Reviews for Justice League: Thunderer
JimmyHall24 chapter 9 . 12/12/2016
Athena realizes her sword would just break against superman right? He can literally walk through a hail of machine gun fire.. unless her sword is enchanted or some shit..
rayr0179 chapter 9 . 5/30/2016
Please update!
Jose19 chapter 2 . 5/19/2016
Thor will get along very well with Diana because she is Divine in origin like himself but this will be interesting to see.
Michael chapter 9 . 3/29/2016
If this is back and we can expect to see more I am super excited.
Eisenstein chapter 9 . 3/28/2016
Best Wishes to the hopefully recovering Story.
It felt good to see a new chapter, and while I didn't like the new Name that much, I could accept the change .
Odin's still out, and Loki plays (or is) still the good placeholder while Thor is still in Exile.
Basically the potential crisis between Asgard and Olympus still needs something to resolve it.
Short and waiting for the next chapter ...
Umbra.Venator chapter 9 . 2/22/2016
Awesome story so far, love how the Amazons were originally more bloodthirsty, makes them more realistic, they kinda annoyed me with their holier than thou attitude
Guest chapter 8 . 1/25/2016
Please update soon
Guest chapter 8 . 1/24/2016
Please update soon I would love to know what happens next
Guest chapter 1 . 12/27/2015
Aaaand he's back love your story and I hope you carry on
The Sword of Souls chapter 8 . 12/7/2015
When you realise that Cronus and Thor are half brother... 0.0
Mo Eazy chapter 9 . 11/30/2015
Whew okay, long review time from first time reader incoming. Some critiques might be in error since I just read all the chapters today and may have jumbled my memory.

Thor isn't a hero I'm super familiar with, though I am or at least was a Marvel fan. The abilities of a character tend to change depending on the writers and stories at hand though a baseline is generally adhered to. All Asgardians weigh a lot because they have denser bones and muscles, which is the source of their strength. Thor is even stronger because he is powered by Mjolnir.

Don't be afraid to have Thor deliver a mighty beat down because that's what he does in the comics. He is the Superman of the Avengers. He can create a ravine with one swing of his hammer, which he does at one point to solve s border dispute between two African tribes.

Anyway, I hate to say it but your action scenes need work. They got better over time but they still aren't terribly exciting. While I can appreciate the speed of those scenes I feel like I'm watching from a safe distance rather than getting in there with the hero.

You don't want to go into too much detail or the scene starts to slow to a crawl but you need some to give the fight some weight and excitement. Don't describe every blow or you end up with that, "He ducked, she ducked" slugfests that take ten minutes to read a five second scene. Some key dramatic wording would go a long way.

Anyway hope this at least provided food for thought if nothing else. See you next chapter!
Blackholelord chapter 9 . 11/27/2015
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Guest chapter 9 . 11/26/2015
2 Thumbs up! By the way I like Loki being reluctantly helpful instead of being a 100% douche. I think as a god of "mischief" and "chaos" (In the marvel-verse at least) he should be both a help and a hinder instead of predictable. Loki would actually be a good Merlin type. Someone who brings both misery and fortune for your own good.
Isles chapter 9 . 11/26/2015
Awesome, this was a great update 8)
Dr4g0nb411z chapter 9 . 11/26/2015
Finally this story was updated I liked this chapter a lot please update soon! :)
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