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the Honeycomb chapter 1 . 8/1/2020
Haven't even started reading yet but the first 20 reviews are so FREAKING positive I feel like I have no choice but to dive into this tale! I'm pretty excited this is supposed to be a well portrayed version of dark Loki. Definitely been having terrible finding a well done Loki characterization.
M.S.Carol chapter 41 . 5/12/2019
That was well done.
M.S.Carol chapter 25 . 5/12/2019
M.S.Carol chapter 23 . 5/12/2019
My god your are an amazing writer. I wish I could write like this
Eataku chapter 1 . 5/9/2019
I found this story a few days ago and I spent most of my nights reading it until the early hours of the morning until I finished it. First of all, what a fantastic read. Your writing is extremely smooth and easy to follow, and the way you depict Loki exactly aligns with how fans would imagine his character to be beyond the snippets of him we are given in films. Despite 93 chapters you kept him true to character. Reading your author notes, I can tell you sometimes agonised over this, but you really did an exceptional job. Your OC, Kenna, takes this story by force and I was immediately invested in her character. I enjoyed how you often left her appearance to the imagination rather than pour over details, too. Finding her a backstory that seemed legitimate enough to get her close to Loki in way that wasn't cliché was also very immersive, and I applaud you in your planning of her around the original Thor/Avengers storyline. Despite the sexual themes (which were pretty good, not going to lie there), this story felt extremely mature and even classy. I suppose you have your writing style to thank for that. And now myself, and I'm sure many other readers, can thank you for writing this phenomenal piece.
rogueycherie chapter 1 . 5/5/2019
Eu simplesmente amo essa história! Você deveria escrever mais sobre Loki, ele é perfeito!
sai19 chapter 93 . 2/1/2019
I read this mammoth of a story from start to finish (93 chapters!) in less than 2 days, and I loved every second of it. It has definitely been a rollercoaster of emotions but i honestly loved the ride, and I'm so impressed with this story that I think I might just come back and read it again not too long from now.

Major kudos for a job excellently done!
housesbabe1 chapter 93 . 1/24/2019
I read this story from the beginning to the end... it has taken me months to finish and I know type this with tears... I LOVE this story so very much, it will be very hard for me to find something to read that is anywhere close to this...
AuroraRose13 chapter 26 . 9/27/2018
I'm rereading this story because it's my absolute favorite. Just an FYI, this chapter needs some editing. Especially in the beginning. No biggie. I love this story so much!
Hinikuna chapter 93 . 7/29/2018
I just finished reading your story and I wanted to say I loved it so much it kind of hurts that there are no more chapters to read anymore, but Im glad you gave it a happy ending. This is by far the best Loki fic I have read and it made me feel so many things i wasnt really expecting to feel. I cried so much in previous chapters I wasnt sure if the ending was going to be sad or not, but Im glad they got together again in the end, because Loki and Kenna needed a happy ending and I really needed to read one about them. I loved those two, specially Kenna's character, she was amazing, I felt like i got under her skin at times and she completely fitted the fandom despite being an oc. I really have a lot of respect for you as a writer, and I want to read more from you because you really pour your soul into your writing. I learned a lot from your skill, and i hope someday I can pour as much raw emotion into my stories. Anyway, amazing story with an excellent mixture of sex, amgst and comedy, i enjoyed it so much Im not sure I wiñl ever find one like this.
Hinikuna chapter 33 . 5/27/2018
I have been following this story for some time now and i just wanted to say im completely in love with it and the way you write. I dont know if i ever left you a review before but i needed to leave one in this specific chapter because it destroyed me. Its everything i have ever wanted to read about loki and his messed up thinking. The way you described his reasoning, and the psychological pain he was going through was perfect and painful for me too. Its one of those charatcers that is so beautifully broken and complex its really interesting to read or watch but so hard to capture his personality. Its been a really long time since a fanfic got to me like this, and i admire the way you can write a sexy scene and then a painful one like this one without losing its essence. You are reallly really talented, im going to keep reading this story (even thoughh im sure im going to cry later) because i need to know what happens next. Thank you for an amazing story!
Lady Kyridwen chapter 93 . 5/5/2018
Amazing. So many twists and turns, it never left me wanting for pace or drama. I love the way you used tragedy to grow the characters emotionally and mentally, especially Loki. And, you did great with the action sequences, never fear.
CitronViolet chapter 1 . 3/31/2018
Her legs were “quacking”? That made me snort my drink out of my nose. I know you meant quaking but that’s the funniest typo ever. I had images of her legs quacking like a duck

Loving the story (although the typo was a bit of a mood killer).
CitronViolet chapter 1 . 3/29/2018
Loving your dark Loki. You’re right there’s just not enough of him in Fanfics. Really enjoying it.
Fin-Fish Jun-Tenshi chapter 8 . 1/16/2018
I meant my last review as a compliment!
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