Reviews for Second Time Around
DutchScorRosefan chapter 33 . 11/24
I loved Labyrinth back in the day
DutchScorRosefan chapter 27 . 11/22
Umbridge is the vilest
DutchScorRosefan chapter 22 . 11/22
Come on Harry be a friend and escort her to the infirmary.

Ron you utter vile creature, bah, bah, bah.
DutchScorRosefan chapter 16 . 11/21
Okayyyyyyy no Cedric. Dracooooo?
DutchScorRosefan chapter 15 . 11/21
Wow Within Temptation, you know about them?
DutchScorRosefan chapter 13 . 11/21
Love it Draco’s emotions are portrayed beautifully.
93 Diagon Alley chapter 88 . 11/1
I just spent about a week getting through this story and holy wow, is it in depth and so well thought out and so detailed. It’s spectacular. You’ve really created something special here, and I’m so glad to have read it! I love love love Jonah. And I like the depth of Pansy’s character we’ve gotten to see, and her newfound companionship with Hermione.

That being said, I 100% understand the need to step away from writing. Due to depression and anxiety, I stepped away from writing as well, and it ended up taking nearly 10 years and an obsession with a new fandom with friends that write for it to find the spark to get me writing again (and I’ve not written in months, tbh, though I frequently think about the big story I’m writing).

I sincerely hope that you’ve been able to find some peace in your grief. Loss is never easy. Wishing you the best, and looking forward to when you get back to this fic some day :)

(And also guessing - mew has to be Luna’s daughter, that’s my prediction!)
DutchScorRosefan chapter 12 . 11/1
So slightly detouring from main story with the punch.
DutchScorRosefan chapter 11 . 10/30
No Hermione, Ron isn’t loyal, run….
DutchScorRosefan chapter 8 . 10/30
Sleep on the couch with your light on. I also hate stairs in the dark.
DutchScorRosefan chapter 7 . 10/29
Love how you write this from Draco’s altered perspective.
DutchScorRosefan chapter 5 . 10/28
Love the confliction of Draco’s internal dialogue
DutchScorRosefan chapter 2 . 10/26
Hermione is an observant little thing. Hahaha poor Draco whipped, utterly so.
Clovergirl100 chapter 87 . 8/26
Hey i hope ur doing well. I hope one day u finsh this wonderful story
OCansino chapter 75 . 6/20
i stopped at chapter 75. The premises of everyone thinking that the only option is to fuse them, specially the Hermione a Gryffindor, sounds un realistic. No one thought of him fighting to take over completely. Only the other half can do it, but why?
The idea that everyone it's ok with that answer without a protest, without getting angry or sad at the idea that the Draco they know and love will disappear sounds like nobody loved him in the first place. A replaceable character.
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