, is he?" Taranee said as she read on. "That used to drive my parents nuts. Then he came out of the closet and he admitted to me that girls simply never held his interest romantically."

"Maybe that's what Lexvan is trying for?" Cornelia suggested curiously. "God knows this one isn't going to last long as it is."

"It's nicely done," Yellow 14 said as he nodded in agreement. "Keep writing, I look forward to seeing what happens next."
Aria Morid chapter 1 . 7/19/2012
It was a fun one-shot! And Angelo at least tried... But I think Cornelia is right, she at least has to give Peter a chance. If he won't take it than he will lose a great gal!

Nice one-shot!