Reviews for The Harsh Truth
Guest chapter 28 . 11/24
Very nicely done, I liked the recap, I enjoyed the evolving plot, and I absolutely loved the way you had us thinking person x had all the power only for someone (usually naruto) to show us that they didn't in a way that didn't seem stupid or overpowered
prototype gear chapter 28 . 10/26
Holy shit...that was one hell of a ride. Goddamn. Ever consider writing an actual book? Because with the way you created this masterpiece...I can already hear my wallet getting just a teensy bit lighter.
Buttonspaz chapter 28 . 10/9
That was an emotional roller coaster, my deary sir you have made my week. I really hope that one day you will write another angsty, revenge plotting, betrayal filled fanfiction just like this one you've got here.

My hat is off to you.
Buttonspaz chapter 13 . 10/8
Oh poor Naruto... Poor missled Naruto... Learn the truth boy! Pleeeaaassseee! I dont want you to suffer!
Buttonspaz chapter 13 . 10/8
Poor Naruto, trapped in a marriage and situation he doesnt want to be in... Even if he doesnt know it. God dammit i knew when everything was going right a few chapters ago that something was up! Something good happens to Naruto and the evil reader is there to shit in his ramen! Damn you sir! Daaaammnnn yooooouuuuu!
Deiru Tamashi chapter 28 . 10/7
FINALLY! I started reading this fic almost immediately after reading 'The Real Monster' and this fic left me astounded at the twist and turns. I actually took a pause in the middle because of all the backstabbing getting to be too much, but then I resumed. And just like the other fic, thus too is amazing. (Actually, the reason I started this one was because I saw another fic about the two versions of Naruto meeting, and didn't want to read it blind, as it were.)

Still, I loved the ending. Father and son finally meet, the ending you suggested was one I liked, and it doesn't really surprise me that the Kyuubi was behind it all. He always was as clever as a Fox. Pun intended. But I loved the fic the whole time, and this only earns it it's place as a favorite, and my belief of you As an awesome other.

Nice work!
ceasare chapter 28 . 9/22
You put a huge effort and time in your story that I can tell and 3 years later it doesn't matter probably but you really need to condense some of your plot to make it rasy to follow. The backstabings and subterfuge that took the story to an interesting level but it was agonizing to read at times and makes the story tiresome as hell
NaruCrazy chapter 28 . 9/7
Damn...I almost lost all sense of the fic about half way into the chapter...just too many damn backstabbing, lies and stuff...m sure I dint get some of the fic due to well backstabbing, lies, stuff and general confusion
croneyy chapter 1 . 7/23
im on chapter 19 and already out of the probably 100 naruto fanfics ive read this is by far my favorite by far. i'm literally getting mind fucked chapter by chapter and my brains running at 110% to even help me with reading its just story twist after story twist. when i saw that anko was visiting narutos son i literaly laughed evily scaring my mom. 3 love the story so far and i had to take a break to write this because my brain needed a rest
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 10 . 7/10
In your last Author's note you mentioned how you get comments saying your writing is great and other comments saying your writing is terrible. I'd like to comment on that, if you don't mind.

Your observation that your writing is "average" is sort of right, but you combine some pretty bad elements along with the good elements in this story. It seems in many of your longer stories that you simply don't have a focused direction you want to take the story-or that the end is a long way off-and you are making up the plot as it goes along. Combined with the 2nd language usage issues, I can see where a picky reader would find your writing unenjoyable.

Then again, this is , which allows anything on it. You also have a lot of young readers here who will praise any story that shows something they think is cool. So, you have to take the "this story is so awesome!" comments with a grain of salt.

You're a very prolific author. You have some good ideas, and your stories are generally entertaining. But you could do better. Work on tightening up your plots and be extra-careful when using expressions that you aren't 100% sure of.

Hope that helps.
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 6 . 7/9
Interesting story.
syndorias cinders chapter 1 . 5/30
this is getting interesting
guest chapter 6 . 5/19
You are an idiot shite story like always
ShadowFireZelda chapter 1 . 4/3
You have no idea how happy this chapter made me. I had been under the impression that they had died like in cannon and that Hiruzen was the evil bastard, but I love Sarutobi. I like Namikaze bashing, but Sarutobi was my favorite Hokage so to know that it wasn't him that fucked over Naruto makes me really happy.
mumlock chapter 28 . 3/30
First of all - thank you for your work. It has been a pleasure to read.

Second of all - the pleasure was gone at the end. In my humble opinion you've managed to write the first two 'arcs' masterfully... and then it went downhill. To use well known examples - there is a lot of things a reader doesn't know in Harry Potter, or Hunger Games, or Game of Thrones even, since it's written from a certain point of view, and the author presents only what the person sees/does/feels/knows.
You however resort to jumping from one point to the other without any consistency, and one feels that you have a plan, but either you don't know how to write it out, or you're toying with the reader.
In the first two arcs it's ok, because one accepts the character of Naruto as the anchor. Since he doesn't play too much in plotting (by himself), it doesn't look like the reader is out of the loop much.
In the 'SH' part of the fanfic everything becomes garbled, grey and convoluted to the point, that I simply stopped caring what is going on - the reasoning being "well the author doesn't want me to understand, so why should I bother".

If you're resorting to AN-s for explanations, then you're not doing a good job with the story.

All in all - the first two part more than make up for the lacking of the third. Your writing itself is superb. Once again - thank you.
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